Food For Thought Sunday: Sexy Sounds!

How do you communicate pleasure? Are you a moaner, a groaner, a screamer or a sigher?

I would say I’m definitely a moaner and a groaner – just think of something deep and husky and low!

I’ll add to that one and say I’m a growler too. Biting her neck, nipples, pulling her hair – all of these things and more bring out a growl.

If you are with a partner, how do they like you to express pleasure? How do you like them to express theirs?

Kitten seems to enjoy my on-the-fly mumblings. I have a tendency to mumble moan obscenities when I’m lost within the scene or daze – just things like ‘oh fuck…’ quietly if we’re playing side by side together – or ‘fuck, you drive me insane.’ Basic talk I guess?

As for me, I love her to be her unabashed self – whatever that is – filthy, insatiable slut, little Slave, loud and unapologetic.

Aside from vocalisations expressing pleasure, what other sounds during sex add to the overall experience?

Oh many a-things! How wet she is, her little coos, the sounds of my cock slapping against her skin as I pound her and then it’s the little things – her breathing, the soft sounds of her pinching, pulling , twisting, flicking her own nipple. It’s her voice, possessed and unlike her ‘vanilla’ self, that says the most animalistic and beautiful things.

These writing prompts came courtesy of Food for Thought Friday, which you can find here!

Thoughts to keep warm during Winter



When I tell her to bend across the pool table, I wonder what her mind is running to.
When I tease her slit with the pool cue, gliding in circles, I wonder if she is hesitant or welcoming.

And when I ease it into her, as it disappears inside her, will she buckle, will she tremble, will she tell me it’s too much or will she try and prove to me, rot herself, to the gods, that she is worthy, that she is the one. That I am the one for her.

O, will she slide back into it, to feel it stretch her, to feel ‘full’?
Or will she attempt to crawl away, as it is too much.
Which version do I want, obedience or struggle? Both harden my cock.

What will come out of those slick wet lips?
A guttural moan?
A grunt, in the most beautiful, animalistic, dare I think un-lady-like way?
Or will she sob? And if so, will that sobbing enchant me or dispel me?

How will her hair fall? Over her eyes? Over her mouth?
Will her hair stick to her wet luscious lips?

And will she come? Will she come again? Will she take the cue for me until I tell her no more, until she is so full it aches. Maybe it bleeds.

Such thoughts run through my mind. And warms my heart.




I’m sprawled out on my bed.
Completely naked.
My left hand glides down to my nipple and pinches. Hard.
It digs the nail in. Hard.
My hand twists the nipple.
The pain is refreshing. Surprisingly arousing.
My hand continues to trail down my body.
Fingertips claw down my stomach.
Faint red lines leave their mark.
My hand reaches down to my testicles.
The fingers curl, softly stroking them.
I muffle my moans into my pillow, they cannot hear me.
I grip the head of my throbbing cock.
Each throb pulsates through my body.
You there.
Yes you…reading this.
Where ever you lay.
Run your hand down your body.
trail your way down
take a finger
stroke yourself.
Forget the world..
forget the problems

play with me…


I tried to be short, sweet and straight to point. To the point where you wanted more. Did it work? Did it fail? Let me know.