The Dream, The Nightmare, The Incest

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you thought it was your waking life?

I was house sitting for my older sister by a couple of years while she ran some errands. A few hours later and she returned home complaining that she was feeling funky and needed a shower.

Okay, I had said, and sat on her second hand couch that shouldn’t be as comfortable as it is.

Sister – exit stage centre.

A few minutes go by. I’m petting her dog, a fat black sausage dog with a face of a pug.

She calls me up stairs. Uses my full name.

I’m confused but I walk the wooden stairs upwards. They creak. I’ve been here before, I think. This old house feels familiar.

I remember rounding the corner in the shower and seeing her ass first – so smooth, so beautiful. The perfect shape, covered in luscious beads of water.

‘I want you to watch me’ she says, her voice hushed.

She turns to face me, a razor in her right hand. From my deductions (elementary, dear Watson), she’s finished shaving her cunt.

‘I want you to watch me shower’

Her words have meaning, conviction. They ring true, despite of their strangeness, their otherworldly feeling.

But I just don’t watch her shower. I’m moving – no, I’m watching myself moving – and I’m reaching down to cup the curves of her ass.

And I’ve never thought of it before but my sister – slender, slightly tanned, olive eyes, 5 ft 9 – is shorter than me in ways I’ve never processed.

I remember how that feels, my hand on her ass, my ring finger resting between the smooth curves. I could slip it into her anus, I think, but I don’t, I’m staring into her eyes. Eyes that are confident and calm. They have no doubt, no fear.

I kiss her. And it’s amazing. It’s a full kiss, if that makes sense. Lengthy, no tongue, deep and sensual.

All the while I’m lifting her ass up to be level with my cock, hardening by the second.

When I enter her, it’s like nothing I’ve previously known. Warm, smooth, slick. Forbidden.

She eyes me, her eye colour flickers from olive to grey blue, eyes I’ve seen somewhere before.

But I can hear her mind, it’s loud and reverberating and it says I’ve wanted this too.

And I can’t stop pounding into her, it all feels good, the shower water – warm, just right – my hand on her ass, my mouth on hers.

And I think to myself as I kiss her – who else dreams? Who else feels so hot and aching and SURE but in their waking moments refuses to mention their dream out loud, out of fear of judgement, because it’s taboo and unwanted? Because, I think, I’m not alone. I refuse to believe that I am. I never have been before.

And then perception shifts significantly. I’m the audience now, not so much the main star.

There’s a mother, a decorated police officer, having tea with her only daughter.

Both women are slender, sandy blonde hair. Athletic.

While the mother takes away the empty tea cups, the daughter is surfing the web. Why? Only she knows. I’m just the observer.

Accidentally, she pulls up a folder. A folder full of video files – the mother, naked and masturbating, reclined on her bed, her hands working herself furiously. She’s moaning her daughter’s name.

The daughter cuts off the footage, calls her mother in and furiously unloads on her.

I can feel the mother’s shame radiating off her like heat. Not just shame, sadness. A huge hole where her heart should be.

The daughter demands to be driven home this instant. But I can feel the daughter’s thoughts too – burning brighter than her mother’s shame. There’s shame, indeed. But guilt. Guilt for what, I wonder. Then it hits me. The daughter enjoyed what she saw.

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you thought it was your waking life?

Dream Time #1

Okay, so here’s the thing:
I was having this dream that I was visiting my folks back home. My home is in another state – and for some comparison, if you drove it would take 18 and a bit hours to reach, give or take traffic, roads, the boring she-bang. 
But the point was, I was back at home. Visiting. I wasn’t me, as I wasn’t with my kitten. I was a version of me. It’s very weird how the mind correlates between version me and reality me. But I wasn’t me. 
I was heading home, in some light blue car I’ve never seen before, and all of a sudden, my sister wants a ride. 
Now, this was version-sister, not reality-sister. In reality, my sister isn’t a blonde-haired, blue-eyed porcelain doll come to life. 

Why Dream-Sister chose to come along, beats me. I don’t know. Can’t remember.

But for the first half of the Dream, it was pleasant. A road trip, killer music, the wind in my hair, the open road – the dream, my mind, was playing all the cards I like – it knows I’m seduced by the road. I must’ve been a nomad in my past life, before I was a domineering 18th Century Master with a cruel sadistic mind.
All of a sudden, I turn to her and say
‘Your cunt must be soaking wet’
All of a sudden, the dream shifts. We’re in a car, still on the road trip, but the mood has completely changed. She’s blushing, like an anime girl (more on that in a bit), and I’m reaching down through the gap in her denim skirt.
And I’m right. She IS dripping. 

Feeling how soaked you’ve made someone is right up there as being one of the best feelings, because it’s sexy on so many levels and because it’s a culmination of so many different things. I mean, yeah, it’s a bodily reaction, but on the same hand, you’re the reason why. It’s just a nice feeling. And a huge turn on.
I don’t remember the rest of the dream – but let’s dissect it a little.
I’ve already made sense of the romantic side in me being manipulated by my own brain. The brother-sister thing – that’s been a little fantasy of mine for ages, and a role play on a few occasions.
The appearance of my ‘sister’? I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately. More to the point, I’ve been binging Persona 5, a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game, for the uninitiated) and I do believe that a combination of one of my favourite characters, plus just a mix of characters from the fantasy-horror Berserk have melded to create my dream sister. 
Exhibit A: Ann from Persona 5.

Exhibit B: Farnese from Berserk.

So there you have it, between my love for road trips, acceptance of incest as a fantasy and my interest in anime, I’ve had a strange sexual dream merging all three.
As for why? Who knows. I don’t actively fantasise over these characters, though I do mentally register them as pretty. So who knows? That’s the mind for you. 

Care to share yours?  

12 Days of BDSM Christmas 2016 – Day #3: The Voice In The Darkness



The first thing she noticed about the blog was that it had a pull over her.
She had read many blogs lately, some came and went, others were very informative – but this….this was something else.
There was a pull about this one, something that made her feel as if she was gravitating towards something larger than her, larger than the world around her.
In an entire sitting, she devoured this blog. Devoured it while she sat in her room, alone and nude, propped up on one shoulder while stretching her right nipple slightly to dull the building ache.
She read the entire blog – every article, every story, everything from journals to little comments after the journals.
Spent, she collapsed into a deep sleep, leaving the real world behind in a blur.

She awoke in a daze. Something was knocking at her bedroom door. It came in three loud waves. One….two……three.
She climbed out of bed, dazed and confused, one arm shielding her breasts.
By the time she opened the door, she was wondering why she didn’t put pants on at least. What if it was an emergency? A break in? Why would the burglars knock? She was still sleep drunk.
When she opened the door, she flicked on the light of the bedroom. It lit up her apartment hallway. Nothing was there.
Maybe it was a dream, thought She, and she flicked the light off, closed the door and crawled back into bed. Back into the sea of dreams.

Dreams are funny things. How they shift and change, how the duration of one feels like it can last a lifetime.
She dreamt a man was chasing her, whose features she could not describe, for they were shielded in darkness.
Her dream would be normal, she’d be at her family for Christmas Dinner and she’d go to the toilet. But then the toilet window would open and elongated legs would slip through, revealing a tall gaunt man. Handsome and yet she couldn’t quite see all of him. All of his body or all of his face.
“Let me in” Came a voice, a growl, from somewhere around the toilet and she would panic and leave the toilet.

 For the duration of this dream, the scenery would change but the situation would end up the same. She was celebrating Christmas, she needed to go to the toilet but the man would appear. Sometimes through the window, sometimes before her, looking at her and how her panties lay twisted and crumpled at her feet while she tried to urinate.

“Let me in” would come the voice, hoarse, unrecognizable.

She came to in a start. Jerking, as if she fell through the bathroom floor.
The time on her clock read 3:09am.
Another twitch washed over her body and then she urinated. Her body muscles gave way, gave in to the relief, the deliciousness. She found herself paralysed with sleep, but also with relief, as she felt her sheets becoming warm and wet.
And that’s when she felt the bed sink, as something else carried its weight over to.
She sat up in fear but the dark shape that was forming at the foot of her bed held her down by her neck.
Her vision was forced to the ceiling as she felt something like smoke wash over thighs.
Then something formed, she felt cheeks. She felt a nose.
A tongue, hot and wet, slid up her urine soaked cunt, from her ass to the top of her slit. And she quivered.
A noise came out of her, a moan crossed with a scream, as the tongue left no corner of her cunt untouched.
Her head seemed to sink back into the pillow, beyond the material, and she fell between worlds.

It was Christmas all of a sudden. And she was upstairs, looking through her bag for photos of her recent holiday to Disneyland to show her family.
Except something had gone wrong. There was a man, somehow, that had convinced her that she should undress.
She lay with her bedroom door open, her breasts exposed, her dress hitched up and her Mickey Mouse panties pulled aside, as the man was sucking on her clit.
She knew she had to be quiet, because her father was up stairs as well, asleep.
She could hear the man rifling through her bag and suddenly she felt lace skim across her belly, across her arms and before she could compose her thoughts further, this man was stuffing her panties into her mouth.
She choked on her own scent, could taste it vividly.
“All you have to do is let me in” came the voice, hoarse and frightening.
Shame washed over her as pleasure built up in her cunt. She enjoyed the taste of herself, despite an uneasy fear in the back of her mind.
When her boyfriend stepped through the doorway, she couldn’t stop moving. She couldn’t stop squirming her cunt into the man’s mouth. Every lick from his tongue felt ridiculous.

She awoke feeling like a weight was crushing her. Her hands were held down while something hot and wet slid her nipple into its mouth.
“You’ve started to open the door now, you can’t get rid of me.”
She tried to form words but just a gasp of ait came out, a squeak. She was utterly powerless.
“I can show you how to live deliciously…”

She was lying in a room of blinding light. She came to realise she was naked.
Cicadas were humming loudly outside and she realised she was back at her parents during Christmas.
“You slept a long while” came a voice she recognised instantly.
“Daddy?” She said, suddenly feeling the need to cover herself.
Except he was already beside her, pressed into her. She could feel his cock skimming against her ass as he lay behind her.
He stopped her from pulling the sheet over herself.
“Have you ever had a dream where you are fucking a family member?” He said, musing.
She shook her head, denying it. It was wrong.
“People don’t want to admit to that. But it comes out, you know. I always bring out what people want.”
As her Daddy said this, he tugged on her nipples.
It had been some time since someone stretched them to breaking point and now her Daddy was doing so.
She squeaked out a response, frozen in place.
“I trust you remember the time you peeped through the keyhole of the shower. Curiosity was it?”
She shook her head as she felt her Daddy’s cock stiffening.
“Was it?”
He tugged on her nipple harder, twisting it. The pain was immense.
“Kids are curious I suppose, but then you never lost it as an adult”
On the word ‘Adult’, he squeezed and she leapt out of bed.
Time seemed to stutter. Her Daddy’s cock was in her mouth, warm and salty, with the faintest taste of sweat. She felt like gagging but also the need to fulfil her daughterly duty. As if she could be herself in this…

 “What you don’t understand is that I see you for who you are”
The voice in the darkness was smooth, velvety.
It came out like a whisper. Maybe you know the sensation, when you swallow a piece of sweet dark chocolate, or a sip of your favourite alcohol. It goes down smooth, gentle, easing, like the voice. But there’s a promise of.
She was on her stomach, her ass propped up in the air.
“Now Let. Me. In.”

She had always wondered about her co-worker’s sexuality.
But when she invited her over for Christmas drinks, she knew, for certain.
When her co-worker took off her coat and revealed her low cut dress beneath, there was a vibe, resounding and strong.
When the two were sitting on the couch, her co-worker had asked her, “What is it you want? What else lies hidden deep in your mind?”
She felt her cunt tighten and contract, hoping against hope that she would undress.
The stutter of the dream world skipped and her co-worker was sitting on her lap, kissing her face, her neck.
She didn’t resist even though she had a boyfriend that took care of her every need. She was, after all, bisexual, and it had been sometime since she had felt that touch.
The woman made their way to the bedroom, tearing off their clothes.
Fuck, she had never seen a more beautiful woman. It’s like this dream made her realise just how hot for her, she really was.
Her co-worker knelt above her, her small breasts kissed by freckles all around.
She wrinkled her nose and smiled down at her, before lowering her mouth on her cunt.

 Her cunt tightened as she came, overwhelming emotion smacked her across the face, traveling down her thighs. The dark hand that had been rubbing her slit did not cease movement and she screamed, wondering if it made a difference at all to anyone outside of her house.
She came again. And again, the sensitivity building up within her until she was squirting across the bed in thick short bursts.
When the hand finally withdraws, she collapsed in her soaking sheets, panting and sobbing.
That’s when she felt hot breath over her ears.
“You invited me in, I came. Now…I own you. I live here.”
Something tugged on her hair and pain shot through her entire weakened body.
“I will call again, when you least expect it. And do not deny me”
And then the dark velvety voice was gone, leaving her to the silence.
She sobbed.



Author’s Notes

This story is part supernatural / part psychology of dreams. What are your dreams of a sexual nature like? What do they say about you? I mean, to a lesser extent that is what I am writing about.
This piece is primarily about how writing can infect your mind and your subconscious, mixed with my fascination with horror of course. The lead character is tormented by an entity, forced to urinate and undergo a series of too-real sensations involving perversions in her life, regarding her dad and co worker.
What I wanted to do with this piece was arouse first and foremost but I also hope I’ve had some dwell on their naughty dreams and the significance behind them. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a truth for you to discover that could very well lead to an epiphany!




Welcome to 2016


Hello all my lovely readers and welcome to another year. I’m excited. I am buzzing. I have no idea what’s going to come from it but I just have a feeling I will be going to places I never thought knew existed. And YOU’RE going to come experience it with me.

In my blog, I’ve touched upon a few dark things. I’ve convinced people to come over to the dark side. Now I want to bring a whole lot more people into this lifestyle, help wake them up I should say, so that everyone’s life is richer. So: I want to go deeper (in all ways possible 😉 ) I want to talk more, help more people, write more.


I took a look at my stats the week I was away in the sticks at my folks and I see people were visiting from Sweden, from Japan, from Norway, Thailand, Germany. And I have absolutely idea why or even how they came across me. Some people were even visiting my page on Christmas, which they totally should not have done because I am totally not worthy on such a day.

So will people do something for me? If you’re visiting this, whether today or six months from now, write in. Say hello. Say what brings you here and hopefully you will say what you are afraid to say because I always want to help. Always.


SAY I had a teenage daughter. Lets say she’s 19, to not make it too weird. Say that teenage daughter came home from a party a bit tipsy and wandered into my bedroom because sober daughter is a Daddy’s Girl. Could I stop her from lowering her mouth on my cock, if she wanted to? There’s a line that is drawn but what if we cross it? What becomes of us then? Are we monsters, sick and psychopathic? Or are we how the universe designed us? As animals?  Why do we not talk about this and instead, say, masturbate over it in the comfort of our homes? Questions to ponder. But I think about how good it feels to slide into my kitten and I think about how that might feel to tackle forbidden fruits.


Today, while writing, I wandered onto a porn site and on the list of fun things to watch was a video about a woman getting an enema. Up to that point, I have had zero interest in trying that. It just doesn’t seem like my thing, especially with all that there is to play with. But this video was sensual. There was something that commanded me to view it. Maybe it was the idea of being in control while doing it, maybe it was the images that tapped into the pleasure centre of my brain, who knows, but I enjoyed watching. Which is, I must admit, new to me.

That’s all of my thoughts for today.

Pixie, Part IV


Pixie herself was laying flat on the ground, her chest rising and falling in quick succession…



When Pixie rolled off me, the cool air of the evening hit my face.

It was startling but refreshing, for my face felt as if it were burning.
Every other inch of me was on fire so I was thankful for Pixie’s juices keeping my face cool and wet.
Pixie herself was laying flat on the ground, her chest rising and falling in quick succession.
Looking at her, there was a voice in my head that kept saying something that made my stomach knot – This is your half sister, this is your half sister. Like some emergency beacon in my body that pulsated through me every few seconds. Or maybe that was my aching cunt pulsating.

Yes, that was it. I was throbbing. I was hot. God help me, I needed to come.
No, you need to get out of here, a voice was telling me from somewhere within.
I couldn’t move though, only gasp for that sweet air.

Pixie rolled on her side to face me, her breasts swaying forward with her movement. Her eyes met mine again and after a moment of regarding me, she giggled.
“Fuck” She said, breathless. “You’re amazing”
The words seemed to travel up my body in chills. Or maybe that was the cool breeze of the evening.
I didn’t know what to respond with so I just smiled back at her.
“Touch yourself for me”

The words knocked me out of my daze and I looked up from the ground at her.
“You heard me”
The chills in my body kept traveling up my body, it seemed. They ran their course up to my nipples and then began again from my toes back up my body.
“No, I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I’ve never had an audience. It’s not something I -“
Pixie lashed out, striking my left breast with her open palm. The pain stung.

“What the fuck, Pixie?”
“Do it”
“I told you-“
Pixie struck me again, this time my right breast. The pain was more intense this time – it forced my eyes shut.
“Do you want another?”
“What is this?”
Pixie reached around and struck my ass. I couldn’t help it, a cry shot up out of my mouth. Blinding naked pain was suddenly all over me.

“Do. You. Want. Another?”
“Jesus, no. No!”
“Then…show me how you like it.”

I reached out a hand – a shaky hand – and slowly moved it down to my slit.
Pixie watched my expression closely. Something in her eyes had changed. She seemed…different somehow. A different mind.
I didn’t realise how wet I was. My index finger was covered in my thick creamy juices. I held it up to examine it, a thin string of my excitement reaching back down to my cunt from my finger.

Pixie giggled and lowered her mouth over my finger, her breasts resting against my arm.
She slurped greedily on my finger. I could feel her tongue swish around, cleaning every spot. Then she rose from where she was, back on her knees. I could see her own cunt glisten in the light as she did so.

“Continue” was all she said.

I can’t remember much of that time then. I remember the world giving away as I stroked my clit. I remember pinching and twisting my nipples that took me to places I have never been before.
I remember Pixie’s eyes watching me. Eagerly. Hungrily. Though angelic, she looked fierce. Watching me like a parent watching a child walk.
It was more than that though, she look possessed. Like me. I was possessed. Possessed by something that guided my hands over my nipples. Over my clit, into myself.

I remember thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time I was this soaked.
My fingers slipped right in as I pounded myself with my fingers. It wasn’t enough, I remember myself thinking, but it was all I had. And I was close.
Pixie must’ve seen this because she slapped my hand away.
I was startled, my whole body quivering, but I stayed still.

“You will come on my command. Not a moment sooner.” A voice said. Hers. Confident, assured.
She watched me closely for a moment, studying me. When she felt sure I was no longer close, she let me go play again.

The forest disappeared and Pixie and I were floating through time and space. Just floating


clenching. It’s too much. I feel her wet mouth on my thigh and…

I feel a sharp pain. A pinching sensation. Only it’s not my hands, it’s Pixie’s.
She’s tugging on my nipples again, stretching it further, further. Her mouth is hovering over my cunt now. When did she move towards me? Te pain blocks me from remembering.
Again I came close and again Pixie told me no. Something in me froze when she did. I had to wait till I could build myself up again.

“Do it..” I can hear myself say.
My voice sounds distant – light years away.
That’s when I feel it. Her tongue trailing up my thigh, ever so slowly. My body reacts, tensing backwards. More pain. But I am paralysed. My clit spasms in anticipation.

“ Do it.”
“What do you say?” Her voice coos from far away.
“I don’t have times to play games, missy. What. Do. You. Say?”
I could feel a sting on my ass for every pause she took. I tried to move, tried to wiggle around but I felt heavy.
My vision was blurry and looking around at the darkening forest just made everything around me seem to spin. What was going on?
Something came to my mind then. Something possessing clarity when everything else in my mind was topsy turvy. A loud thought of mine? I don’t know.

One word will set you free, it said to me.

Then I knew what to do. I wanted it so bad, goddamnit. Every inch of my flesh was burning for it. I would kill for it, I really would. Just to get that release.
“Please do it, please..”

I felt her tongue hit my clit and almost instantly I came. A scream came out of me and tore through the trees.
My head smacked backwards into the dirt as my body tensed. And as my body tensed, I could feel my juices shoot out with every muscle contract.
No, it wasn’t juices. A wave of panic washed over me as I realised it was urine coming out of me.
“I’m so sorry” I cried out again and again.

But Pixie was giggling as the stream hit her face. She seemed to enjoy having it smack her face and run down her tits.
With that, I collapsed back into a daze. Back into being paralysed. Back into the Earth.

Back under her command.

Pixie, Part III


The world was a blur of green, orange and murkiness. Colours spinning together around and around. My world came crashing down. I felt a thunderous clap of something – my head? – and then something…dark. Brown.
I was sinking. I was sinking and I was dying. I was dizzy. Light. Feather. Coolness. Wet. No. Where am I?
Another crash. Then something pulled me upwards. I felt the air bite at me everywhere, my face, my ass, my mouth. I spat out the water. Thank God, the water was shallow.

Pixie was standing before me, a look of worry in her eyes.
“Are you alright?”
Her look of concern was cute and though she was the one that tripped me into the creek, I wasn’t going to be mad at her.
I nodded and shook the water off my face. I caught my dress, soaking wet in the creek, and tossed it up back on dry land. I laughed at the absurdity of the situation and Pixie giggled herself. The sound was beautiful.
Pixie stepped towards me, water beading down her face. Her short blonde hair wet and messy made her look incredibly sexy.

I pushed the thought out of my mind. That’s when I felt her hands, under the water, come to rest on either side of my hips.
I became aware of my body reacting to her. My nipples were stiffening and my heart was pounding my chest.

That’s when she leant in and kissed me. Her lips were wet and tasted like creek water and for some reason I found this all the more intoxicating. I couldn’t help myself, I kissed back, our lips locked.
Her tongue flicked against mine, which made my stomach jump.

Time melted away. All I cared about was meeting her kiss. I couldn’t remember the last time a kiss made me feel energised. I can’t remember the last time it felt so good.
I kept wanting more of the kiss. Her cool, wet lips kept bringing me back.

All of a sudden, she was lifting me back on the creek bed. All of a sudden, I let her lift me up. All of a sudden I let the dizziness wash over me as she climbed on top of me, her wet body brushing up against mine.
Pixie inched her way up my body, her small breasts running along my stomach, until her cunt was back on my mouth, easing into space where my lips were.

This time I didn’t budge. I didn’t fight  back. I felt my tongue run up over her slit. She tasted so fucking good, there’s no word for it. The dampness of the creek coupled with the coolness of the evening on her flesh and the taste of her juices made for a maddening inducing mix.
Pixie herself let out a growl so deep, I thought she was possessed. I felt her body quake, felt her thighs squeeze against my ears so tight that I was deafened.

With my sudden deafness, all I could hear was Pixie babbling something. Low and quick. Before I could ask what was on her mind, I felt my left nipple being tugged violently. Pain pulsated down my body. I let out a cry but it just swallowed Pixie’s clit.

The pain came in waves. I could feel them crash over me. Once. Twice. She yanked my hair and I felt as if my head was going to split open.
Pixie was repeating something over and over. I struggled to make it out over her clenched beautiful thighs.

I felt dizzy. Every part of me was being dragged in a different direction – my tits were being clawed at, my hair was  being tugged on and my tongue was working her clit now.

Pixie adjusted herself and I heard her pant out what she was repeating: Eat me, you bitch. Eat me you bitch. Make me feel like you did that night of the storm you whore.

She let out a big guttural howl. I tried telling her to shush but her howls gave way to quick moans that became more and more frequent. Now she wasn’t just rocking into my mouth, she was grinding furiously. I could feel her rest over me and suddenly my nipple was freed.

Her moans became frenzied, maddening. The more she let one out, the more ferociously I made love to her cunt.
You…are..S-s-s-so beautiful, my God.
She froze on they spot, her moans stopped. The sudden movement made me freeze as well. The action made Pixie scream out. “No, you stupid bitch, NO. Keep going, please. For the love of God, baby, eat me the fuck out. Please. I am begging you”

I sucked her sweet little clit into my mouth and that was when she started to spasm, once, twice. Three times. She growled and started to grunt. I felt her legs tremble above me. Then she let loose a scream and warm thick fluid shot across my face.

Her hold on my hair relaxed and at once, Pixie giggled.

To be concluded…

Pixie, Part II


Our eyes met as her hand rested on mine. Without warning, Pixie slid the dress from under my hand and tossed it off to the side. The dress flying off to the side sent a quick breeze across my body. It shot across my stomach.

I covered myself again, folding my arms across my breasts. I could feel the hardness of my nipples against my arm but I shock it out of my head.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted at her.

Pixie just smiled as she rose to her feet, looked me in the eye and slid off her dress, revealing her pale nude body.

I was dumbfounded. I stood looking at her for a moment before my eyes fell downwards, skimming across her small, perky breasts, flat stomach and trimmed landing strip.

The words caught in my throat as I looked at her standing there before and as she started to move towards me, I found them. “Go home”


“Get dressed and go home.”

No” A little more defiantly this time.

“Listen to me, Pixie”

Pixie hooked one leg around mine and began to sit on me. I shot up and in doing so, she slid down into me, our stomach’s touching. We were face to face.

With her face just inches away from mine, I could see her lips trembling.

“What are you doing?” I said to her. It came out in a whisper.

Her eyes darted back and forth, closely watch mine.

“Get dressed, Pixie.”

I felt fingers trailing up under my thigh. It felt soft and tender like I haven’t felt in a while. The maddening thing was I wanted it more – I wanted that touch, that exact touch and everything about it, but not from my younger half sister. Not that.

When her fingers reached the bottom of my slit, I shot upwards, rolling her off onto the ground and crawling across to my dress.

I grabbed the dress and went to pull it over my head when Pixie came over, pushed me gently on my back and sat on me again, smiling at me with a cheeky grin.

“No. Bad”

“This isn’t a game, Pixie”

But she was already kissing up my stomach. Her wet mouth trailed up my flesh until it hit my nipples and I couldn’t help but buckle at how she flicked her tongue across me. How I managed to grab her by the hips in that delicious frenzy, I do not know but I did – and it was futile. She climbed up my chest until her young cunt was resting on my lips. She was soaking. Her juices ran over my nose and dribbled down my lips.

Yet still I struggled to fight her off.

Though her legs were clamped around my ears, I could hear her sigh.

“Bitch..” she muttered.

Did she just call me that? Pixie? The shy girl that hung out with herself at family parties? Who barely spoke a word in social situations?

She fiercely grabbed my hands and held them in the air. She began gyrating into my mouth. I felt her slit open on my lips.

With every force in my body, I threw her off. She tumbled across from me, landing into a pile of leaves. When she lifted her head up to look at me, she looked angry. Hurt.

“You’re beautiful” was all she could say. “I just wanted you to make me feel like you felt that day”

I couldn’t respond, I could smell her on my lips and it threw me off. My sister’s arousal was all over my face. The idea scared me and excited me at the same time.

Before I could even react, let alone say anything, my tongue flicked up to catch the taste of her on my mouth. It was peculiar, yet sweet. I wanted more. God help me, I wanted more.

But that was wrong. She needed to go back home. We both needed to get home to our parents before our mum wondered where we were.

I picked up my dress and started to walk away.

“Let’s go – and never speak of this again” I said, shaking the leaves off my dress.

That’s when I felt my feet go out from under me

and down


down I fell.

To be concluded…

The Night They Took You Away

This is how it goes:
You snap awake. The first thing you notice is you can’t see anything. It’s not just dark, you can feel the fabric of the blindfold over your eyes. It’s coarse and irritating your forehead.

The second thing you notice is your hands are bound. Wait, that’s not at all. So are your legs. Which way are you facing? What direction is up? What direction is down? You start to squeal but that’s the next thing you notice – you’re gagged. You can taste the rubber as you try to call out. It’s metallic taste makes you gag.

Your world is thrown into light. Blinding light. It takes a few seconds to adjust to the environment but when you do, you see…
People. Standing all around you, gathered in a circle. Their arms are linked and their heads are down.

You hear the person that brought you into the light walk away from you, their footsteps echoing in this room. What is this, you wonder? What the fuck is this? You struggle to move but you are secured right. It’s rope, you think. You can feel it scratch against your ankles and wrists. 

Wait, more than that – you’re naked. You can feel a gentle breeze against your thighs. It travels upwards, tickling the lips of your cunt.

How did you get here, you wonder? You try to trace your thoughts back. You remember a party. A Halloween party. But that’s all. The rest is…foggy.
That’s when you hear it. A low chanting. It makes you turn your head in surprise. And you notice it – the men and women gathered around you – the one linking their arms and bowing their heads – are completely nude. You take the sight in, just to make sure the darkness of wherever you are isn’t playing tricks on your mind. You squint to look a little closer. You noticed a man’s shaved cock. The woman beside him has a landing strip. You notice her breasts rising and falling. Is she scared? Or exciting? The sight of these nude people strangely arouses you.

Wait, playing tricks you think. Is this a joke? You try to ask that but what comes out is muffled.
That’s when the chanting rises. You can’t understand it but it sounds Spanish if you had to guess. The others around you join in on the chanting and suddenly the voices are booming across the room. Reverberating. Becoming one. 
The candles go out. You didn’t even notice there was candles in the first place. Then the room is plunged into darkness. The chanting continues. You try to break free, struggling once. Then once more. But it’s no use.

Then there’s a gust of wind and you get the feeling someone is standing beside you.

“Accept our offering, O dark one” comes a woman’s voice. “Let this seduction and darkness sate you for another 13 years”
It sounds a little silly to say the wind is knocked out of you but that’s exactly what happens next. You feel the unmistakable sensation of a cock sliding inside you. It sends shivers down your spine and sends spasms traveling across your body but you are locked in tight. You can’t move. Whoever, whatever is on top of you, inside you – is ferociously pounding you. You’ve never felt such energy in all your years take you like this is taking you now.

You hear moaning in the darkness. The people gathered around? Are they fucking? It’s a man’s grunts, it’s a woman’s husky moans. 

Pleasure. Pleasure is sliding over you, washing over you. It’s warm and delightful and…frightening.

This aggressive cock, what seems thick and hard and never backing down, never ceases it’s speed. It kind of hurts, but in a good way. There’s an ache but…no, you shouldn’t be going along with this. 
You try to break free but you feel a hand run against your cheek. It’s soft and calming. Feminine. 

“Hush, child” the woman’s voice says. “Give yourself over. It’s easier that way”

Her voice sounds gentle and soothing. Middle aged. Mid forties if you had to guess.
The hands remove the gag from your mouth and your first impulse is to gasp for air. It feels so sweet. So divine. 

You try to speak but all you get out is “please..”

You feel rough hands glide down your hips, hot breath on your neck. It frightens you. Whoever is on you is not showing signs of slowing you down. You try to break free.

The woman coos you softly. “Here, child”

You feel a nipple fall across your tongue. For some reason, your first instinct is to take the nipple into your mouth.

The woman lets out a low moan as you do. The sound compels you to suck harder. You feel dizzy. You feel a nibble on your neck from the man on top of you, the one violating you.

That’s when you feel milk spray across your tongue and down your throat. It catches you by surprise but you don’t stop. You swallow it down. It’s warm and creamy. 

“This will soothe y-you, child”

For a moment, you flash on something. You feel good. You feel like a good girl. You feel like you’ve been laying for an eternity suckling while being pounded raw.
Every thrust comes with a tinge of pain but an overwhelming amount of pleasure. You feel it rising. You can’t help it. Pain and pleasure and shame all at once comes crashing down over you as you spasm forward, your mouth clenching down on the nipple around your tongue. You let your orgasm wash over you as you lay there. And that’s when the man grunts. And you feel warm come spray across your stomach. 

“May I too, Master?” Says the woman whose nipple is on your mouth.

Silence. But then you hear it, the wetness of the woman. She’s masturbating while you are suckling. The sounds of her juices and her soft cooing as she plays makes you want a second round.

“Kathryn, step forward” says a male voice. 

The words make you spit the nipple out. “What’s going on?”

Your voice comes out low. 
“You are the offering to our dark lord” the woman says between moans. “Our toy to seduce and fuck in his honour”

“Whose Kathryn?”

“An initiation to our ranks.”

You feel gentle hands run across your thigh. The old woman sits her nipples back in your mouth and you fall back into a state of ecstasy.

“Tonight, we not only celebrate our long time success at satisfying our dark lord, lest we feel his wrath. But we also celebrate a birth year! Happy eighteenth Kathryn”

The circle around you echoes what the man’s voice says.

“You may begin”

“Yes, Sir” says a voice between your legs. You feel her warm breath skim across your clit. Then she lowers her mouth on you and feasts .
It goes like this: you are used and abused in that room. Each member of the circle takes their time coming on you, feasting on you, fucking your mouth, your ass. How many times you are made to come – it’s countless. Your mouth is dry, your cunt is dripping and your ass tingles – much to your confusion. One person even slapped you hard enough to bring back memories of your father smacking you as a child. 
When all is said and done, you are put back to sleep. And you awaken back in your bed, back in your home. Back with your stuffed animal toys. You are bruised, your cunt is raw, the taste of milk lingers in your mouth. You are weak all over. You think it was a dream. I can assure you, it wasn’t. 
Happy Halloween!

The Backseat


She let out a sigh. Her breath was warm against my cheek.
Suddenly, the inside of the car was growing warmer. My skin felt like it was on fire.
She started kissing down my neck, her fingers dragging their way down my chest.
“Please” she mumbled in a hushed moan. “I need to”
By this point, my cock was tenting in my pants. The ache not only throbbed, it pulsated through my entire body. I needed to tear it free. But that was already on her mind. 
She unzipped my pants and freed my cock. The relief came in an instant. Having my cock free satisfied that ache that was threatening to drive me insane.
That was when she wiggled down onto her knees. How she managed to wiggle into the tight space that was the mystified me — but by that point, she had gripped my cock firmly and let out a delightful moan. Gripping me must’ve been as satisfying as letting my cock free from my pants was for me.
She looked up at me, flashed that wide and dazzling smile – then lowered her mouth upon my cock. 
Sensations came to mind – wet. Warm. I held back a moan as her mouth slid up and down over my cock. She giggled in between sucking me. Pleased at finally getting what she wanted all afternoon.
“You taste so good” She whispered to me from below.
That was when my sister lowered her mouth on my cock once more.

The Incest Fantasy


See, with most people, this headline would be absolutely cringe worthy. And make no mistake, it is. The reality is messed up. I’m more concerned about the teenager’s mental instability.

But me? I think in a fantasy world, that’s actually kind of sexy. I like the idea of breaking the rules, blurring the lines. We are sexual people, don’t hold back. Face who you are. And if she doesn’t want it, take it from her.

That part just speaks to my beastly side but that it’s mother and son makes it sexier.

But it doesn’t have to be mother and son, it could be mother and daughter, sister and sister, brother and sister, father and daughter. It’s the fantasy of incest that’s intriguing to me.

It’s the notion of incest that I find fascinating. I don’t agree with it but I will listen to the arguments of a couple in a incestuous relationship because that kind of adult relationship would be fascinating to someone like me.

The fantasy I like to indulge. But that’s another story.