“Her” – A BDSM poem.

This is an early poetry piece I wrote in my early days as a Dominant, before I matured with my thoughts and beliefs. Thought I’d share.


She’s down on her knees,

tears hit the floor like a flood

she’s begging him please

But there is no time for talk


The fog’s rolling in,

their house is surrounded by woods

They’re living in sin.

The torment’s about to begin


She crawls on her knees

Hoping that she will please him

her pain is absurd

He asks her to whisper these words:

I am the dark

I am the doll

I am yours”

He clasps it on tight

washes her down for the night

She grips to his leg

The nothing girl starts to beg


He cradles her face

Kisses her cheeks so softly

He praises her place

reminds her of her own beauty


Their love transcends space

Yet she falls down into place

The wolves start to chase

As she once again utters words:

“I am the dark
I am the doll

I am yours”