12 Days of Kinkmas – Day #4 – She Was The Wind


She was wind. She was rain. She was ice. 
Every night, as the clock struck twelve, she appeared in his courtyard.
Every night, without fail, he greeted her. 

Who she was, or had been, he did not know. 
All he knew was that she came with the winter,
that the Earth seemed to make her,
the leaves, trailing the wind in the outline,
caught in her hair,
formed her lips. 

The remnants of snow, lifted with the breeze,
formed her eyelids,
her expression.
When the clock struck one,
the leaves crumpled back to his garden,
and she would be gone. 

So enamoured by her was he,
that he would wait moments before the clock struck twelve,
just so he would be prepared. 
So enamoured was that as he spoke to her,
he kept his head bowed,
his tone low and gentle,
his knees in the Earth.

Each and every night, he told a tale of his day.
Each and every night, the woman listened in silence.
Sometimes he had questions –
Where did she come from,
Who she was,
But no answers came,
only the watchful, unreadable eyes made of ice.

Why him,
he would wonder during the day,
So lost in thought was he that he would forget to drink,
Forget to eat.
Why him why now why this place
he would ask her during the hour,
and still he would get nothing but a smile,
sweeter than any smile he had seen. 

So eager to see her was he one day,
That he was early to the hour,
Where the night kept him company
While he slept.

The Woods: An Outline of a scrapped story

It’s 11:45pm and I’m seeing out my 31st birthday while I head my lady sleep soundly from where I sit in the lounge. I have things to talk about – transformations, stories, more mental musings, but not now. I have never been so tired in all my life.

Instead, I wanted to tell followers – anyone who has been wondering – that I’m still here and still writing. I’ve been absent. Lost in worlds and words and life. I’ll come back soon.

Until then, in the interest of the Halloween season, I wanted to share a particularly grotesque, kinda gothic story I scrapped out of fear of being too weird, too dark and too absurd. And since I tell everyone to follow their hearts and stay true to themselves, I thought I’d share. So here’s a rough draft outline of what would happen to a poor teenage girl late at night in the Woods.

Jen is at her neighbours birthday party with her family when she decides to leave out of lack of interest.

One of the guys there, taunts her walk home by singing the ‘if you go out in the woods today..’

Jen ignores him and makes her way back home, using nothing but the light from her phone.

Something grabs at her leg and drags her to the side of the road where the tree hangs.

In horror, Jen can only watch the sentient tree tear off her little black dress, revealing light blue bra and camo panties.

She’s soon undressed and, suspended in the air, receives a vine, smooth and slick from sap, enter her anally. Jen is left to let out guttural moans as she is an anally penetrated on the spot, her mind racing.

Jen wriggles free and crawls along the ground, trying to scream. The tree drags her back and continues to fuck her ass while taking her from the front. She comes. Once. Twice. A third, painfully. She’s bound, spanked, fucked, crying screaming, half-way moaning.

She sees light bounce off the road and that’s when the trees fall limp all of a sudden. A man approaches her. She screams at him, curses at him, she’s terrified of him, but he does not dare leave her alone like this, her clothes in shreds, her body bruised and scratched.

He waits by her and gives her all the time she needs.

In my notes for this outline, dated third of July 2017, the only thing I’ve written is that this came to me in a dream. If I had to guess, growing up in the country, walking at night, and having an active imagination with the forest around me, all led to the creation of this dream. That and a dash of The Evil Dead.

I’ve always been fascinated by gothic horror and I’ve always been fascinated by taking light and casting shadows. And then there’s the wicked enjoyment of forced submission and orgasming.

Goodnight readers. Sleep tight.