The Slave’s Rosary Beads



While browsing topics online, I came across a rather intriguing concept, one that I think just makes the whole concept of submission all the more richer: Rosary beads.
A mantra for every bead! How wonderful, beautiful and elevating does that sound? Suddenly his/her submission takes on a religious stance. They worship your love for each other, the security the submissive may feel and the leash of fate that bounds you together. It’s dizzying, it’s romantic and above all else, it’s a calming concept.

Suddenly, your D/s relationship takes on a different meaning – maybe even a greater purpose. The rosary beads could very well touch upon the submissive’s soul, allowing only for them to possibly find some truth about their intense desire to submit, maybe even leading to an epiphany of how much they need it.

Unity. This is what it will bring to the two of you. Either you will write your prayers for yourself or your Dominant will write them for you. Frankly, if I were going to put this forth on my submissive – and I am strongly considering it, not only for a primal showcase of discipline but to make her soar – truly soar. Whoever writes this, the words will take on power. They might fill the relationship with power you probably didn’t even know existed.

Fever. Reciting the prayer feverishly bead by bead might make the submissive soar indeed. Suddenly he/she is not an individual person, but rather something far greater. They ascend well beyond into a thing of beauty. In this time, when they are reciting their prayers urgently, hopefully the warmth washes over them.

Security and love. Love most of all. All you need is love, The Beatles sang. And it’s true. Put the concept of love – your love – into a prayer. Watch the words take on a greater meaning. Watch it transform the world you two share.

But when to do it? How often? That’s for the individual to decide. Were it up to me – and it certainly might be, the more I think about it – I would write a prayer for every morning and every night. One for each bead, I should think. I think that will work beautifully.