Spanking is Cathartic


Spanking is cathartic – it really is. Not only for me, the Dominant doing the spanking, but perhaps for the submissive. I obviously can’t speak for their minds, only my own but the release I get during this act is just sensational.
Yet there is something psychological about it all, something that might even connect to us and resonate. Maybe it might reveal truths to us we never knew where there.
During a particularly intense spanking session, my submissive blurted out a childhood memory. It wasn’t scandalous or a revelation but it was a piece to that enigma that was revealed by making her rather lovely ass raw.

I mean, this is  huge – that this act can connect somehow and someway back to that doorway. Back into her past. I think that’s rather fascinating.
But then to add another layer to this act is the fact that it is such a release for me. I can’t begin to describe just how much I love seeing my bare hand come into contact with her ass.
She’s bent over my knee, her dress pulled up around her waist and her cute little panties pulled down. I strike her hard and her whole body reacts, convulsing forward an inch.
A grunt escapes her lips. Or was that a moan? Impossible to make sure.
I strike her again, harder. My hand stings but I bet her ass stings even more.

I can’t begin to even describe how it feels to have her crumble beneath me, writhing about and exploring her pain threshold.

But spanking can be used as a different method, like punishment. This one time, we were just conversing as ourselves. Playing video games together – hey, it’s what we do in our down time. She curses in anger at the TV, throws the word ‘Slut’ around. Now: I am all for her identity being maintained, it’s what drew me to her, but that language is really not on. Identity is one thing, language is another — especially when WE have worked so hard at correcting her words, going from “Huh?” to “Pardon?” (Which she does now in everyday conversation, making me proud).

I was shocked at the vulgarity out of this quiet lady’s mouth. I tell her to go our room, pull down her dress and await me. She does. I spank her three times – three, hard times – telling her to watch her language.

We both didn’t enjoy the punishment – not at all – but I can bet you she won’t use vulgar words like that again. Truth be told, I should’ve given her a warning first. But a part of me was a little angry. We have worked hard together on her negative qualities, trying to iron out the speech patterns and this was an aggressive side I didn’t appreciate.

So: Spanking. Cathartic, psychological. Mind blowing.  The doorway to our past. Mind Altering? Surely yes.

Psychological punishment

If my submissive acts out or misbehaves or fails to remember her daily task, I believe more in psychological punishment than something physical. Why? Because I think something raw and mental is far more effecting than a fierce spanking. It depends on the person’s taste for pain though. Do they find it a turn on? If so, then spanking would only increase said arousal, which in turn would lead to the submissive deliberately acting out to get more of it. If the punishment is arousing to either of you, it’s not really a punishment then, is it?

But to take away their collar for a few have them stand in the corner of a room for an hour, with the blinds closed and them utterly naked and lost in their own thoughts…that is far more effective. AND it will give the submissive time to think. They can mull over the details — what they did wrong and why? What can they learn from this encounter? And more importantly, they might never do it again.

Another perfect example of this would be orgasm denial. Have them lay completely still while you achieve climax and watch them sulk. This is not to say that I relish seeing them punished – no, not in the slightest. This is just to prove a point: Don’t disobey me again. This agony that the submissive will surely feel will be effective enough for them to correct their mistakes.

Always remember to let the punishment fit the crime. Be fair with dealing out the sentence because if you are not, it may lead to resentment and internal conflict later on. Don’t overdo it – never overdo it. You do not want for this to snowball into something negative for the submissive. Be sensitive.

I take immense satisfaction in the psychological aspects of a D/s relationship. The mind fascinates me greatly and  so I enjoy pushing the boundaries with my submissive. I learn something new about the mind each and every time.

If you decide to go down this path, approach with sensitivity and caution. Talk about it. The mind can be a fragile thing. Make sure you have a safe word in case things get too intense.