An Evening With My Primal

It was an evening like any other. We were heading out to grab a bite to eat, dressed in our – what might just be an Aussie term – ‘around the house’ clothes.

And as she’s pulling the door shut and locking it behind me, I sneakily lean into her neck and kiss her softly, sweetly, teasingly. The kind that makes her flustered.

Only. Something was happening to me.

As I leaned in for the kiss, before I could even process the thought, I thought about biting her. No, not even that. I thought about sinking my teeth into her.

She was the unsuspecting victim and I was the vampire lurking for her in the dark, right? Maybe we knew each other a few lives ago. I wouldn’t put it past me to be a brooding in-love-with-love centuries vampire.

But what I mean is that when I was leaning in, a flood of thoughts all hit me at once. The bite on her pale neck, ripe blood running fresh, the sensuality of that darkness, that viciousness, the primal aspect in me almost demonic, telling me to bite, to drink, to take her there and then.

Were I not an expert in suppressing my primal self, something I unfortunately learnt to do second nature during my teens and early twenties, I would’ve dragged her to the side of the porch, up against the rough wall.

I would’ve wondered what that concrete on her back would feel like as it clawed at her flesh as I yanked her by the hair, turned her around so her sweet ass faced me and pulled her sheer tight leggings down.

And here’s another thing, I love to glide my hand along a woman’s slit, you know? Not only is it so powerful in so many different ways – a conduit of connectedness, a delightful playground to experiment with sensitivity, a sacred place for which I am ever blessed to behold in a spiritual way – but I love the feeling of running my fingers along every inch. The feel of her being trimmed, shaven, whatever the case, as she grows wet. And out of control.

So with her neck bleeding, her senses out of control, her body now linked with mine by way of my saliva in her blood stream, I would effectively own her in a very primordial way, unlike anything we established by way of words or contract.

Oh I would bite her lips, peeking through her thigh at me, I would nibble gently, a feast for my senses. Tomorrow I can wonder about the outcome but tonight I would dine. Tonight I would gorge myself on her flesh.

I could see myself feverishly rubbing her slit with my hands, finding her clit, applying the pressure I know how. I would bark at her to moan so they heard, so they all heard, yes. But more so because deep within her lies a dormant animal. It’s deep within us all and needs to come out. We need to be in constant communion. So I would work her to madness, as she presses harder against the walls, grunting, crying, screaming until she came.

Then I would use my mouth to savour the drops of her sanity coming out of her lips. I would leave no inch untouched, to make her feel sacred, worshipped. Yes I worship at her idol, on my knees, eager for every gasp and grunt and wheeze. My animal queen.

And when she would come, the distinct taste of her juices spraying across my tongue, enlightening my senses, I would grab hold of her by either side of her legs and enter her.

And I can feel it now, do you understand that insanity?! How slickly I would fill her, coating myself in her essence, feeling myself within her. I would take her sweetly from behind, hoping, wondering, if I drove her face to scratch against the concrete wall, marking her.

And where would I come?

I didn’t get that far. Life and love beckons me back to reality. We’re hopping in the car. It’s a quick series of movements that one – it’s a chilly winter evening.

As we pull out of the driveway, I look at that same wall on the porch, the one I bent her against, and smile.

Holy fuck, have you ever had a moment to yourself like this, dear readers?

2017 Promises + Short Story!

Happy New Year! Happy Belated New Year! Happy 2017!

In your regular lives, I hope there’s warmth, magic and adventure!

In your BDSM lives, whether you’re a little slut, a ferocious Dom or a little puppy boy, I hope it’s challenging.


Not that it’s my place, I want to see anyone writing in to me overcoming any obstacles or rising to challenges. Dare yourself. Dare your partner. BARE yourself and have a beautiful year!


My own new years resolutions is to be more adventurous, improve myself and to be more active in writing here. I can’t wait to open up more mail from you guys!

Starting with this little story. I hope it’s a jolt to the system.




If I had known he was into men, perhaps I would’ve had him down on his knees sooner than now.

As it is, the man’s married. His wife is down stairs, most likely talking about the house these two just bought with the other people at this new years party.

And had I known his kink aligned with my kink, that he was submissive to my Dominance, I would’ve acted sooner as well.

I discovered a piece of his mind when he stepped into the bathroom, which I didn’t bother to lock – everyone was downstairs.

I had just finished shaking the last droplets of urine off my cock before he knelt down and took it hungrily in his mouth.

His mouth was wet and cool on my skin and gave me three passionate kisses with the swirl of his tongue.

The bold fucker worked my cock until I started to spurt. The man couldn’t hold his load, he let it dribble out of his mouth like a newbie at it.

He dropped my cock out of his wet hot mouth and looked up at me.

“Am I doing good, Sir?”

His eyes were eager, his cock as well. It stood to attention, erect and wanting.

I instructed him to get naked – and he did. He undressed in silence and knelt before me, his pale ass was in the air as he leant forward to kiss the tip of my cock.

“Answer me this” I said, ignoring him and moving my cock so that he only kissed my thigh.

“Have you come to a fantasy of me?”

He reddened. “Yes, Sir”

“And did you fuck that ass of yours?”

He seemed to go redder still.

“Yes…I mean Yes, Sir”

I smiled at that. “Good”





If you think you are safe while you hide beneath the covers, I assure you that you are not.

While you convince your mind that you love your spouse, that your loyal…that there is no reason to fear, I assure you: There is.

Because there will be no reasoning when I take you. When the door hitches open within your fantasy and you hear my growl in the darkness, your body will betray you.

Do you know that feeling? Where the body wants to let go but the mind is torn between reason? I know you do. I know you’re feeling it know. I know your cunt can feel the slightest ache as you play the memory back again.

So you can tell yourself in the dark that it’s okay, that you belong to another. That you’re sensible and level headed. But when my breath skims your thigh, when I pant over your cunt, we both know that all the years you’ve been faithful, through thick and thin, won’t matter. All that matters is how my tongue glides along your lips so effortlessly that you can’t help but think you were always meant for this.

And when your legs part, while your partner snores softly beside you, you will part your legs and wonder just how rough my tongue is, just how sensitive you might be to my touch.

And all reason will leave your mind. And all that will be left, as you sink under the weight of my mouth on your cunt, will be






When In Mexico


The waves rise and fall. Rise and fall.
There comes a rumble in the distance – a coming storm. But you wouldn’t know it with this beautiful sunset, with the light rippling along the waves.
It’s such a beautiful afternoon, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the beach. There’s no one here.
That’s when I see you, rising from the crashing waves. Your skin is sun drenched and beading with waters.
I’m captivated by you as you swing your jet black hair out of your eyes.
I’m captivated by the way you walk to your towel with that hypnotic sway.

I’ve never seen a woman more beautiful than you, more…well, earthly. A Mexican goddess. There’s something that screams out from you, but I can’t find out what.

It travels through the air, this scream, and ripples into me. Suddenly one hand is keeping you down while the other is untying your bikini top.
Your top comes undone and your tits spill out. It’s just how I pictured you – dark brown Areola’s and small chubby darkened nipples. Whether they’re hard due to coldness or arousal, I don’t know. And I can’t think, because they’re in my mouth. They taste salty but I know that’s the ocean.

The best thing though is how you move. How you squirm. How you curse in Mexican. My god, darling, you are making me hard.

The spitting only works to make me harder but I am enjoying sucking the salt from your tits. It’s kind of sexy to hear how guttural you can get while I choke you and suck on your nipples.

And how do you maintain your cunt? Oh the best question! Are you shaved? Are you trimmed? Are you all natural? I kind of admire that. It’s beautiful in its own way. You’re a woman after all, earthly.

Would you think I’m mad, to think so deeply about your cunt? I suppose you would. I suppose you’d call it perverted. But I must see. Oh I simply must.

Your short shorts slip off smoothly and my, what a revelation. A lovely landing strip if I ever saw one. Nice and thick. Oh I simply must taste you.

This is when you start to convulse from my mouth on your nipple and my goodness, what an animal you are. Your throaty cries are intense!
Also, who knew a nipple orgasm could be so much fun? Certainly not you. Now hold still, I must taste you.

You squirm of course, I thought you might. But my mouth waters. I cannot stop. I know: I’ll twist your nipple. You’ll cry and it’ll shock you into place. I like order, please don’t disrupt it. Hold still, you little bitch.

That’s when I lower my mouth to your cunt. And here’s how it is: my tongue sucks in your clit. Your juices flow with a mix of your essence and sea water. It’s a divine mix. An intoxicating aroma and taste. Something I simply must have more of.
I —

“Excuse me, have you got a smoke?”

You’re here, clothed and looking eagerly at me. Suddenly the images of your cunt and darkened nipples fade. How long was I daydreaming? How long have you been staring at me for an answer?
My eyes fall to your breasts, heaving, covered in little water droplets. I look away, hope you don’t notice.
I don’t know what to say.

Savage Desires


Note: I want to do a bit of a free form writing here. As I write this, I have no idea what I want to put out there, I just know that I have ideas swirling around and feel like writingSo be kind if it’s dodgy.

I have this desire within me.
The Beast wants to tear itself out of my skin and hunt you down, as if you’re some puny animal.
See, I don’t just want to tear your clothes off the minute you walk through that door: I want to drag you by the arm into the bedroom, I want to peel off those slutty lil’ panties you’re getting away with wearing. The folks at work might not know your wild streak. But I do. Oh yes.

I know you crave another woman. And I know your loyalty is to me and for that, I am eternally grateful. But to deny your animal impulses is to deny your humanity. Which is why I have her waiting completely naked in the corner. Our toy to play with. Except…I knew you would get jealous if I played with her. Thing is, I have no desire to do that. Merely, I wanted to take you from behind. I want to pound you into submission, to reach dizzying heights together. I want to fuck you till we are breathless, till you are soaking wet so much that we are soaking our sheets. The sheets that might be already soaked in our sickly sweet sweat.

I want to see you get turned on at performing in front of this stranger, I want to hear you moan for her, you little bitch. Get the horrible work day out of your system and show off that delicious darkness that’s inside of you. Let out that animal of yours because tonight, we let loose. And when we’re finally done, when I pull out to shoot my load onto your sweet ass in quick, short spurts, I am going to cuff you at your hands and legs  so you can’t move when you find out what I am about to do next.

I know you’re a sensitive being. I know you are going to buck as your favourite toy slips inside you. But tonight I want to show this pet of ours how well behaved you are at keeping still and taking the pleasure, all because you’re a good little girl, aren’t you?

So you’ll take our toy. You’ll take our toy on the highest setting. I want to hear you coo. I want to see those delicious goosebumps travel across your hard nipples. I want to tease the fuck out of our mutual friend in the corner, who will no doubt be eyeing you with extreme jealousy.

My aim is to have her mouth watering as I make you come..again…and again. As much as your body can handle the sensation. And I expect to see a nice puddle beneath your sweet thighs by the time I am done pushing you to the limit.

And then, you might ask? What then, Sir? What do I require of you?

I will break our mutual friend’s heart. For as much as you enjoy a woman, I want her to know that you will always enjoy my cock more than anything.  I want to see her face sink as you suck greedily at my cock – your reward for being a good girl.

I can’t help my nasty side. What can I say? I am who I am.

I want to worship you


You are laying there before me, looking up at me anxiously. You can feel your heart beating in your chest.
You’ve walked in the door from wherever you last were outside and unexpectedly, I’ve taken you in my arms and stripped you down to nothing. I’ve pushed you back on the bed. Your hair is lying back in a mess.
I am hovering over you, completely naked myself, my dark eyes scanning your body. My face — unreadable.
Suddenly I grab your left arm. You panic – you can’t help it, it’s your body reacting. You struggle but it’s hurt. You know I have that firm grip so you go with it. It was starting to hurt anyway.
I lift your arm high above your head, fully stretched out. It hurts a little but not that much. You try to wrench it free but it’s tied tight, Your other arm comes next. You don’t even both fighting and up it goes. a pause, you feel the velvety material wrap around you. A pause. Then it is tight.
I disappear from your view a moment and you struggle to lift your head up to see but you can’t pull your arms free.

I return with my tie – you recognise it as the tie I wore out to dinner for that birthday celebration just yesterday. You gasp again as I lean across you, my hard cock skimming across your stomach. You reach behind my head, softly telling me to raise my head. I do so – and then your world is plunged into darkness.

For a moment, there is silence. You can’t hear my breathing, you can’t hear anything. It puts you on edge. Then suddenly, the bed rocks and you turn, looking in the direction you felt it shift. Now you hear my breath — and then my voice, low and calm.

I want to worship you

Your heart misses a beat. You find it harder to breathe.

I want to feast on you

My voice fades a little as you feel my soft kisses down your burning skin….once across your neck. It melts. Another time across your stomach.

I want to quench my thirst with you

You feel the brush of my hair against your thighs – then my mouth lowered against your warm cunt. The sensation makes you flinch in one of those delicious ways..and then I devour you entirely..




I am not sure about this one. I don’t know if it is ‘sexy’ enough. You want erotica to be successful, right? I.E It turns you on – well, I like a good mind fuck and am a firm believer in giving enough to satisfy while letting the reader establish their own fantasy. Did I succeed?