Dream Time

A guest at her friend’s house, the pretty little thing lays on her stomach underneath the warm sun.

Out of sight and out of mind, she lays on the verandah as the family naps away from the heat.

In this time, the eighteen year old has an idea. It hits her out of no where.

Reach into your satchel bag and pull it out. Test it. No one will hear. No one will need to know.

Before the pretty little thing can come to terms with the voice, she reaches into the bag and pulls out the 7 inch black dildo she had ordered off the Internet through a local toy store. Thanks Facebook sponsor.

In silence, she pulls apart her black bikini bottoms. She can smell her own scent. This just drives her further to slide it in.

She winces at first, but soon the toy becomes slick and inches further within her.

Soon she is full. She can feel it, all the way within her now.

Then she withdraws her hand, and rests with the toy still within her.

For a while, she listens to the silence around her. No bird chirps, no cicada buzzes. Nothing.

When the toy starts to slip out of her, she reaches back to pull it in. The sensation of the act causes her to moan.

With the toy back within her, she rests her head down again. The pretty little thing starts to doze.

The world around her begins to fade.

When she feels the toy start to slip, she reaches back and feels something coarse.

Looking behind her fills her with horror. The pretty little thing sees a hand gripping her toy.

That’s when she locks eyes – her friends brother. Four years her senior. And he must’ve slipped behind the corner of the Veranda she’s resting in.

He looks at her with his dark eyes and lifts a finger to his lips – be quiet.

Slowly, he slides the toy back into her and the pretty little thing whips her head back to meet the wave of pleasure crashing over her.

It’s slow at first, his movement. He eases it in and eases it out, all the while being completely silent, the only sound coming from her. Her wet lips.

Gradually, he begins to pump at an increased rhythm. It’s fast and smooth. The pretty little thing feels her body jolt with each thrust, feels the air leave her lungs.

She doesn’t know it, she thinks she is still, but she’s actually grinding back into the toy as it slips out of her.

With her head on the ground, her hair around her eyes, she lifts a hand behind her and unties her bikini top, letting her tits fall out onto the verandah. The wood beneath her instantly makes her nipples hard as they scratch against them.

She begins to play with her left breast, pinching it, stretching it. Today the pretty little thing wants to indulge – she slaps it from the side. Again. And again. It stings in response.

Better yet, she doesn’t have to worry about the sound bouncing off walls and echoing here. It’s just her here. Her and the toy.

The pretty little thing doesn’t get to play with her tits for long though, her orgasm sneaks up on her. She cuts out the moan that was hanging on her lips. Her legs jolt, her arm seizes up. The toy is held within her, all the way. Were you to be behind the pretty little thing, you could see the black edge of it buried deep within her.

The pretty little thing writhes around on the wood for a moment, feeling hot and cold flushes. Then she is still, and where the brother went, she does not know.

In The Rain


You and I have watched the sky grow darker for the past few minutes now. I have you fully nude and bound by rope to a pole in our backyard. You’ve tried wriggling free but it’s no use. Your hands…your legs…they’re secure.
More than that though, the rain will come soon and soon, you will face your punishment.
“Please, Sir” You beg. “Cut me loose”
Your pleas only make me strike your bare ass harder. You whimper and curse and what did I tell you about cursing? It’s not allowed.
“But Sir, it’s so cold. I’m sorry, I really am.”
That’s when the rain starts to fall. I stand there, just out of reach of you, under my house’s verandah, while you stand there helpless.
The rain becomes heavier now, stinging your tits and body. You wince and cry out for me to stop but this just causes me to grin.
That’s when you see me pull out from my pocket your favourite toy and walk towards you.
“Sir, please..”
Your cries go unheard.
“The rain burns..”
I trace the toy along your thigh, up towards your freshly shaven cunt. You jump at its buzz. You shake your head, droplets of water splashing out at me. Thunder booms — and with that, I slide the toy in.
You gasp, something primal, almost in pain. But I work your cunt just how you like it, pummelling you senseless as you writhe in a mix of pain and pleasure.

See, this is your punishment. The rain will sting and mark your sweet body and I will exhaust you, forcing you to come again..and again…and again. You know why? Because you’re mine.

And you better fucking understand that.