The Interview

Dear Lord, I can still see her in my mind, sprawled out on the chocolate leather couch of my home theatre. I can still picture her eyes, the lightest green I’ve ever seen, looking at me in a way that feels vaguely fox-like.

Freckles are splashed across her fair skin sporadically. Her hair – the faintest colour of orange – falls across her arms, drapes across her small breasts.

Her breasts…like Snow White, only her nipples are ruby coloured, hardening for me as they are.

And Dear Lord, I can still see her pubic hair. Do you know how torturing it is, this gift you’ve given? I can see her slit when I close my eyes, down to a single red hair.

I can see her pubic hair, like a slash of fire across her slit. When she shifts her legs, for a second I can see her arousal glisten underneath the soft lights.

I remember asking me something, leaning back on the couch, because I remember thinking that the scene reminds me of The Graduate, but I couldn’t tell you what words she spoke, only that her voice sounded silky smooth, with a playful edge.

Why did she come to my home? Why does she interview me in my home theatre, notepad once across her lap before she started to undress.

Why was so she patient, as the unseen man behind the curtain drew me away from the home Theater – to see to my meddling cat, to address a question to my meddling guests. Don’t they see that I have questions to answer to this lady myself?

I think what perplexes the most, as I ease my cock into this woman, is how much I wanted her.

God, has anything ever felt any better than when I ease into her tight, wet snatch? Has anything ever felt better on my ears, to hear her moan in time to my thrusts?

God…Satan…Angels…Devils…don’t watch me consume this woman, don’t watch me sink into her skin as we become one with one another.

Who am I kidding? I can’t look away. Not from the watchful lightest green eyes of this woman.

Why does she want me so bad? Why me? What do those green eyes see?

As much as my cock is driven by the feeling of her each time I split her lips apart and slide in, I’m driven by the sight of her – sinking into the couch, twisting her head to the left to let out a moan, her hair across her shoulders in tangles.

Who is this cruel mistress? Who are you and why are you here? I want to ask her, but I’m transfixed by her with each move, unable to tear myself from her in the confines of the home theatre.

The interview will continue another time.

The HitchHiker

As soon as you read my words, you should have known — you invited me in.

Now it’s only a matter of time before I find you, in your church, in your bedroom, in your kitchen. While you eat. While you watch tv. While you sleep.

I’ll worm my way inside your mind, wriggling, slinking my way into your subconscious. Making myself at home.

You’ll think you’re safe – in your marriage, in your relationship, in your perfect little existence. But while you shower seperate from your partner, while you make some sort of semblance of love with your husband you’ll think of nothing but my words.

Piece by piece I’ll break you down, till you’re a whimpering little whore left wanting wildly, clawing, clamouring at your clitoris, at your breasts, desperately for that release, hoping blindly, against hope, as your skin catches alight, screaming, scorching, seething. No matter how many times you climax, no matter how many times you feel your juices squirt across your fingertips, the itch, the dream, the nightmare, the drive, that maddening drive to keep touching, never stopping, never ends.

You will betray all you hold dear, just to feel that peace, that pull, that call. You will betray every vow, every promise, every sacred word you uttered, just to feel that pain on your lips, just to take one sweet breath of crisp air.

But I will never let you go. I will never let you free. Not as long as you keep thinking and dreaming and wanting and hoping.