The D/s Relationship

In the page BDSM FOR BEGINNERS, I introduced a few concepts for you to read and understand. Now we will take these concepts one step further as we look at the life of a Dominant and submissive relationship 24/7.

Here you’ll find just bits and pieces about etiquette, Dominant training, training a submissive, maintaining her obedience and ways in which I personally have disciplined my own submissive.

Perhaps the Dominant One or a submissive will find useful for themselves or for their partners.


What Is The D/s Dynamic?

The BDSM Contract

Discipline and Training

Speech training

The Mantra

The Dress Code

Personal Grooming

The Slave’s Rosary Beads

The submissive’s positive reflection

Household Rules in the DOMINANT/submissive lifestyle

Have your submissive keep a journal

Shopping for outfits: Strengthening the bond in a D/S Relationship

– Emotional Care –

Detox and Aftercare

The Many Ways In Which You Can Assert Dominance

Spotting The False Dominant

Flucuating interests in a D/s Relationship

Dealing with fluctuating feelings

Battling a mental illness in a D/s relationship

Communication is Key: A Look into New D/s Relationships

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