Being Naked In The Wintertime

Being naked in the winter time has been absolutely thrilling to me this year. Yes, there have been moments where it’s been a freezing 6 degrees Celsius but this year, I feel like I have been experimenting with letting that cold linger on my body.

I sleep naked in the winter. I have an all powerful blanket – and even my lady to snuggle – but the moments where I first fall or roll or collapse into bed and the cold just cancels out all thought – the sheets are like ice, the air skins across my feet, lifting across my ass and to my cock…it’s….incredible.

Anything I was thinking of before I hopped into bed – responding to email, dinner tomorrow, my cat yowling at closed doors – it’s all gone. I – a Dominant – is completely dominated by the weather. I’m frozen in place – pun maybe intended – my body unable to reboot as my primal side emerges. I suddenly want to roll around and snark and drool and Fuck myself into bed until I come hard all over my own stomach – or just grind into the bed until I fall asleep.

On other days, I find myself naked even with the chill around me. Come 2am, I have sat on my lounge utterly naked and have meditated on the cold, feeling it all around me. Feeling….wild and unabashed and charged with energy.

There’s a peacefulness to being naked during winter. Not only are you striped bare, the cold is confronting. You leave aside your world and are left to focus, perhaps more than ever, on your senses. How your heart flutters, how you are breathing, how the cold reaches in to the very core of you and holds you there to confront the stillness.

We’re so busy, us humans. We’re always thinking of cooking dinner, working hard, remembering birthdays, attending to meetings, making sure to stay in contact with friends and family. We never allow time to just exist in the moment and feel. We rarely stop, put the phone down and sit still a moment.

Perhaps you can do this too. Find a moment in your day, set aside, say 15 minutes. Find your favourite spot to just unwind – your bedroom, your couch, somewhere outdoors hidden from the neighbours.

Put down the phone. Undress. Listen to your world, your heart and your breathing. What do you find in your stillness?

If you decided to try this, do let me know how you found it either by comment section or email. If you can’t unwind and become frustrated, don’t let it get to you – it takes a while to adjust to sitting still. It will take practice.

Thoughts to keep warm during Winter



When I tell her to bend across the pool table, I wonder what her mind is running to.
When I tease her slit with the pool cue, gliding in circles, I wonder if she is hesitant or welcoming.

And when I ease it into her, as it disappears inside her, will she buckle, will she tremble, will she tell me it’s too much or will she try and prove to me, rot herself, to the gods, that she is worthy, that she is the one. That I am the one for her.

O, will she slide back into it, to feel it stretch her, to feel ‘full’?
Or will she attempt to crawl away, as it is too much.
Which version do I want, obedience or struggle? Both harden my cock.

What will come out of those slick wet lips?
A guttural moan?
A grunt, in the most beautiful, animalistic, dare I think un-lady-like way?
Or will she sob? And if so, will that sobbing enchant me or dispel me?

How will her hair fall? Over her eyes? Over her mouth?
Will her hair stick to her wet luscious lips?

And will she come? Will she come again? Will she take the cue for me until I tell her no more, until she is so full it aches. Maybe it bleeds.

Such thoughts run through my mind. And warms my heart.






I take you by the leash and lead you out to the frozen country side. You’re wearing  nothing but my leather jacket I’ve put on for the day. You think we are going for a brisk walk but what you don’t know is that I have an exercise planned for you. 

The tips of the trees are covered in frost. The wind bites at your neck. Freezes your feet. Turns your nipples to glass. You feel compelled to be led by me.

Until I ask you to undress.

You watch me closely. Perhaps you think I jest? Well, I do not. You begin to stammer. To squeak. You knew I was a sadist but you never expected this.

My orders do not change. Even my protection doesn’t entice you to undress. Frostbite is mentioned. But even my word that you will be okay doesn’t amount to much.

My dear Snow White. My dear Ice queen. Undress for me. Show me why it is you love winter, why you insist on exploring the winter wonderland every year.

When you fail to be moved by my trust, I tear off your jacket and push you down to your knees. The leash jingles as you fall. You whimper as you can feel the ice around your knees but I can see that look in your eyes, I know it well. You dare not move.

Dear Snow, I was only going to make you come once for me in your natural habitat. Now, you will work that freshly shaven cunt of yours until I am pleased by your actions.

From my pocket, I reveal your favourite toy – your thick purple vib. 

But you shake your head and refuse, the cold is too much. You can’t concentrate in these conditions, you say. Very well.

I force your face into the snow and with my free hand, trace the purple vib down your back to your pale ass. You’re begging to be freed but it’s more than the exercise now, it’s the lesson.

You shiver at the touch of the purple vib as it trails down the curves of your ass. You beg it to me – not here, not now. But you will do as I say.

I’m surprised when I reach your lips. You’re warm and wet. Inviting. As a stranger taking shelter from this very weather, I slid the vib in gently, letting you take it in. Like your pure mouth takes in my cock of a night.

You know what’s funny about you, snow? You’re a devil. You’re an angel around the public, but some things you want whispered in your ear, your desire for my cock -or the salty taste of my come – it’s just so naughty. I watch as you take the purple vib, how your face melts from discontent to something else. It starts off as a faint thing, that pleasure. Then it’s all over you, evident by the goosebumps trailing up your body. Suddenly your squirm meets back into the vib as I slip it back into you. Suddenly your cries and begs become soft moans. 

Your juices drip onto snow beneath you, melting patches away. You try to speak but I hush you. If you’re going to ask for my cock, you can forget it. You gave yourself to me for a reason and you couldn’t trust that reason. Now, you’re going to be taught to trust. To trust that I have your body in mind when I am using it as an instrument.

You start to shake visibly and I know you are coming. You always were sensitive, Snow. It never took you long. Lucky for us, we still have enough time before I have to run you a hot bath.

When you reach your orgasm, I don’t slow down. You beg me to release you from my grasp, but this only serves for me to pull your hair. No.

No, Snow. I am going to sit here and work this vib until you are sore and trembling and on the verge of something beyond anything we’ve ever taken you to before. You will trust me.