The Prisoner

When it comes to writing, especially erotica, there’s always one concept that comes to me and I have no idea from where it originated.

Why did my mind piece together such a surreal, sensuous image? What does that mean for me? Is the image heralding the return of my dominant side? A side that has, I must admit, taken a back seat in the days following a particularly nasty bout of anxiety.

Or was it there all along? Influences and memories and turns on all stitched together under a pale grey sky within my mindscape, waiting to come out?

I ponder all of this as I ponder her – the nude woman lying on her back on the hotel bedroom, illuminated by the soft glow of the room’s television, the only source of light in the room.

I think of this woman – blonde hair folded underneath her, her breasts caught in the quickened rhythm of her breathing. Her nipples, stiff, pointing upwards towards the ceiling.

I can see the faint trace of her ribcage, the slick glean of sweat across her body, beading across her stomach.

I can see the soft fuzz across her slit and, if I peer hard enough at the image, I can see it glisten under the eye of the television.

And I can see the wires – thick, grey, sturdy – wrapped around her body, coiling around her chest and weaving down, snake-like, across her legs and under her ass.

She is bound, held tightly in place. I can only guess how the cables feel across her skin, how they pinch, how they are cool across her breasts.

I can see her arms held high above, locked in position, the cables winding up around her wrists, and I can see that she does not resist. That there is no struggle.

No, quite the opposite. Her body reverberates with an intensity I can feel worlds away. I can feel her pleasure, just as I can feel the pain bite at several points in her body where the cables cling tight.

I can hear her breath catch in her throat, hear her heart in my own ears. I can see her eyes, glued to the image on the television, static. A prisoner of the times.

This bound woman comes without touching one part of her body, is held by the cables as the orgasm hits every inch of her. An electrical current.

I’ve no idea where this image comes from but I feel her there with me every step of the way.

12 Days of Kinkmas – Day #3 – ‘My Girlfriend Is A Sexy Alien’


‘Okay, don’t freak out.’
I looked at her from where she sat on the couch, dressed in her Cookie Monster shorties and a loose black singlet.
My hands were cradling it – the thin long gooey thing, like a snake’s skin it left behind in the shower. Like wet rubber slimed up with jelly.
I found the slimy rubber-snake-suit thing cooler in the shower, first thinking it was done alternative product that wasn’t entirely washed away.
It had no smell that forced me to gag, I didn’t scream unlike the time the cat ran by my feet in the dark the other day, it was just a watered brown, translucent clump of slimy rubber. Like –
‘Don’t freak out’ my girlfriend Andrea repeated, breaking her own rule and looking freaked out.
‘Is there a snake inside?’
My voice came out choked and broken.
‘Honey, we don’t get snakes in Melbourne, I keep telling you that.’
‘So this is one of them body products then? State of the art?’
Andrea put down the PS4 controller she was still cradling when I stepped out into the open lounge room cradling my own new thing.
She had taken the day off to play the latest God of War and had been up before me to pick it up in store at 6am.
Andrea sighed, rather deeply.
I felt something wet and thick splatter down on my left foot and stifled a cringe. Suddenly it hit me that I was butt naked, still in an about-to-shower-mode. I must’ve wandered out here naked. Shit! Dripping this gooey thing all over the house.
‘It’s not a product OR a prank..’ she said, beating my own mind’s conclusions.
‘Am I…’
‘Going crazy?’ She finished. ‘Nope.’
A beat.
‘Will you sit down?’
My No came out feeble and unsure.
‘Okay. You know I love you, right?’
‘You have a pet snake?’ I blurted out.
‘And you haven’t told me!’
‘You’re having an affair with a man and you two showered together and this is some kind of thick come melding together that he left behind before he escaped.’
‘Jesus Christ, Ash! No.’
‘But. But…’
Mind racing, words struggling to keep up.
‘You can see this right?’
‘Ashley, I’m an Alien.’
Andrea had stood up, eyes locked right on mine. Those fierce blue eyes were burning darker now.
‘Like….in the video game?’
Andrea sighed, held her hand and index finger up in a WAIT! Gesture.
I waited there, naked as our cat, foot splattered by this stretch of something in my hands.
Andrea closed her eyes, squeezed them in fact, her brow creasing, her jaw clenched shut. She stood that way for a moment – and then…

Something strange happened. A spot appeared on her forearm. A polka dot, no bigger than a thumbnail, deep purple. Then another. And another. And another.
Purple polka dots began appearing all over her body, one by one, before they all became something more, like one big polka dot. No, her skin was a deep purple. Coarse, it seemed.
Her hair, her dark brown pixie cut was shifting into something else, a bright pink bob. A bowl cut? A what?
Her eyebrows faded; replaced by the deep purple leathery skin that was now…her skin?
Her eyes were the same; I could see somehow, but her lips…her lips were ruby red.
Her transformation or metamorphosis or whatever the fuck finished, she sighed, still sounding very much like Andrea.
‘Every so often, I purge myself of my old skin. It’s nothing sinister, just a cleanse. Like peeling off a face mask.’
‘You’re an Alien.’
I could feel my eyes widen and tighten.
‘Yes, Ashley.’ She said in a way that I understood she was trying to sound calming, but she was fucking purple.
‘I…do…do you eat people?’
‘No! I’m not a cannibal, Ash.’
‘You’re an Alien.’
‘So? We aren’t cannibals.’
Andrea sighed. ‘Yes. We. I…don’t want to talk about..’

‘So the family I’m meeting for Christmas..’
‘Are not human, yes. We’ve interpreted ourselves into society.’
‘Like The Thing!’
‘No, not like The Thing! Look – our species discovered Earth hundreds of years ago. Silently, we’ve inserted ourselves into your culture to…take a look.’
‘To become overlords?’
‘No! To study. We’re a race of scientists, mostly. Except I didn’t want to become that. I’ve wanted to feel. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to feel.’
‘Feel? As in – touch?’
‘Yes, Ash, as in touch.’
‘Can you read my thoughts?’
‘No. But I sense bits and pieces..’
Andrea, my leathery Purple-skinned Alien girlfriend, folded her arms and looked at me with those same blue eyes of hers.
‘So. The Andrea I saw….who is she? Did you see her on a billboard or something? Like, somewhere out there is an Andrea who knows nothing about me?’
‘You’re giving me way too much credit. I dreamt of myself as a human shortly before we arrived here. I brought her to life. I…am her.’
‘And that’s what you do? What you study?’
A smile spread across Andrea’s face. I’ve seen that look before, when she’s about to say something devious.

‘S-sex?’ I repeated, the words catching in my throat like some cartoonish gulp.
‘We are a race of….what you call, what call now I suppose, Dominants and Submissives’’
“What would you call it?”
Andrea seemed to smirk at that. “Arctumolongs and Saemptions.”
The words sounded gruff and guttural and low – and the fact that this was all coming from Andrea, my girlfriend of –
“We’ve been together two years-“
Uh oh, my mouth was running again.
“- why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
“I meant to. I mean I was meaning to. I mean I was meaning to mind the time I meant to mind but I just…couldn’t find the courage. Don’t be mad.”
My head was too busy swimming in a myriad of thoughts to be mad. Maybe ‘mad’ would come later, when I wasn’t looking at Andrea’s skin that looked like fine leather. Only purple.
“I have….so many questions…Was the Purple People Eater song named after your race?”
“What?” Andrea frowned, her arms folded.
“Nothing..How old are you?”
“Only 90. But that translates to 26 Human Years…”
“90? But that’s-”
“Look, Just….Can you turn around a moment? I want to change back, and…I don’t want you to see me like this.”

Digesting what she just said, my eyes unfocused as full processing power seemed to divert to my brain to comprehend. I thought of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, all mutated and slimy.
I  felt the stress conveyed in her voice, and obliged. She was still Andrea after all. My Andrea.
I looked at our kitchen, somehow taking note of the washing up to be done later.
A few seconds past, a few beats of dread along with them, then Andrea spoke:
“You can turn around now.”

The Andrea that greeted me when I turned around was the Andrea I knew, the one that I saw after our fourth date together, when she invited me back to her apartment and told me to undress and stay very still, hands at my sides, while she undressed herself.
The way her small breasts rested, one slightly more full than the other, the way freckles sent a trail down her stomach, her slight tuft of darkened pubic hair in the form of a landing strip – no matter if Andrea’s human form was based off a dream, she was perfect.
Wait a moment – what did I just think? She told me to…?
“If you come from a race of sexy Alien scientists who are either Dominant or submissive….which one are you?”
A grin lit her face.

So there I was, hands cuffed to the bars of our bed headboard, legs spread and tied to the bottom of the bed.
I could feel myself, against my own accord, slip inside Andrea, who sat straddling me, her hair covering her eyes, denying me of getting the chance to read her expressions.
One of her hands was resting against my left thigh, bunched up into a fist, draining of colour, while the other gripped a black crop that she used to trail my nipples.
Watching Andrea’s hips sway in a hypnotic rhythm, feeling her move on her own accord, easing onto my cock before easing outwards, stretching the moment out, second by second, I felt a part of something bigger than myself.

I just knew it.

Hera, Ch. 5

Chapter Five



Layers of…




Candle wax, held by the med drone hovering above her with a candle in its metal claw, dripped down onto Kadie’s right nipple.
Kadie screamed in pain, for the heat was immense. It seemed to course through her entire body in a shock wave.
Was it noon yet? She had trouble finding the hours.
She had just defied Sister again, refusing to state the mantra and now was being marked by wax.
 It is a fascinating substance, to be sure. Look how it hardens.
The med drone ignored Kadie’s screams and twirled in a spiral down towards her cunt, which had started to acquire some growth since her imprisonment.
Tell me how this feels slave.
The metal claw of the med drone tipped and waxed lined the slit of Kadie’s cunt.
Her screams reverberated throughout the ship, though no one was around to hear.
The immense pain sent her into a state beyond which she’s ever experienced. Everything around her was bathed in overexposed light. Like she was in a dream.
She could feel her arousal, she could smell it. Was she acting up because she enjoyed it?
Anxiety (Acid?) coiled up her chest.
You continue to surprise me, Kadie. Surprise and inspire. Through the captain’s teachings and logs, I always thought I wasn’t drawn to pain. But you teach me that I am. I thought all my teaching was pre-programmed before you.
She spat out at the cables and laughed.
The med drone hovered in front of her.
“Bitch.” Kadie spat at the med drone, at the voice in her head.
Am I? Hm. Sister’s voice had a quizzical tone about it.

Kadie was forced to moan out at the med drone watching her as the wax sizzled on her thighs.
Kadie hung there, dizzy, insane. Resigned to the fact that she was a prisoner.
When the wax tickled her sensitive lips and brought about an orgasm, Kadie bit her lip and did her best not to moan out, just to spite Sister

She watched the med drone leave without so much as a word from Sister as she felt the wax start to harden across her body. It made her uncomfortable to feel it caking across her cunt and tits and thighs but she was restrained.
Back into the dark she went, alone, restrained, suspended.
How long she was chained, she did not know, but the moment she dozed off, something woke her up.
There was a metallic clanging from outside the room. It rattled around the empty captain’s quarters.
All of a sudden the cables withdrew and Kadie fell to the ground, her face smacking across the cold hard floor.
The doors to the quarters opened – and no one was there. No Bronwyn.

Kadie looked up at the open door, wondering if this was a trick and she would be punished. She was far too sensitive, her body far too raw to take any more punishments.
How much more could I take, she wondered, as her ass rested against the cold floor.
In that moment, something surged within her. The adrenaline pumping panic attack at the thought of more punishments drove her to her feet and she fled out at the door.
She found herself in a locker room, with lockers on either side of her, spreading out wall to wall.
Before her, resting on a wooden bench that was scratched and marked, showing its age, was a blue dress with sunflowers across it.

Picture this, if you will. Kadie, a sensitive young woman, stands in this locker room, her body caked with wax, her cunt so sensitive it stings and her body, across her tits and especially across her ass, is marked where the cables have struck her and broken skin repeatedly.
She stands, hesitant, quivering, nude – looking at this dress, looking at the open door, wondering where Bronwyn is, if she should run, how far will she get if she does?
Kadie slips on the blue dress with ease. It’s too short, it falls above her knees. If she wore this in front of anyone, they could see a hint of her ass.
But for this moment, there is no time.
As Kadie slipped on the dress, the door to the locker room opened with a hiss.
Kadie pauses, waiting for Sister


or Bronwyn to come to her. No one appeared.
With a breath, she escapes out the door and into the hallway.
The ship was quiet, save for a slight humming and Kadie’s feet as she raced down the corridor.
Where was Bronwyn, she wondered, and should see be worried.
Having known the layout of the Scorpio, Kadie knew where the lifeboats were.
They were tucked away in a dead end corner, between the med bay and the rec room.
Before she did any of that, though, Sister must be stopped. Destroyed.
Kadie came to a halt. What of the crews? The Orion and the Scorpio?
Are they dead? Where are they hidden? With her mind racing, she took a turn and retraced her steps, via her knowledge of the ship’s layout, back to the hyper sleep chambers.
To her horror, it was empty, with tables over turned and each pod bare and missing the crew of the Orion.
Where are they, thought Kadie, exasperated. She stood a second, pondering. What would Sister do with them?
Kadie thought on everything Sister had done with her, the experimentations, pushing the limits of her body. Never had she urinated in front of everyone, not since she was six years old and she had wet the bed, much to the chagrin of her mummy.
Forcing her legs to move, Kadie left the pod chambers. She had to go. It would take too long to search for this crew. She’ll have to come back for them, that’s the only way.
Kadie panted as she ran, her legs feeling sore, tired, from being suspended for so long.
When she came to the ship’s core, she had to lean across the wall and catch her breath. Her heart was beating in her chest. She could hear the blood pumping in her ears.
Air flooded her lungs and she savoured every breath.

Adrenaline pumping through her veins, Kadie got on her knees and crawled through the panel in the ground where she had originally crawled in to examine how things were when she first arrived.
Back then she had her crew behind her, waiting for her call. Now, they were gone – either dead, or like Sister


says, they are in stasis somewhere, locked in a dream she has created. Who knows what they are experiencing.
Have they gone mad? Like me?
Kadie stopped in the walls, feeling the surge of panic sprinkle across her toes, up her ass and across her entire body. Is she mad? Is that what’s left of her mind now?
She pushed forward, shaking off the thought, and fell face forward into a circular room.
Above the room, the ceiling hummed with ventilation, hovering above a large bulky computer whose lights blinked on and off – red and green, red and green.

Kadie climbed to her feet, the palms of her hands throbbing, and fixed the strap of her dress.
That was a thing now, she thought. Clothes. She was wearing clothes.
“Go on.”
Kadie whirled around to see Bronwyn backed up against the wall and completely nude.
The sight of her aggravated Kadie’s anxiety but also twisted something else within her, something that found her naked and tormented body alluring.
Both of Bronwyn’s breasts had dark purplish bruises on them, covering her nipples. Bronwyn’s face itself was covered in dirt and grime.
Her thighs were covered in lashes where the cables had struck her as they did Kadie.
Bronwyn herself regarded Kadie blankly.
“Go on. Escape. Leave.”
Kadie couldn’t find the words.

“Doll tried to do it. But…”
She looked away from Kadie. “Doll can’t.”
“What are you talking about?”
The words trembled off Kadie’s lips.
Bronwyn’s eyes met Kadie’s again. “Doll don’t know what she’d do, without her.”
“Her? Bronwyn, she’s an It. Come with me.”
“No. For the first time in Doll’s life, Doll feels safe. Doll feels like…like, maybe this is it.”
Kadie felt herself frowning. In that moment, she couldn’t feel sorry for Bronwyn. Bronwyn was broken. She was angry with Sister, for this forced submission. For this act of cruelty.
She turned on the hulking computer behind her and with a finger, traced from the top to bottom, before she found the ship’s AI core.
“What are you doing?” Bronwyn asked – then her eyes lit up with a fire inside. She ran to Kadie and jumped on her back.
Kadie threw Bronwyn backwards, who screamed like a being possessed.
Kadie found the compartments belonging to the life force of the AI and pulled it loose.

“No, Kadie. You can’t. For me. Don’t do it for me”
Bronwyn fell to the ground sobbing as Kadie found another compartment – Memory Terminal – and pulled it loose. The clear rectangular box went crashing to the ground.
Bronwyn was sobbing into the wall on the floor, begging Kadie not to do anything. Kadie just kept tearing at the compartments that were lodged into the computer. They crashed to the floor, one by one.
The room lit up bright red and that’s when Bronwyn looked around.
“You’re killing her” She screeched. “You’re killing her!”
With the compartments torn out and her hands raw from handling such sharp metallic objects, Kadie moved past the broken Bronwyn and out the crawl space.
When she climbed back into the hallway, she heard the alarms all around, ringing in her ears.
I’ll come back for you all, she thought. I will find a way.

With that, she headed up the hallway, her heart rapidly beating in her chest.
She was tired and sore and on the verge of tears but something drove her legs to keep pushing forward, to keep moving.
She reached the escape pods out of breath, trying to stay cool, but her entire body was shaking.
She punched a green button in the wall and the door to the pod opened –Just as a cable came hissing around the corner!
It latched itself onto her nipple and dragged her across while also sucking her nipple in. Kadie screamed and pulled it off with force, before rushing into the escape pod.
The doors behind her closed with a hiss and Kadie strapped herself into the pod and wheeled the harness across her body, flinching at it touching her tender body.

W-what are you doing to me?
Sister’s voice was coming over her speakers.
I wasn’t finished with my experiments. You’ve ruined it. You’ve ruined it.
The escape pod shot out of the Scorpio.
Ladies and gentleman. I am Sister. Let me demonstrate what I have been built for.
The escape pod hurdled out of reach of the Scorpio.
You there, miss. Tell me about your day. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. I can help.
Kadie watched the ship become smaller. She thought of Matthews. James. Bronwyn.
I’m very well, how are—
Sister’s voice was finally gone.
Kadie removed the harness and looked out amongst the stars as Orion came into view behind her.

She got up and looked around at the escape pod. It was a small circular pod, with a control deck at the front to use the jet boost system that was installed with the escape pod. In a moment’s time, Kadie could jet boost herself to Orion and manually get onboard by communicating with the ship via wireless.
Breathing a sigh of relief, she sat back in her chair.
No hissing, no humming, no Sister laughing or asking her to complete a mantra. Nothing of the sort.

There was an ache. Deep down between Kadie’s legs. And now that she noticed it, it seemed to grow stronger.
With enough time before she could be close enough to the Orion to manually get on board, she raised her dress up and began to stroke her clit.
Thoughts of everything over the past however much days ran through her mind.
It drove her mad.
As the shadow of the starfrieghter ORION loomed over her, Kadie broke out in a haggard sob that rattled her chest.
Her thumb was gliding in circles around her clit while her other fingers ran themselves up and down the length of her slit.
The events of the last few days flashed through her mind.

Whip me again.
Bronwyn squirting over her face.
I want to taste your sweat.
Matthews’ semi erect cock.
I will be a good girl and take it into my mouth.
As the escape pod docked into Orion, Kadie came hard, jolting forward in her seat.
Wave after wave hit her as she bit her lip, riding the edge of the orgasm, her thumb still applying pressure on her clit.
When her orgasm died down, she sat still, tears in her eyes, as she looked at the dark room of the escape pod.
She did. She had made it.
I’ve been affected by it.

Kadie lifted the pod’s harness above her and stood up.
Her legs were shaky from her orgasm and she stumbled to the back of the escape pod, where she would emerge back onto the Orion.
The silence of the Orion was welcoming. No whirring of machinery, nothing.
Now she just had to pilot the ship to the nearest colony.
Is this your idea of a dream, specimen? Mommy’s disappointed.
Kadie froze. Her chest tightened, bile rose up in her mouth.
She tried to scream but nothing came out.
A panel in the wall to her right shot open and a cable came flying out at her, wrapping around her leg.
Another panel to the left of her fell forward and a cable shot out at her breasts, clamping onto her nipple hard.
The cable on her breasts pulled back on her nipple, stretching it, and Kadie screamed.
Now now, it’s not all that bad.
The environment around her shimmered once, twice, then it gave out, revealing the cold lifeless area of the Scorpio.
She hadn’t destroyed Hera, she hadn’t escaped. She was stuck in a simulation, being fed sweet things from a dream.
Kadie was still Hera’s prisoner.

To Be Continued…

 Part 6 is the finale, so get ready.

Hera, Ch. 1


This is the ‘competition story’ that I have been working on
in my spare time.
Using the winner’s creative inputs for elements, I
got to work but ended up writing something
larger than I anticipated.

The following is a blend of my favourite things –
Science Fiction, BDSM, Horror and Thriller.
It is dark, twisted and weird.

If you’ve survived my stuff and enjoy it,
you may just enjoy this as well,
but might I request that you find a
quiet spot to get lost in the story?
You might just need it.
– TD&D

Chapter One


The Distress Call



Year: Twenty One Sixty Three

United Nations Star Freighter: Orion

Seven Months from Earth

Total Crew: Five


Captain: Alfred ‘Al’ Matthews

Med. Officer: Jodie Bronwyn

Science Officer: Brett Fredericks

Chief Engineer: Kadie Dawson

Navigator: Lucille ‘Lucy’ James



Kadie fell to the ground, sputtering out the fluid that went down the back of her throat.
The floor beneath her was like ice to her nude body, which glistened with the hyper sleep fluid she went to the dark in.
She blinked, her vision blurry with the thick fluid, and she wiped her blonde hair out of her eyes and over her ear. It left a trail of slime as it went.
Kadie could feel her nipples stiffening in reaction to the cold floor beneath her. The ache slid down to her stomach.
She could feel the coolness of the ship all around her body; it touched every inch of her pale skin, skimming from her hair down to her cunt, which she freshly shaved just before hyper sleep.
“Looks like the newbie’s first hyper sleep trip didn’t go so well” Came a voice to Kadie’s left.
Kadie looked to see Medical Officer Bronwyn, leaning against a set of lockers and fully nude, wearing a cream towel around her body.

Jodie Bronwyn was an attractive woman, thought Kadie. She was African-American, mid thirties. Joined the Orion at only twenty-three and has been here ever since.
As Kadie lay on the floor weak and frozen, her pale body blinding in the light, thanks to the hyper sleep fluid, she took in the sight of Bronwyn.
Her nipples glistened not only with hyper sleep fluid but also with a nipple piercing.
Suddenly Kadie felt very uncomfortable being naked in front of these people she had only known the past month during training.

Truth be told, she was uncomfortable with being nude in hyper sleep but was assured it was a safe and comfortable process.
“Everyone has a bad run their first time” Came another voice, a deeper voice.
Science Officer Fredericks came into view from Kadie’s right, drying his hair with another cream towel.
He was slightly tanned and muscular.
He regarded Kadie with his curious steely gaze as he dried his hair.
His cock, half erect and fully shaven, swayed with the movement of his body.
Bronwyn let out a laugh, throaty and infectious, and stretched out a hand for Kadie to grab onto.
As Kadie stood, her legs wobbled and she had to lean against a railing nearby to steady herself, much to the amusement of Bronwyn, who laughed not in a mean way but just in a teasing way you would to a close friend.
The voyage from her settlement on Proxima Centuri b to Earth was Kadie’s second time in hyper sleep and compared to the veteran travels of Orion’s crew, who charted the galaxy, she was indeed a newbie.
“Alright, Alright – Crew, get to the Dining Room in 15. We’ve got words to discuss”
Captain Matthews walked passed dressed in only faded green tracksuit pants. Kadie felt the sudden need to shield her breasts as he walked passed her.
“Hop in the shower, Newbie. You’ll feel all the better for it” Bronwyn said after Matthews disappeared out of the hyper sleep chambers.


Fifteen minutes later, Kadie appeared in the dining room, dressed in the green cargo pants of the Orion Crew uniform and a plain white T-shirt.
The shower made her feel human, awake. The slime was now gone, replaced with the refreshing scent of a lime scrub.
She looked around at the crew of the Orion.
The dining room of the Orion was a small circular room, with its own fridge, kitchen bench and sink located at the back of the room.
In the centre of the room was a circular metal table and around that was a booth, its maroon cushioned tearing apart at the seams.
Navigator Lucy was by the Kitchen bench pouring herself a coffee. She was the second youngest of the crew, three years above Kadie, who was twenty-six.
When Kadie entered the room, the crew didn’t regard her or stop and stare, they went about their own activities.
Fredericks and Bronwyn were continuing their game of Scrabble while Matthews was reading what was most likely an old newspaper.
Kadie took a seat beside Bronwyn who nudged her with a closed fist on the shoulder and giggled, “Feelin’ Fresh?”
The comment got Matthews to look up from his paper. His eyes met Kadie and that’s when he lowered his paper and cleared his throat.
“Now that Chief Engineer Dawson has joined us, we can begin discussing why the hell we’re awake.”
“Yeah, why the hell are we awake, Hoss” Bronwyn said, making her move on the Scrabble Board.
“Sister’s detected a distress signal,” Matthews said flatly.

Sister is the Star freighter’s AI. Every United Nations Star freighter has one.
Programmed and refined to not only match the mentality of the crew but also monitor their journey safely, the Sister AI was the latest in the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence designed by Earth Designer Charles Dean.
It is so named for it’s visual appearance and mental attributes of a nun, which is strange if you consider that it is responding to the existential belief of religion.
And yet the news was worrisome because Sister was designed to awaken the crew upon receiving a distress signal.
Bronwyn stopped moving her tiles and looked up. “Out here? In the ass end of nowhere?”
“What’s the origin of this…signal?” Fredericks asked, frowning.
Matthews cleared his throat, took a sip out of his own coffee and swallowed.
“No doubt some of you may have seen the blinking lights of the UN Star Freighter Scorpio out the right side of the ship.”
Kadie looked around the room, some nodded, while others, such as herself, had not seen it, having just woken up out of a funk.
“Needless to say, while you lot were showering, I was trying to raise the old bird. And nothing. At all. She’s quiet.”
The crew sat in silent a moment, reflecting, before Matthews interrupted it.
“We’re going out there, all hands on deck. I don’t know what’s going on, whether it’s starship troubles or mutiny or what. But I want everyone at the ready and I want that now, ASAP. We’re taking the beams so maybe hold off on breakfast for a short time, yeah?”
The crew laughed, all except Kadie, whose brown eyes creased in a frown.
Something was troubling her about this.

Moments later, the crew materialised inside the control room of the Scorpio.
Everything was quiet, save for the humming of the ship. It vibrated up Kadie’s body, tickling her cunt.
The room was entirely empty, with no sign of violence or any other activity.
Chairs and couches and even a dartboard on the wall showed no sign of wear and tear, no sign of activity. Nothing.
The crew were each wearing a protective suit, on the off chance of a chemical leak or other unforseen dangerous hazards. Their suits hissed as each of them took a breath.
Kadie stepped through the control room, listening to her own breathing in her ears. She could still taste the hyper sleep fluid in her mouth. It made her feel sick.
“Sister? Can you give me a status report?” Asked Matthews.
Nothing. The ship remained lifeless.
Kadie made her way to the terminal in the centre of the room. It was switched off and covered in blueprints of the ship.
She moved the blueprints to the floor and flicked the terminal on. It lit up with an audible click and came to life, buzzing.
“Dawson? What are you doing?”
“I’m manually seeing if Sister reported any faults or problems over the last however many hours the ship has been stationed here, Sir.”
Speaking felt weird to Kadie. It came to her just then that this was the first time she had spoken in two weeks. Her voice was croaky.

The terminal loaded to an empty black screen, save for a blinking cursor in the top left corner.
The crew gathered around Kadie, the screen lighting up their visors with a soft glow.
Kadie typed E35-S, which was the command “What’s the problem, Sister?”, and waited.
Nothing came back on the screen.
Kadie didn’t know what to do so she typed H66+A, which demanded a system report from the ship’s intelligence.
The crew waited in the low light of the command centre.
“Well, what the fuck is this?” Matthews said aloud. He had turned to Fredericks in his confusion.
“Well, she is an AI, Sir. Technical things always come with a room for error.”
“It’s ‘state-of-the-art’ though” Bronwyn replied.
She is. But as I just said, with anything, there is the possibility of an error, maybe even an infection in her update.”
Matthews looked around the room in silence. His suit hissed as he sighed.
“Well, let’s do a sweep. We’ve got to log this. All of this.”
He walked to the doorway that led out of the command centre.
“What a nightmare” He muttered.

The crew were voicing their opinions or voicing their agreements when Kadie had an idea.
She had to raise her voice to speak over the crew. “Sir?”
Matthews had to poke his head back in the doorway of the command centre, for he was already outside.
“Yes, Dawson?”
“I have an idea.”
“Oooh, the newbie has an idea,” Bronwyn said with a laugh.
Kadie felt her cheeks burn as Matthews told Bronwyn to can it.
“What is it, Dawson?” Matthews asked.
“Well, Sir..”
Kadie felt all eyes on her. It twisted her stomach. Or was that the hyper sleep fluid she ingested?
“Well, if we really want, we can reset Sister from the ship’s core. Maybe that can bring her back to a responsive state.”
Matthews regarded Kadie and then looked to Fredericks for confirmation.
“She’s right. We could do a manual reset and that may fix it.”
Kadie found herself pointing to the blueprints. “I can read those. I have a C class rating. We can find her core, Captain.”
Matthews laughed out of surprise. “Now I know why the council recommended you, Dawson. Let’s get you to the core.”

Kadie found her smiling – and then hoping no one, especially Bronwyn, caught it.
Bronwyn would never let it go.
Kadie could indeed read the blueprints and tracked the ship’s core down the opposite end of the hallway from the command centre.
Remembering her knowledge of UN Star Freighter’s from university, Kadie thumbed around the bottom of the wall before her and pressed inward.
This revealed the loose panel, which she pulled outward and, with the help of Matthews and Fredericks, she removed the panel to the floor.
“What now?” Fredericks asked. “Who do we decide goes in?”
By the time he finished his sentence, Kadie was pulling off the helmet of her protective suit.

James was the first to witness then and could only react by shouting “Are you insane?”
But the helmet was already on the floor.
The air was crisp. Cool. And the fact that she wasn’t immediately dead puzzled the rest of the crew.
“Dawson, you want to explain to me what you are doing?”
“Someone’s got to get into the core room. I’m the smallest and I’ve studied for this, both the layout of the ship and for a situation such as this”
Kadie spoke as she was pulling the rest of her suit down and stepping out of it, revealing her thin white panties and t-shirt.
Matthews looked to the rest of the crew for affirmation but they just shrugged. Even Fredericks.
Kadie kicked aside her protective suit and looked to Matthews.
“Fine. Just get it done and get back here. We’ve still got a sweep to do.”
Kadie met his gaze and nodded before turning to the small square shape in the wall.

Her heart was pounding in her ears, she found, and she wasn’t one for tight spaces but someone had to do it.
Kadie went in head first, making sure to lower her back as she squeezed her lower body under the open grate and into the wall.
The space was just enough for her to wiggle her body through the wall.
Ahead of her she could see faint light – Sister’s AI core.
All around her was the humming of the ship. It vibrated every inch of her body, tickling
her all over.
The wall space on her knees was tough, rubbing tightly against her bones, like crawling against bare concrete.
The light ahead got closer and closer, until Kadie found herself in a cool circular room.
She noted the fans on the wall, one for every two panels across the length of it.
In the room was a metallic tubular shaft, lit up with blue lights that blinked in a sequence with each other.
That must be it, Kadie thought. Now to just –

Something wet and heavy smacked her across the head and her world went dark.

To be continued another time…