He was completely out of his element, a Dominant on his back, nude with his hands linked above his head.

Everything in his burning hot body told him to run, to get out of there and never look back, but something intrigued him to come, to undress before this Dominant.

For years he had looked at women, had desired them with all the fire provided by Hades. So when he looked at the completely shaven cock of the Dominant before him, stiff and throbbing at the edge of the bed, he wondered where this had come from, this aching, this hunger?

He didn’t just look at this Cock and desire it, though his mouth had watered curiously, no – he thought it Beautiful, was puzzled by its beauty to him. He didn’t just want to put his mouth over it, he wanted to savour the taste. To feel the veins in its shaft ache on his lips, on his tongue. And what did come taste like?

He felt new and stupid, lying here.

‘Get over here’ he wanted to say. ‘I want this right now’

But that was what he gave up tonight, just to try. And something about it felt wild in a way that quickened his heart.

The man before him, slightly slim, slightly muscular, regarded him with a cruelty, a sadistic smile. No, a smirk. Teasing. He lowered himself over him, letting his cock brush his own.

Down came his mouth, planting a kiss on his thigh, then lower across to the base of his cock. Tingles. Things he never felt before.

He surrendered to this fear, this change within him. Tonight he wasn’t going backwards. Not anymore.

12 Days of BDSM Christmas – Day #2: Snow Angel

He lays in the front yard of their house, naked on his back. His legs move through the snow, as the neighbour pulls into his drive. He gets out of his car and takes one look and frowns, uttering something that sounds obscene. But he can’t hear it. His mind is elsewhere. 

He’s making snow angels, his body stuck to the ice and freezing. His cock rests along his thigh, not in the mood. 

He’s doing it for her. His Mistress. For her to see how he handles humiliation. 
He did it again, you see, masturbated when he wasn’t allowed to. He couldn’t help it. Mistress mentioned something about having lingerie under the tree for Christmas. Something for them to unpack. He got ahead of himself.
But when Mistress came home from work, he confessed. He confessed so hard that he felt the shame searing across his flesh. He couldn’t let another day go by where she did not know.

And even though Mistress was in her favourite pair of panties, white with pink stripes and lacy detail., she marched right over to him ferociously, a fire in her eyes. 
She told him to undress. He did. 

She told him to go outside and make snow angels. He hesitated.

She sighed and looked disappointed, which he hated, he hated disappointing her, and she told him to not upset her. To do it now. Before it gets dark. Before it gets colder. 
He did.
And now that he had, he stood up, every inch of his body frozen, and called out to her. 

She came, wearing a plaid dress that showed off her legs.

He suddenly felt eyes on him. Neighbours were watching the spectacle.

“Do you see now where you went wrong?” She asked him.

He bowed his head. Yes Ma’am, he said. 

She smiled, and for that he was grateful.
She bathed him. Sitting by the bath on a stool as he did, she got him to recite his mantra.

When he was done, she told him to lay by the open fire. They bought a house together with a fire place, it was something she wanted.

He laid on his back, his cock stiffening in the air.

“Do you think you deserve to see me naked?”

He nodded. 

She stood above him, looking down.

“Why? For what reason should I undress?”

“Because I learnt my lesson, Ma’am. And I did as you told.”

She regarded him with a curiosity behind those green eyes.

What followed was the longest maddening silence between as he laid out exposed on the floor.

After what seemed like an age, she smirked, and thumbed under her panties, peeling them away. 

She tossed them aside and unclasped her bra in silence.

She smirked and knelt down before his cock. He could anticipate the feeling of her tongue on his cock.

Only that didn’t happen. 

Mistress playfully slapped his cock away and said “You’re not getting rewarded that easily”

She walked on her knees towards his face where she lifted one leg over so that she came to sit comfortably on his face, her cunt resting on his lips.

“Be a good boy” said Mistress.

And so he was.