An Evening With My Primal

It was an evening like any other. We were heading out to grab a bite to eat, dressed in our – what might just be an Aussie term – ‘around the house’ clothes.

And as she’s pulling the door shut and locking it behind me, I sneakily lean into her neck and kiss her softly, sweetly, teasingly. The kind that makes her flustered.

Only. Something was happening to me.

As I leaned in for the kiss, before I could even process the thought, I thought about biting her. No, not even that. I thought about sinking my teeth into her.

She was the unsuspecting victim and I was the vampire lurking for her in the dark, right? Maybe we knew each other a few lives ago. I wouldn’t put it past me to be a brooding in-love-with-love centuries vampire.

But what I mean is that when I was leaning in, a flood of thoughts all hit me at once. The bite on her pale neck, ripe blood running fresh, the sensuality of that darkness, that viciousness, the primal aspect in me almost demonic, telling me to bite, to drink, to take her there and then.

Were I not an expert in suppressing my primal self, something I unfortunately learnt to do second nature during my teens and early twenties, I would’ve dragged her to the side of the porch, up against the rough wall.

I would’ve wondered what that concrete on her back would feel like as it clawed at her flesh as I yanked her by the hair, turned her around so her sweet ass faced me and pulled her sheer tight leggings down.

And here’s another thing, I love to glide my hand along a woman’s slit, you know? Not only is it so powerful in so many different ways – a conduit of connectedness, a delightful playground to experiment with sensitivity, a sacred place for which I am ever blessed to behold in a spiritual way – but I love the feeling of running my fingers along every inch. The feel of her being trimmed, shaven, whatever the case, as she grows wet. And out of control.

So with her neck bleeding, her senses out of control, her body now linked with mine by way of my saliva in her blood stream, I would effectively own her in a very primordial way, unlike anything we established by way of words or contract.

Oh I would bite her lips, peeking through her thigh at me, I would nibble gently, a feast for my senses. Tomorrow I can wonder about the outcome but tonight I would dine. Tonight I would gorge myself on her flesh.

I could see myself feverishly rubbing her slit with my hands, finding her clit, applying the pressure I know how. I would bark at her to moan so they heard, so they all heard, yes. But more so because deep within her lies a dormant animal. It’s deep within us all and needs to come out. We need to be in constant communion. So I would work her to madness, as she presses harder against the walls, grunting, crying, screaming until she came.

Then I would use my mouth to savour the drops of her sanity coming out of her lips. I would leave no inch untouched, to make her feel sacred, worshipped. Yes I worship at her idol, on my knees, eager for every gasp and grunt and wheeze. My animal queen.

And when she would come, the distinct taste of her juices spraying across my tongue, enlightening my senses, I would grab hold of her by either side of her legs and enter her.

And I can feel it now, do you understand that insanity?! How slickly I would fill her, coating myself in her essence, feeling myself within her. I would take her sweetly from behind, hoping, wondering, if I drove her face to scratch against the concrete wall, marking her.

And where would I come?

I didn’t get that far. Life and love beckons me back to reality. We’re hopping in the car. It’s a quick series of movements that one – it’s a chilly winter evening.

As we pull out of the driveway, I look at that same wall on the porch, the one I bent her against, and smile.

Holy fuck, have you ever had a moment to yourself like this, dear readers?



This is how it goes.
Her strawberry blonde hair is strewn out across her face in tangles, covering her pretty little eyes.
Her eyes are clenched shut so tight that it hurts.
But that’s not the only thing that hurts her — her face is down against the carpet, grinding against it with every thrust he takes. She can feel the place where it will burn later in the evening.
He’s behind her, she can feel his cock deep within her, filling her to the brim.
There’s no art to this, no poetry. He pulls out fast and slides in fast, knocking the air out of her and leaving her in the daze.
Cherry can feel her body twist in places it doesn’t want to go to. It’s angled upwards, her ass – wet from her slick cunt – catches the breeze as it’s held high in the air.

Cherry is left paralysed in the moment, feeling the throe of both pain and pleasure wash over her.
She can feel her stomach rise and twist when the wind is knocked from her as he enters her, she can feel her nipples harden to the coarse kiss of the carpet beneath her.
Her interaction is reduced to hoarse moans that slip past her lips. She can feel the strands of her hair catch on the corners of her mouth.
Beads of sweat form and trickle down her forehead. Feeling their trickling itch is agony.

There’s an urgency that creeps up on her. Her cheeks, nipples and knees burn from the carpet but she can feel her orgasm rising. Her stomach swells with anticipation.
He, Cherry’s father, comes. Cherry knows this because he has pulled out, at once denying her orgasm and fulfilling his, shooting his come over the cheeks of her ass.
Much later, Cherry would sit in her bedroom, her radio on loud, as she furiously assaults her clit, desperate to recreate the moment in her mind, feeling him inside her still, so she can at least come like the good girl she knows she is. Like she deserves.

For now, she slumps against the floor, ass in the air, as he roughs her hair gently, tenderly.
‘I love you, Cherry’ He says, and she feels he means it.
‘I love you too, Daddy’ She responds breathlessly, and she feels she means it.

The Contract, Part I


When Ariel first saw the sea witch, she was taken back at the very sight of her.
Not only were the witch’s tentacles thrashing about fiercely as she was being greeted but the witch herself was unlike what she was picturing as Ariel made her journey to her cave.
The sea witch was not the haggard old wench Ariel had seen in her mind bent over a cauldron with milky blind eyes. She was a beautiful, with plump and luscious ruby lips and light green eye that lit up when they saw Ariel approach.
When the sea witch spoke, Ariel was surprised at how husky her voice was, for in her mind, she expected to hear something along the lines of a tired old voice, nearing the end of its journey.
But the sea witch spoke energetically, propelling herself around Ariel with her tentacles.
Ariel’s heart was hammering away in her chest and there was a nagging voice at the back of her mind that said she shouldn’t be here at all, so she spoke softly and quickly, recounting the moment she laid eyes upon the prince and had fallen in love. How she would do anything to be with him. Even as she said the words, Ariel felt a stab of panic and fear. Her desperation and the intensity of her desire for this beautiful prince frightened her, yet her desire to be with him drove her here and she wasn’t going to back away.

That’s when the sea witch told her she could become human. Ariel’s heart leapt into her throat at the very word. Humans. She had been watching them for some time but to be one?
The thought was both exhilarating and frightening.
The sea witch must’ve seen the fear in her eyes because she grinned, creeping closer to her.
“I can give that to you” the sea witch said. “In return, I want something from you”
The sea witch was watching Ariel closely, her light green eyes darting back and forth.
The sea witch moved closer to Ariel now, her face just inches away. Ariel couldn’t help but meet her gaze. Her eyes were intense.
“Your body” The sea witch said softly, her eyes never leaving Ariel’s.
Ariel’s heart was hammering so hard she thought it was going to break through and float away into the abyss. What was this mad woman talking about? My body? My soul?
She felt a tentacle stroke down across her face, slithering across the curves of her breast that her top barely concealed.
“I will give you your humanity, princess. But when I do, I want to take a piece of that humanity. I want to take King Triton’s little girl.
Ariel could feel her cheeks burning. “I-I don’t know anything about that”
The sea witch glided away from Ariel and over to a nearby shelf full to the brim with ancient magical items.
Ariel found the sway of her tentacles hypnotic. They seemed to move as one and to a rhythm Ariel couldn’t hear. They entranced her.
“We can fix that,” The witch said at last, knocking Ariel out of her trance. “What do you say?”

Ariel shifted uncomfortably on the spot. She could hear the thud of her heart hamming away in her ears.
“You want to see your prince don’t you? With some long slender legs?”
“Yes, but…”
The witch grabbed a few items off the shelf – jars full of dark and murky material Ariel couldn’t make out. She glided across the room of the cave, moving to her cauldron that sat in the middle of the room.
“Tick tock, sweetie. That man is a darling. It won’t be long before a human catches his eye. And you know what she has that you don’t? Humanity”
“But..I don’t know…”
“Don’t know what?”
“What I’m doing…”
Ariel’s face sank to the ground. She couldn’t look the witch in the eye any longer. She had no idea what to expect of such a proposition..but to be human? To sweep him off his feet and be better than all that wanted his attention? The pretty human girls with their…legs.
“There’s nothing to it, princess. Especially when you’re done, you can just jump off onto dry land and find that delicious man.”
And he will see me finally for who I really am, not by what I am.
“Do we have a deal?”
The witch was stuffing items into the cauldron, one after another.
Ariel sighed. Her dad would hate her forever but she loved the prince. She loved him so much.
“It’s a deal” Ariel said, her voice stammering and low.
The sea witch clicked her fingers and a piece of paper appeared in her hand, yellowed by age, it seemed to Ariel.
“Sign here at the bottom, sweet cheeks”
Ariel felt her hand trembling as she traced her fingers across the dotted line and signed her name.
When she was down, the sea witch clicked her fingers and the contact disappeared.

That was when the sea witch started speaking loudly in an undecipherable language.
Green mist formed from the cauldron and filled the room quickly, disabling Ariel’s vision. She could see nothing but green mist and a flash of a dazzling white light. That light grew in the room then, small at first but growing larger and larger until it enveloped her entirely. Ariel felt herself grow dizzy – then everything went black.

Ariel came to screaming. She thrashed away, trying to escape – and that’s when she noticed it. Her legs. Her long and slender legs. That was when she realised she was naked. She could feel a cold breeze skim across her nipples as the sea witch circled around her.
Ariel stared dumbfounded at the sight of her nude her small pink nipples…then a smile appeared across her lips. She was finally human.
“That smile…mmm”
The sea witch let a drawn out moan. “Delicious little princess”
She glided across the room towards Ariel with a wicked grin on her face.
Then a panicking thought struck her – she’s still underwater. She began to kick her legs around violently.
“Shh” the sea witch cooed. “You’re okay here”
“But…if I am human, how am I breathing underwater?”
“A spell, nothing more.”
Her tentacles lashed out at Ariel, one wrapped across her left leg tightly, while another wrapped around her right leg just as tightly.
“What…w-what are you doing?”
The sea witch laughed out loud. “Sweetie, why…I’m claiming my rightful piece of your humanity”
Her tentacles spread Ariel’s legs apart. The sensation made Ariel panic and…something else? What was that feeling that travelled down her chest and between her legs?
Before she could answer her own thought, another tentacle lashed out at her like a shark and Ariel screamed as she felt her breasts stinging.

“Hold still” the sea witch purred. “This is just the beginning.”

To be continued…maybe…


 Note: So…yeah, that happened. It’s kind of weird, I know. Very Japanese. But what I wanted to do was take a simple thing and sort of turn it on its head into this weird, slightly gothic story that hopefully is kind of sexy. Obviously this is the set up and as such, my goal was to get your motor running at the imagery I provided here. If there’s enough interest, I’ll write the follow up. If not, then excuse my experiment in writing.