He was completely out of his element, a Dominant on his back, nude with his hands linked above his head.

Everything in his burning hot body told him to run, to get out of there and never look back, but something intrigued him to come, to undress before this Dominant.

For years he had looked at women, had desired them with all the fire provided by Hades. So when he looked at the completely shaven cock of the Dominant before him, stiff and throbbing at the edge of the bed, he wondered where this had come from, this aching, this hunger?

He didn’t just look at this Cock and desire it, though his mouth had watered curiously, no – he thought it Beautiful, was puzzled by its beauty to him. He didn’t just want to put his mouth over it, he wanted to savour the taste. To feel the veins in its shaft ache on his lips, on his tongue. And what did come taste like?

He felt new and stupid, lying here.

‘Get over here’ he wanted to say. ‘I want this right now’

But that was what he gave up tonight, just to try. And something about it felt wild in a way that quickened his heart.

The man before him, slightly slim, slightly muscular, regarded him with a cruelty, a sadistic smile. No, a smirk. Teasing. He lowered himself over him, letting his cock brush his own.

Down came his mouth, planting a kiss on his thigh, then lower across to the base of his cock. Tingles. Things he never felt before.

He surrendered to this fear, this change within him. Tonight he wasn’t going backwards. Not anymore.

Good Little Boy

The worse thing you can do is fight it.

I get what I want. And what I want is for you to come in my hand like a good little boy.

I know you want that too. I can feel your cock harden in my hand.

So, accept me. Let me in.

Because if you don’t, it’s only going to get harder for you from here on in.

2017 Promises + Short Story!

Happy New Year! Happy Belated New Year! Happy 2017!

In your regular lives, I hope there’s warmth, magic and adventure!

In your BDSM lives, whether you’re a little slut, a ferocious Dom or a little puppy boy, I hope it’s challenging.


Not that it’s my place, I want to see anyone writing in to me overcoming any obstacles or rising to challenges. Dare yourself. Dare your partner. BARE yourself and have a beautiful year!


My own new years resolutions is to be more adventurous, improve myself and to be more active in writing here. I can’t wait to open up more mail from you guys!

Starting with this little story. I hope it’s a jolt to the system.




If I had known he was into men, perhaps I would’ve had him down on his knees sooner than now.

As it is, the man’s married. His wife is down stairs, most likely talking about the house these two just bought with the other people at this new years party.

And had I known his kink aligned with my kink, that he was submissive to my Dominance, I would’ve acted sooner as well.

I discovered a piece of his mind when he stepped into the bathroom, which I didn’t bother to lock – everyone was downstairs.

I had just finished shaking the last droplets of urine off my cock before he knelt down and took it hungrily in his mouth.

His mouth was wet and cool on my skin and gave me three passionate kisses with the swirl of his tongue.

The bold fucker worked my cock until I started to spurt. The man couldn’t hold his load, he let it dribble out of his mouth like a newbie at it.

He dropped my cock out of his wet hot mouth and looked up at me.

“Am I doing good, Sir?”

His eyes were eager, his cock as well. It stood to attention, erect and wanting.

I instructed him to get naked – and he did. He undressed in silence and knelt before me, his pale ass was in the air as he leant forward to kiss the tip of my cock.

“Answer me this” I said, ignoring him and moving my cock so that he only kissed my thigh.

“Have you come to a fantasy of me?”

He reddened. “Yes, Sir”

“And did you fuck that ass of yours?”

He seemed to go redder still.

“Yes…I mean Yes, Sir”

I smiled at that. “Good”




Today, I thought I’d test myself as a writer. I’ve done erotica before, that was fun. I’ve done girl-on-girl pieces, which is a typical male fantasy so even easier. But I realised in order to challenge myself, I needed to write outside of my usual forms of interests. I wanted to see if I could operate as a writer outside of what I personally enjoy. So this one is for fans of my work. Let me know how I did

– TD&D

I stand fully naked before him, my cock enlarged.
He is kneeling just inches away from me, his eyes big and mystified at what he sees.
The anticipation is driving me wild myself. I can feel my cock pulsating and begging to be worshipped.
I grip his hair, he howls in pain but I don’t give a fuck.
“Take me. “ I say lowly. “Take me, you fucker”
His mouth slides over my cock, I feel the wetness of his tongue. It is exhilarating.
I can’t help it – a moan escapes my lips. I pull him further into me. He gags but I don’t give a fuck, I’m thrusting into his mouth.
A thought hits me in that second: something someone said in a TV show…or was it a book? Everyone is capable of being bisexual. I guess this is true, for here is this man, hands stroking my thighs, working my cock..ooh…the slightest flick of his tongue around my shaft..fuck.
My hips are swaying into his face and then his hands wander to my ass, he grips it and gags a little more.
I find myself moaning, getting dizzy, frantic, pounding his face into submission, getting a rhythm down pat.
He stops to take a breath. I let him, fuck it. He kisses down my thigh, taking my balls into his mouth and suckling softly. I moan louder.
He goes to grip his own cock but I smack him away.
“No. Don’t you fucking dare”
I’m close, who gives a fuck about him. I force his mouth to my cock once and work him again – faster, harder. I feel it building, it’s rising, his wet mouth is heaven, fucking heaven.
Then it hits, blinding pleasure. A grunt comes out of me and I pull out and blow my load all over his sweet, eager mouth. I don’t give a fuck where my cum lands.