The D/s Relationship

In the page BDSM FOR BEGINNERS, I introduced a few concepts for you to read and understand. Now we will take these concepts one step further as we look at the life of a Dominant and submissive relationship 24/7.

Here you’ll find just bits and pieces about etiquette, Dominant training, training a submissive, maintaining her obedience and ways in which I personally have disciplined my own submissive.

Perhaps the Dominant One or a submissive will find useful for themselves or for their partners.

The BDSM Contract

Discipline and Training

Speech training

The Mantra

The Dress Code

Personal Grooming

The Slave’s Rosary Beads

The submissive’s positive reflection

Household Rules in the DOMINANT/submissive lifestyle

Have your submissive keep a journal

Shopping for outfits: Strengthening the bond in a D/S Relationship

– Emotional Care –

Detox and Aftercare

Asserting your Dominance

Spotting The False Dominant

Dealing with fluctuating feelings

Battling a mental illness in a D/s relationship


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