Valhalla, Part 3: The First Night In Asgard

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The sight of the orgy made Ryan forget his footing.
He tripped over his feet.
To his surprise, Eira caught him lightning-fast by the elbow, looking at him with those same curious eyes that fell upon him when he refused her body.
The two regarded one another a moment, before a shriek coming from the distance tore Ryan back towards the bonfire.
The towering inferno lit up the clearing around it, painting the people celebrating – celebrating what, Ryan thought, around it.
People whooped and hollered, moaned and groaned, a mix of noises all contorting together around the fire.
Ryan had never seen anything like it in his entire life.
He’d never been to a strip club, wasn’t interested in a dance or watching, it felt impersonal.
And orgies wasn’t something he’d ever thought about joining in on, he was more a one-on-one interaction.
As if reading his mind, Eira piped up.
She was walking in front of him, raising her voice so he could hear from behind her.
“As I mentioned earlier, the Valkyries, every so often, like to hold a celebration for the new souls.”
Something to Ryan’s right caught his eye and he looked to see a raven-haired woman sitting on the ground nude, with her back against a plank of wood and her legs raised above her head, held in place by rope tied back to the plank itself.
Upon closer inspection, Ryan saw the raven haired beauty was wearing a necklace featuring what appeared to silver decorated in the shape of wings.



Her body was decorated in tribal tattoos, black flames curled up her arms and across her stomach.
Between her legs was another woman, her legs stretched out on the ground beneath her, her head buried into the raven woman’s crotch.
Eira saw Ryan had stopped and walked back to see what he was looking at.
“Oh. Would you like to watch?” She asked him, matter-of-factly. Not a hint of a tone in her voice suggested she was excited or jealous the women had Ryan’s eye. To Eira, it was another day.
“Perhaps join?”
Ryan instinctively covered his crotch.
“No” came out of him, and the raven-haired woman looked over at him.
He felt his cheeks burning, his stomach sinking. What on earth is this place, he wondered.
“Very well.”
Eira continued onwards and Ryan followed, passing a man engaging a woman in doggy-style to his right, his groans echoing out amongst the crowd.
A woman passed by him to his right, naked and wearing an ornament on her head that appeared to be made out of wood. It was ablaze, trailing smoke into the night sky.
The woman, her body painted in tribal tattoos, danced around the fire, holding her arms high in the air.
How many people were here, wondered Ryan.
He began to count, dotting the people with a wave of his finger in the air.
He gave up when he counted fourteen.

“Eira?” He asked when they came to a stop at an empty spot by the bonfire.
“I told you. Valkyrie’s are slaves. We, according to the All-Father, live to serve as slaves.”
“Is that just sexually?”
Ryan could feel the heat of the bonfire on his face, could smell that smoky wood-burning smell that he could associate with his youth, hanging around the bonfire with his mates and drinking.
The thought hit him hard. Mates.
He had lost touch with his mates from high school, hadn’t really made closer ones in the jobs he had been in. But still…would they mourn him?
“It is sexually, it is anything the new soul desires.”
“And this is something you’ve done, as well?”
As soon as Ryan said it, he braced himself for ridicule. He knew it sounded stupid, had felt it sounded stupid, but just had to ask, was curious to ask.
Eira just regarded him with a blank face. “Of course”
“What if I wanted, just wanted I mean, a guide..?”
Something flickered in Eira’s eyes. A moment of doubt, Ryan thought he saw, but couldn’t tell, for it was gone a second later.
“Do you wish to request a different Valkyrie? I can suggest-“
“No no, not necessary”
“I just..I’m not a fan of the casual sex thing in general”
“Casual? Hm. Are you interested in…males?”
Ryan felt his cheeks burning. “No, I just…I mean, straight up sex is…I’m not really a fan, you know. I’d like to get to know a person first, I…”
Eira was watching him closely.
“It’s not that this isn’t…all attractive, and you..I mean…this isn’t not a turn on, it is..I just…don’t…right now…”
Eira’s face and eyes relaxed. She smiled, seemingly satisfied with his answer.
A voice, low and commanding, came from their right.
Ryan looked over to see a fellow Valkyrie, tall and dark-haired, walking over to them. She wore the same necklace as the raven-haired woman Ryan saw earlier, her arms were covered with the same tattooed black flames twisting up the length of her lightly tanned arms.
Eira bowed and the woman bowed back, and then regarded Ryan with a half-smirk, her deep blue eyes glistening in the light of the bonfire.
“Your new soul?”
Eira nodded, staying silent.
“Why aren’t you naked?”
“Furthermore, why aren’t you wearing your collar? You know the All-Father’s rules.”
Ryan looked to Eira, whose eyes seemed suddenly hurt.
One hand was raised to her neck, feeling for the collar that wasn’t there. Ryan hadn’t even noticed.
“I…I must have left it at my station.”
The dark-haired woman tilted her head at the response, her eyes moving to Ryan, still with that half-smirk.
“We carry that collar everywhere. Everywhere. It represents the All-Father.”
The dark-haired woman bowed with her left hand balled into a fist resting on her chest, while her right hand came outstretched, palm open, and Eira returned the gesture.
Ryan watched on as the two women faced each other.
The dark-haired woman was taller than Eira, with Eira coming to rest at the dark-haired woman’s shoulders.
“Don’t forget next time you go beyond, alright?”
Eira nodded. “Yes, sister”
The woman Eira named ‘sister’ nodded. “Oh, and a word away from your soul? I’m sure he won’t mind a look around.”
Eira nodded and turned to face Ryan.
“This shouldn’t take long” She said and offered a little gesture somewhere between a curtsy and a bow.
With that, Eira and the dark-haired woman stepped away from him and Ryan was left alone.

He was suddenly uneasy, unwilling to look up in case he made eye contact with any one in the midst of an intimate encounter.
From across the bonfire, there came the sound of a woman orgasming, her cries echoed across from the other side of the bonfire, sounding, to Ryan’s ears, oh so delightful.
“You’re new” Came a voice, gruff and low.
Ryan looked to his right and saw a dark-skinned creature approach him.
It had the appearance of a dwarf, short and big-bellied. Its curious black eyes regarded Ryan as it sat down beside him, tucking its navy kilt underneath its bottom as it sat.
Ryan could barely hold back his scream. It came out like a hiccup.
The dwarf-like creature seemed to smile, revealing a crooked line of yellow teeth.
Along with the smile, Ryan’s eyes were drawn to its thick light-brown ears twitching on the creature’s head.
“It’s obvious by the bewildered look on your face”
The dwarf-like creature chuckled, deep and throaty.
Ryan stammered – but couldn’t find the words.
Suddenly the world seemed smaller, more dream-like.
He almost wanted to reach out and touch the tuft of fur on the dwarf-like creature’s chin, just to make sure what he was seeing was real and not the sort of characters he had read about in fantasy novels.
The dwarf-like creature’s eyes sharpened. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you that it’s rude to stare?”
Ryan averted his eyes, looked back down at his feet.
The dwarf-like creature threw back his head and laughed uproariously.
It smacked Ryan fair and square on the back, knocking Ryan off balance.
“I’m just joshing with you, lad! I’d expect a human to stare. It’s only natural to be curious.”
Ryan tried to force a smile but he just felt stupid.
“I am Mort, son of Martin. I hail from Niðavellir, home of the Dwarves!”
“Ryan” Was all Ryan could say weakly.
Mort laughed. “Ryan eh? I have not met a ‘Ryan’ yet. I shall journal this on the ‘morrow”
All Ryan could do was nod and avert his eyes. He suddenly felt a bit dizzy.
Home of the Dwarves? Is this really happening?
“My first time was the same, I do admit! Looking around and seeing all…this….there are no words, eh?”
Mort moved closer to Ryan. He was now shoulder-to-shoulder with him.
Not knowing whether to make eye contact or not, Ryan forced another smile, keeping his eyes pinned to the ground.
“It is a big honor, yes? Being chosen for the battle?”
Ryan brushed the smoke out of his eyes, making eye contact with Mort for the first time.
“Aye, the looming battle! Has your slave not told you about what’s to come? Why we’re here?”
All Ryan could do was shake his head.
Then the curious creature named Mort told him everything.



After Kára had finished going over the details for the passage to Valhalla, Eira made her way back to the bonfire.
Her mood was soured. Kára always had that effect on her, had always seemed to enjoy teasing her. Eira never understood why.
Kára was older than Eira and had arrived to Asgard well before Eira had.
She had been assigned to Eira to train her in combat, as well as slave training, and though the two became polite with one another, and Eira followed every training order and stayed out of trouble, Kára seemed to relish in being a strict teacher.
Other Valkyrie’s voiced their opinion about Kára to Eira. They had done so often as they bathed together in the spring outside the walls of Valhalla.
Everyone had decided that while Kára could be a bit of a strict leader, her heart was in the right place, especially when it came to her role as a slave.
As Eira drew closer to the bonfire, she recalled Kára’s ferocious dedication to being a slave, having walked in on her whipping her back while reciting the All-Father’s slave mantra with precise clarity.
Eira admired her.
When Eira arrived to the spot she was standing with Ryan when Kára first walked over, she saw he was nowhere to be seen.
The thought crossed her mind that maybe he chose a different Valkyrie after all, so she walked around the perimeter of the bonfire, side stepping between Valkyries pleasing their men and women.
Ryan was nowhere to be seen.
At least around the bonfire.
This isn’t good, Eira thought. Walking Asgard unsupervised at night isn’t particularly dangerous, but the forest was a labyrinth, one a new soul was surely to get lost in.
Eira walked around the bonfire again, scanning the area more carefully. And that’s when she spotted him, leaning against the tree at the edge of the clearing.
As she approached him, she saw that his face was darkened.

At the sheer sight of it, a chill swept over her bare arms.
Ryan looked up, his face never changing from its darkened state.
Eira’s stomach sank.
Ryan, as if reading her thoughts, spoke again.
“Oh a Dwarf told me by the bonfire.”
He laughed bitterly.
“I was chosen for that? Plucked from my family when I could’ve been saving them when it happens. W-when you could’ve saved them. What’s that about, I mean, life as you know it, as I know it – it’s all going to end right?”
The hurt Eira could see in Ryan’s eyes made her feel uneasy.
“So the All-Father’s dreams have said, yes.”
“And it’s actually happening? I mean, this isn’t some misdirection?”
“Yes, soon The Giants will attack, according to the All-Father’s dreams…”
Ryan scoffed and fell to the ground. Eira couldn’t read his expression from where she stood.
She knelt down beside him and spoke gently and carefully.
“I’m sorry…I was waiting to tell you after the bonfire, after your mind adjusted. It’s why we’re here. It’s why any of us besides the gods themselves are here. We are training for war.”
Ryan buried his face in his knees, which were pulled up to meet his face.
“I already knew. I just needed to remember it from my…previous life”
Ryan choked out the last two words; Eira could hear the strain on his voice.
Without really knowing if she could or should, she rested a hand on his knee.
“You were dying, Ryan. And I had a choice in that moment to let you die and go to Freyja or come to Asgard”
Ryan looked up from his knee, his eyes fierce. “To fight your fight”
The words stung but Eira couldn’t relent. It was important, even in his grief, that he understood. “To fight the fight of the cosmos…”

She went on.
“I saw your strength in that moment, a fighter choosing to stick up for something so little. The passion I felt from you, it was my duty then and there to decide – and I do not regret my choice..”
“Choice? I’m not a fighter. I know nothing of battle!”
Ryan rose to his feet. “And what is all this…this nonsense? People being happy, dancing around? Does no one care about the life they left behind”
Eira rose too. Now Ryan was raising his voice at her and she could feel something burning up within her as well. What was it? Rage? Hurt?
“People are here because they care about the nine realms, about your world. Yes, they grieve but that grief drives them for the moment ahead when everything, everything we know, faces its end. So I am sorry, Ryan Kennedy, that your life came to an end but you are not the only one here grieving. Each one of us lost our lives, just as each one of us has a duty now to save the lives of the nine realms”

Eira could see Ryan’s eyes drift down. She trailed their line of sight down to the thin white lines craved into her fleshed.
The mysterious scars on the insides of her arms, the mystery of her previous life still forgotten to her, suddenly made her put her arms behind her back.
“We need people like you, whether you believe that or not.”
His eyes met hers then and once again, she spoke gently and slowly.
“And I promise you, you will always be able to see your family”

To be continued June 19th…

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One For The Newbies: Some Tips For Beginners

Taking the first step to wanting to try any form of BDSM is intense. It’s scary, thrilling and overwhelming. Where do you start? What’s a primal? How do you navigate in a world so full of differences? It’s terrifying. 
‘Where do I start?’ Is a question that I get asked a lot – and it’s a difficult one, because everyone has a path set out for them and every path is different. 
Here’s some tips I have compiled for any newbie passing by. 

Read everything you can find. Novels, self-help books, blogs, tumblr, websites. Self-help books are immensely useful, it’s what I used for my kitty’s training. It’s what I read when first starting out as well.
Blogs are useful tools because they are personal. They get right to the heart. And that’s something priceless and beautiful and valuable for someone coming to the lifestyle because you can learn. 
And it might make you feel less alone. 
Watching porn can be a useful starting point as well. If only because it might gauge how you feel towards a certain act, in a really visceral way. From a male’s perspective, it helped me identify my own interests because I started to realise that ‘hey, this really does turn me on’ – again, it’s a minor thing but it helped so maybe it might help you.


Fetlife is alienating and terrifying when first approaching, but it’s really rather handy for identifying local get togethers, convention and just finding a useful person as well. 
If you can break through any barriers you may have, I would say look into it. Give it a trial period and see how you go. You might surprise yourself or it might not be for you, you never know how you go until you try. 

Dip Into The Pool Slowly

Time’s a funny thing. You feel like you can’t get enough of it.
No one is going to be judging you if you take your time with learning. A Dominant shouldn’t harass a submissive for wanting to take things slow and a submissive shouldn’t force a Dominant into making snap decisions (But two examples out of many)

There is a lot to consider about BDSM – safe word’s, the length of a scene, the contract itself, tastes and distastes. And you know what? People grow differently. At different times. And you, my friend, have all the time in the world. 
You might even think ‘Well, Mr. Dark and Dominant, you don’t know my age’ – I don’t care if you’re 16, 40 or 80, you have time to learn and to go your own pace. And don’t ever let anyone judge you for it. 

Learning The Truth Is A Long And Personal Process

Reading, social media – they may be useful for you identifying key kinks – but at the end of the day, what’s really important is personal growth.
Grab a journal, a pen and sit down. Underline exactly what it is you want out of this journey. Draw a list of pro’s and cons. Make a list of any things you want to work on – body image, esteem, finding a partner, being comfortable in your own skin.

The biggest battle for me was accepting that my whole life was about to change. Looking back, it wasn’t as dramatic a change as I thought, but it was one a life altering one and that was scary and different and hard for me at first. 
You can do anything, you just have to practice until you are a god/goddess at it. That will come with time.

That Feeling: A Stream of Consciousness poem 

I wrote the following half awake-half asleep, lost in a daze.

That feeling 

When you take her by surprise 
And she lets out a low gasp 
As you ease into her

Taking your time 

Drawing it out
That feeling of
Filling her entirely with your cock

Skin against skin 

To the brim 

Nothing but her cries 
Nothing can come close to

Her soaking cunt

The source of her dirty mind 

Scorching hot and soaking wet
Have you held your cock there 

To the brim 

Controlling her

Leaning over her 

She’s your puppet 

At your mercy 


Low growling 

To have that control 

To seize her humanity 

All that she is 

And pin it beneath you 

Open her up

Examine the animal call
There are no words for that feeling 

None at all 

The Nature of being Hyper-Sexual



4777f765d7b29309c803c9e81e3917da.jpgWhen I was younger, I used to be paranoid about high my sex drive was. Even after my hormonal spurt, well into my twenties, I was thinking a lot about the sexual nature of things.

I’d be at a cafe, observing people like some sort of alien, not for anything sexual, just because people in general fascinate me, but then I’d think about the type of things people would be interested in sexually. Is that tired looking mum into BDSM? What kind of things does she enjoy sexually? Are her and her hubby really enjoying themselves, how do they communicate sexually? Is that man happy with his wife or does he spend his free time wanking to another male over cam? Are these people shaven, trimmed, what, brain, what?!


This all ties into my overactive imagination. But I used to worry that it was all wrong, that I was perverted or addicted or one of those alarming big words – SEXUAL ADDICTION!


In my later years, and since being with my kitten, I don’t think like that as much. It’s not so much about sex that I think of when I look at people, but more about their happiness. I think this is partly because I came from a destructive relationship and I worry about anyone in that state, even if it isn’t my business or problem.


And beyond thinking about their happiness, I do occasionally think about the sex lives of others. I can’t help it. It’s the pervert in me but it’s not a personal thing, like I am not honing in on a particular aspect and jerking off in my mind’s eye, I am more curious as to how people behave and why they behave the way they do.


I still worry about my hypersexual nature. It comes and goes and comes and goes. Usually I take it out on my kitten, sometimes myself, if kitten is tired or unavailable, sometimes I just write.


My blog is – think of it like a bottle of wine, with the cork standing between reality and fantasy. Sometimes I let the bottle air out a bit, revealing my darkest desires to you, the reader, and sometimes I seal it before it spreads like wildfire and I’m just some transformed beast constantly fucking out my innermost desires.


In summary, if you have a hyper sexual nature, it’s not a bad thing. I think you’ll find it’s more human nature than addiction. More curiosity than impulse.


As always, if you are frustrated about it and need to vent any anxieties, feel free to reach me at, so in the dark light of the morning, I can tell you that it’s all perfectly natural and you aren’t the only one sometimes worrying. I do it too.



Dream Time #1

Okay, so here’s the thing:
I was having this dream that I was visiting my folks back home. My home is in another state – and for some comparison, if you drove it would take 18 and a bit hours to reach, give or take traffic, roads, the boring she-bang. 
But the point was, I was back at home. Visiting. I wasn’t me, as I wasn’t with my kitten. I was a version of me. It’s very weird how the mind correlates between version me and reality me. But I wasn’t me. 
I was heading home, in some light blue car I’ve never seen before, and all of a sudden, my sister wants a ride. 
Now, this was version-sister, not reality-sister. In reality, my sister isn’t a blonde-haired, blue-eyed porcelain doll come to life. 

Why Dream-Sister chose to come along, beats me. I don’t know. Can’t remember.

But for the first half of the Dream, it was pleasant. A road trip, killer music, the wind in my hair, the open road – the dream, my mind, was playing all the cards I like – it knows I’m seduced by the road. I must’ve been a nomad in my past life, before I was a domineering 18th Century Master with a cruel sadistic mind.
All of a sudden, I turn to her and say
‘Your cunt must be soaking wet’
All of a sudden, the dream shifts. We’re in a car, still on the road trip, but the mood has completely changed. She’s blushing, like an anime girl (more on that in a bit), and I’m reaching down through the gap in her denim skirt.
And I’m right. She IS dripping. 

Feeling how soaked you’ve made someone is right up there as being one of the best feelings, because it’s sexy on so many levels and because it’s a culmination of so many different things. I mean, yeah, it’s a bodily reaction, but on the same hand, you’re the reason why. It’s just a nice feeling. And a huge turn on.
I don’t remember the rest of the dream – but let’s dissect it a little.
I’ve already made sense of the romantic side in me being manipulated by my own brain. The brother-sister thing – that’s been a little fantasy of mine for ages, and a role play on a few occasions.
The appearance of my ‘sister’? I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately. More to the point, I’ve been binging Persona 5, a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game, for the uninitiated) and I do believe that a combination of one of my favourite characters, plus just a mix of characters from the fantasy-horror Berserk have melded to create my dream sister. 
Exhibit A: Ann from Persona 5.

Exhibit B: Farnese from Berserk.

So there you have it, between my love for road trips, acceptance of incest as a fantasy and my interest in anime, I’ve had a strange sexual dream merging all three.
As for why? Who knows. I don’t actively fantasise over these characters, though I do mentally register them as pretty. So who knows? That’s the mind for you. 

Care to share yours?  

Male Masturbation Technique #1

I found a fun way to play with myself.

It came when I was nodding off one afternoon, my hand resting in the heat of my pants, gripping my cock.

Next time you grip your hard cock, use the muscles in your crotch to squeeze. The pressure against your hand holding it down creates that delicious friction.
It creates this pull and stretch effect. Two forces against each other. This grind that you can easily get into a rocking sensation. 
From there, you can build a nice orgasm or stretch your shaft with your fingers to create a lingering sensation. 
It all builds, you see. That’s the best part. Building to the moment you explode. 
So for the guys out there, do try. Do take the time. And do let me know, either by comment or email, how you found it.