Some F.A.Q’s!

Note: I’ll continue to update these should I find any recurring questions! 🙂


Where are you from?

 I hail from Melbourne, Australia! The Land of Always Winter!

Who do you mean when you say ‘Kitten’?

 ‘Kitten’ is the pet name I use for my girlfriend, with whom I am in a D/s relationship with.

How long have you been in the lifestyle?

 I’ve been searching myself and my desires since I was 18 so I guess since 2005, but that story is a long one.

Is your email still active?

 Absolutely. As long as this blog remains, so shall the email. They co-exist, are symbiotic. All that jazz.

Do you mind if I write to you?

 Not at all. I check my emails regularly and certainly don’t discriminate or judge against stuff like age, sex or situation. Feel free to spam or dribble or ramble (or whatever word you want to use) as much as you want. I read every word and get back to emails as soon as I can.

Do you have Kik?

I do! Though I insist on getting to know people before handing it out, being healthily paranoid and all!

What about Fetlife?

 Yeah, but I occasionally visit that nowadays.

Are you linked with any other social media?

Yup. I have a Tumblr and Instagram I try to manage. I believe they’re linked in the About Me page.





Valhalla, Part Two: Eira







Ryan was so caught up looking at the palm of his hand as it moved through the crystal blue water of the spring that he didn’t notice Eira behind him, taking off her armour.
She watched him as she rested her chest piece gently against the tree, so as not to disturb him from whatever Earth like ritual he was participating in.
Piece by piece, she untied her armour. First, her arm pieces, which she laid along the soft blue grass beneath her, then she leant against the tree to remove her leg pieces.
Armour was no longer needed, now that the two were safely in Asgard.
Mist, Battle Mistress of the Valkyries, would argue differently to Eira.
Eira could already hear her commanding voice and picture her piercing deep blue eyes that were enough to wound a Valkyrie telling her to leave it on, to take matters seriously.
Enough to say in one glance what any amount of words could.
Eira brushed off the thought, packing away her armour in her grey satchel, woven herself and deep enough for her change of clothes – and Ryan Kennedy’s new one.
She reached down, stuffing the armour away, and pulled out a folded up bundle of fabric.
This fabric would unfold to reveal a light caramel coloured garment, again woven by Eira, as taught by Svipul back in Valhalla.

That’s when she heard Ryan clear his throat, and Eira spun around to see him standing up in the spring, the water falling from his arms, face and legs.
Eira was puzzled at first; she didn’t know why he was standing there, his hands cupping between his legs.
When realisation struck her, she felt her face burning and turned her back to him to reach into her satchel.
Inside was a fresh white tunic and brown pants, something she had grabbed from Valhalla, stuffed into the satchel and laid by the spring here for her return, hoping that what fitted a previous lost soul would fit him.
With the tunic and pants, she pulled out a cloth for him to dry himself upon.

While Eira was reaching down and pulling out these items, Ryan had tried not to stare directly at her.
Eira was completely nude, had forgotten she was completely nude, for it was second nature to her, and was bending over in front of Ryan, her back to him, revealing her firm, curvaceous buttocks.
Ryan’s eyes fell upon the shapes of her curves, noticing a freckle that sat in the middle of her left cheek, before his natural instinct kicked in to look away, beyond the trees surrounding the spring.
He could already feel the warmth of the sun beating down upon his neck.

When Eira turned around, he had to grab the tunic and pants, as well as the cloth to dry himself, while holding onto his penis and looking away.
Eira caught on to the fact that his face was turned and looked to see if someone was there. Another Valkyrie perhaps, she thought, as she scanned beyond the trees. But there was nothing.
Ryan stepped out, still avoiding eye contact, making sure not to think of what his eyes fell upon.
He dried himself in silence and dressed himself in silence.
All this time, Eira watched his face carefully; curious as to why he was looking away.
She went to speak the same time he did, but when she saw he was speaking, she bowed her head and remained silent.
Ryan frowned at this gesture but chose to not question it, for he didn’t know the entirety of her customs and didn’t want to offend.
“Aren’t you bothered that you are naked in front of me?” He asked, keeping his eyes locked to hers.

Eira looked at him quizzically before looking down at her own body, still frowning.
“Is this unacceptable? Have I done wrong by you?”
“No, you haven’t” was Ryan’s immediate response.
Eira’s eyes suddenly looked hurt, afraid.
“Have I disappointed you?”
“No no! I just…No, I am not used to nakedness, is all. At least…not, casually, you know?”
Eira looked at him with the same wounded eyes, her expression unchanging.
Ryan tried to force a laugh but Eira’s face didn’t share the humour, she stood there still.
“I…I’m sorry if I offended you, It’s just something that doesn’t happen. Where I am from, I mean”
“You do not wish to have me naked for our venture to Valhalla?”
The question bewildered Ryan.
For a moment, he was speechless, unable to respond.
Here was a beautiful woman, completely nude, her silver wings tucked behind her, asking if he wished her to be nude for the remainder of their journey – however long that took.

The whole thing felt unreal, like caffeine fuelled sexual dream.
“Eira” He spoke carefully. “This is all…really kind of you…but I can’t…I mean, I don’t. I mean..”
He sighed, frustrated. “I’m not in the business of taking someone, unless they really want to, you know?”
Eira nodded. “Oh, but I do! As the All-Father’s slave, it is my duty to offer myself to you for any-“
“This is what you meant when you mentioned being a slave earlier?”
Eira nodded, and there was a gleam in her eye that made Ryan slightly uncomfortable. She seemed eager. Proud to serve.
“Oh yes! Every Valkyrie is a slave to our All-Father Odin. As Valkyrie’s, it is our solemn duty to fulfil any need of the souls that we bring to Asgard and then to Valhalla.”

“Would you settle for just being a guide to Valhalla? I don’t…I mean, I would like it if we don’t do any of this slave…business”
You idiot, Ryan thought to himself. You can’t English right.
The hurt didn’t end up leaving Eira’s face, deep down she wondered if something was wrong with her or her appearance.
On the other hand, this was the first time a soul had asked for no sexual interaction of any kind.
The change had Eira confused but also intrigued.
What kind of person was this, she wondered.


The two stood there in silence as they finished getting dressed.
Eira turned to face Ryan and smiled politely, outstretching her right hand.
“Come. We have a bonfire to attend.”
Eira began walking and Ryan followed, being conscious to look away from Eira’s garments, which had an open slit either side of her arms that revealed the curves of her breasts.
“Bonfire?” He asked, stumbling after her.
“Oh yes! The Valkyries like to hold a bonfire for the newly arrived souls! It’s a celebration of new life!”
“Shouldn’t that be in Valhalla, like a feast?”
Eira found this amusing.
It was customary for the Valkyries to hold a welcoming bonfire for the souls, followed by The Great Feast in the Great Hall of Valhalla.
As the two made their way through the blue long grass, the sun of Asgard setting, she wondered what kind of traditions Humans had back on Earth.

Shortly after the sun had set, the two arrived in an open field, free of the long grass scratching at their bodies.
Ahead of them was an enormous fire, trailing high into the sky.
Around the fire, people were gathered, talking, laughing, all animatedly.
Other bodies were nearby, entwined in a moment of passion, gasping for air, their moans reverberating around this small clearing.
Ryan’s fell upon the orgy and almost fell backwards at the sight he had never seen before. Not in his lifetime anyway.

To be concluded…

 Part three – The First Night In Asgard – will hit the blog May 19th.

 As always, I value any feedback. Constructive, of course, as I am only writing for you guys and for as long as there is interest in this story.


I check my email daily!

Just a quick note while I take myself away from editing / rewriting Valhalla #2 — I got an email the other day and a line struck me enough to put a little note up here.
The person asked if I still check my email. The answer is a resounding YES.

The email is not some secret BDSM email I check in the night, hiding secrets like some tortured super hero. No, it’s tied to this blog. And my blog is my life. And you guys and gals just happen to tie into that life, so long as you want, of course.
I check my emails daily. Do not worry. If you’ve got a question and I take a little while, it’s probably because I am waiting for a moment to reflect and answer in a time where I can give my full outlet. 
Happy holidays!  

A Note For The Male Readers

It’s still mind blowing to me on multiple levels that I’ve had people want to write to me, for whatever reason.
I’m not sure I’ll ever come to terms with why but I’ll sure as hell keep responding so long as people want to write. Partially because I want to help if I can with whatever I can, but also because you get one life. And I want to know and absorb as much as I can for the journey beyond. I want to meet folk from all walks of life.

And it’s becoming clear to me that I don’t hear from men as much as I have from women. I mean, my inbox isn’t flooding from people any day but I don’t hear from a male perspective much. I have, on occasion, spoken to a few. But not as many as I’d like. 
As a guy, I kind of get it. I was always scared of my emotion. I saw emotion as a weakness. I saw vulnerability as a weakness. And I was uncomfortable talking to guys on an emotional level because I didn’t want them to think I was gay or something. That was my early onset clue that I was developing an anxiety disorder. 
But for the guys out there, I want to tell you something my younger self would’ve wanted to hear. Emotions, vulnerability, they don’t make you weak. If you have a question to ask, a sensitive side to express, that doesn’t mean anything negative. And anyone who wants to judge you for it is a plain fool. 
And if you’re worried about your sexuality, scared of resetting your life, there’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Those who matter will not mind, and those who do mind will not matter. Love is love, it should be fluid to fit whoever whenever. 
Know that you can talk to me, all you have to do is start at the beginning in an email. No judgement, whatsoever.
And that applies to everyone, regardless of age, but I want to stress this for men more so, because I know we like to bury our emotions and not let anyone in. Some of us anyway. I don’t generalise. 
Lastly, I want to say this. There is nothing wrong with who you are. Nothing. Unless, y’know, you’re killing animals and jacking off into their corpses – then I’d seek psychiatric help ASAP. But seriously, learning to accept that who we are is okay is a hard task but step by step, it can be done one day at a time. Just try to remember I’m here to chat whether you are gay, straight, Dominant, submissive or male or female. 
And on that note, let me just say I use to worry about being different and about being seen as gay or weird or whatever. But now I’m going to wear a purple suit and I’m going to rock that shit. Joker style. 

There are times

There are times.
Where I want you.
But not just want you.
I want you as a slave.
I want you as a slave in every way.
In every way and in every sense.

I want to own.
To own you.
To own all that you are.
To know all that you are.
To immerse myself in your soul.

I want to come home,
to a clean home.
To a clean home and a slave
dressed as I’d like.
Eyes big like saucers.
Collar fitted around a beautiful neck.
Underwear hugging the body I own.

I want to drown in my sadistic nature.
To greet you at work,
whisper in your ear my command,
just to watch you fulfil it
and humiliate yourself.

I want you to film yourself
So when we are apart,
I can watch you
and taste your cream wherever I go.

I don’t just want these things.
I want you.
And you alone.
In every way
and every sense.

Just me trying to write in poetic form, how I feel when my Master side emerges. I don’t know how well I did capturing it but hopefully you can enjoy.

A line of Disney Lingerie has been released and people don’t know how to feel…

So here’s a thing: just announced their line of Disney Princess lingerie – and people are having mixed feelings about it. 


I wanted to talk about that a bit. 
First off, I won’t be arguing with anyone’s point. These things are subjective. Who am I to insert myself into your childhood and tell you that you have to think a certain way?

Because to some, it’s taking these very innocent characters and sexualising them and considering these girls are mostly in their teens, people don’t know how to feel about that. 


Maybe people feel guilty FOR thinking sexual thoughts about them, I don’t know. 
But me personally? I can seperate the brand from the character. For example, there’s Elsa in the movie….and Elsa in my imagination. Or: Kitten as Elsa. Or Kitten as Ariel. They are two different entities. 


And I suppose being a sadistic Dominant comes into equation too. I see these innocent Disney princesses and I want to twist their minds. As well as their nipples. 
I want to steal their innocence, one bit of humiliation and degradation at a time. Maybe over the course of a few days as they’re chained for my pleasure on the balcony of their own castle. But I’m getting sidetracked. 


I guess in the end, I’m saying this: I understand people being too caught up in the material to seperate the idea. But at the same time, I’m hoping they explore darker impulses.

And further more, I hope the lingerie comes in all sizes, so it’s there for everyone. 
After all, we need more curvy Disney princesses. 

This Couple In A M/s relationship made Australian News?! 

For the original story, click here

So, hang on a minute. Hold the phone. Or go to press, whatever you’d like. 

I mean, yes hi it’s me. I’ve suffered a cold and have been reborn, but just look at this. 

This article, written by a Danielle Colley, about a middle-aged couple in a M/s just popped up in my NEWS section of my phone and….huh? What? This is news? Where did this come from? Why? And why now?

I’m baffled, really. You don’t see this sort of thing happening – and it’s in my home state as well so extra wow factor – it’s always nice seeing people so close to you in this life –  but good curly fries, what a surprise that this made news at all. I opened the article expecting to have a giggle at the way the person documented it, and does get a giggle for sounding a bit distanced from the subject, but it’s still here. Someone signed off on this, someone thought of reporting it. Why? I have no idea? Because of click bait?  No, let’s not be cynical. It’s about love. It’s about love in all the different places. 

While we may not grasp this kind of lifestyle, there is no doubt that this duo of kinksters are deeply in love. Kim says, “i am safe, i am loved, i am cared for, i am protected, and i am complete.”

All anyone can ask is to feel secure, protected and happy in a relationship, and we all get there in different ways.”
This, ladies and gents, is just sweet. It’s the perfect tonic for the night! Kim Debron, Master Joe! My hats off to you all! Especially you, miss Colley, for writing or wanting to write something about this. 

What a lovely little sentiment! Ole!