Earn Your Dessert

A low whine slipped from her lips, filling the room.

And eyes through her cute little animal mask were on him. Blue – no, grey. No, light blue. They were changing in the light as she smiled up at him from where she was sitting on her legs beside him. That damned pleading smile that caused his body to tense, caused warmth to spill out across his chest and radiate down to his aching cock. Affection. Arousal. Dominance swelled within him. He wanted to grasp a fistful of her hair and sink into her lips.

In a blur of movement she climbed upon his knee and started grinding into him, still with that low whine to her. Feeling her slick cunt light up his thighs, seeing her eyes clench shut, her quivering lips part, connected by a string of saliva, made him desperate to reach down and squeeze out the terrible, delicious ache in his cock. He wanted to tackle her, feel his body sink into hers. Feel her wriggle underneath him – more then this, hear her throaty chuckle. It would be so easy.

‘Down.’ He managed to get out, his throat taking on the tension of the moment. Gently, with every iota of strength he could muster, he helped her down off his leg.

She had marked him. He knew it. She knew it. Her scent was in the air, grazing by his lips. That was wild — His mind made it so he could already taste her when that was moments away.

‘You want this ice cream in my hand?’

She nodded eagerly, that low whine back in her throat.

‘After what you’ve just done?’

She cocked her head, the bell on her collar jingling as she did. Then nodded with that devilish smile of hers. Baiting him. Taunting him.

He held it out to her, inches from her face. Then an idea came.

‘Get up here, look into my eyes and hump my leg, like you wanted, like the needy little fox you are, until you whine and you cum. Then maybe this here is yours. I’ll hold it for you but I’m not helping. Go on now. Earn your desert.’

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