Ice And Fire, Part III

This is rather lengthy so make sure you are in a comfortable spot and ready to disappear. I hope this was worth the wait.

Elsa came to in a jump start.

Her breathing was fast, out of control.

Her sheets were drenched in sweat and tangled around her waist.

She sat up and sputtered, her saliva flinging across her pillow.

Her arms trembled, and she collapsed across the bed head first.

She saw his face, frozen, splitting into pieces.

His eyes came apart, the pupils stretching beyond recognition.

She tried to scream but panic was taking hold, it’s warm dark touch enveloping her body in its silk. All that came out was a wheeze.

Her legs seemed to swing over the bed, tried to balance but lost control and fell to the ground. 

There was a loud thud and a crack and Elsa felt lightheaded, out of her body.

That’s when she noticed the floor beneath her began to crackle. 

Ice spread out from under and quickly traveled up the walls.

“No, No, No, NO!”

The door to her bedroom came upon and Anna appeared, wrapping her gown over her naked body.

Elsa thought, how long has it been since the bath? 

That’s when she felt the chill snaking it’s way up her legs.


Anna ran to her, dropping the gown. 

Her feet slid on the icy floor boards and she tumbled onto the bed.

“Get away from me” cried Elsa, her face was contorted with fear and her voice was full of rage. 

“I’m never leaving you again”

A thin layer of ice was eating at Elsa’s legs, enveloping her.


“Elsa, I thought the cold protected you”

“I can’t..I can’t breathe..”

“You’re gunna freeze to death!” Anna blurted out. And as soon as she said it, she realise it sounded dumb.

The thin layer of ice was now creeping up Elsa’s stomach. She couldn’t feel her legs.

She couldn’t feel anything. 

All she could feel was hate at herself, guilt for killing the guard.

“You can control it, Elss. Breathing. Practice your breathing”

Elsa was panting out of control. The tightness in her chest was fierce, forcing her to take small breaths.

“You can do it!”


Her throat was closing in.

Her temples felt like they were going to explode.

“I killed..”

“You what?”

Elsa was barely audible. 

Anna was holding onto her, her hands were now in solid ice. The two were frozen together in Elsa’s panic.

“Him…I killed the…”

Anna understood in that moment. 

In that moment, she smiled. She couldn’t help it. The bravery of her, the admission, her true strength. Something deep within her warned her heart. 

The ice was up to Elsa’s chin. She couldn’t look away from Anna. 

For then she felt blessed. She thought Anna was the most beautiful woman in the world. 

That was the moment Elsa realised that she was utterly in love with her sister, just as the ice reached over face and swallowed her whole.

Anna could feel the ice touch her stomach, spreading over herself now. 

The two were going to die together. In each other’s arms. 

She wanted to say so much to Elsa. But where to begin, where to find the words.


Elsa’s frozen eyes stared back at her from behind the ice. 


The silence was deafening as the ice cooled around her hips.

“I…I love you”

Elsa stared back. Frozen. Gone.

Anna sat still, awaiting her own death. 

Anna felt a rumbling then. Down where toes were now frozen up. 

It was…warmth. It started up her feet – then shot across her legs upwards across her stomach. 

Anna was bowled over by the sensation, shattering free of the ice. 

Jet streams of fire shot from her palms, in quick short bursts.

Anna screamed, falling against the wall. 

She hesitated, looking at her hands, turning them over, seeing her hands grow warm with an orange glow.

Baffled, she raised one hand and something clicked within her mind. A burst of fire shot out from her palms and dissipated.

How, thought Anna. What is this?

Have I always had this ability? Why is it coming to me now?

She looked back through her times, wondering if something ever happened that she couldn’t describe. Nothing.

She looked to Elsa now and an idea formed.

Breathing jaggedly, her body freezing from where the ice still stung, she held her hands over Elsa. They glowed, warm. 

Anna shut her eyes, forcing them shut with concentration. Hoping against hope that she wouldn’t set Elsa on fire. 

Never mind how or why she suddenly had these powers, there would be a time for questions. Now she had to save Elsa.

Anna felt the warmth of her hands travel up her arms. The idea she could burn alive came to her but she shut it out and kept her hands in place.

There was a loud crack and a horrific gasp for air and Anna opened her eyes.

Elsa was looking back at her.

She was shivering, her lips a pale blue.

Anna’s instinct was to grab the blanket and wrap it around the two of them.

It was only after she scooped Elsa up and the two of them were under the blanket together that Anna realised they were both naked. 

Elsa’s skin was icy against hers.

This gave Anna an idea. She wrapped her hands tight around Elsa, their breasts skimming against each other, and squeezed.

“Close your eyes, Els”

Anna concentrated within her mind on a fire growing, it’s light covering the space before it.

She felt her body start to warm up, and Elsa’s with it.

Anna rubbed her hands along Elsa’s back and heard her shiver.

Her cunt started to ache but she pushed it to the back of her mind. 

The more she tried to ignore it, the more her body seemed to want it. She caught herself leaning against Elsa, her lips riding up her thigh. 

“Am I dead?”

Elsa’s voice was low. 

Anna looked to her, her body acting as a light under the blanket.

“It worked!” Anna cried upon seeing her eyes open. “No, sweetie, you’re not dead!”

She couldn’t help but laugh. 

Elsa registered Anna’s glow. “Anna? What’s happened to you?”

Anna shook her head. “I don’t know. It just happened. One moment you froze, the next..”

“You saved me…”

The two locked eyes, Elsa looked weak but something in her eyes said…

Elsa leaned in and kissed Anna on the lips.

It was sudden and fleeting. A peck, nothing more.

The act still caught Anna off guard. It wasn’t sisterly, or a greeting, as their mother had taught them early on in their lives. It was tender, romantic.

Elsa watched Anna closely, her eyes darting back and forth. Scared. Weak. 

She had no idea how Anna would react, was terrified she’d squeal and let Kristoff take her away. 

Instead, Anna lent in and kissed her back.

If asked to describe those moments, Elsa could not even begin. It was addictive, she couldn’t get enough of Anna.

Her lips were soft and wet and inviting – and one kiss led to another. And another.

Somewhere during the kiss, Anna ran her warm hands down Elsa’s body, almost shyly though. As if unsure. 

When Elsa saw her pause in her face, she gently took Anna’s hand and slid it over her left breast, leaving her fingers over her nipple, which was growing hard by the second.

“Here” Elsa said weakly.

Anna broke the kiss and moved down to the nipple. She considered it and lowered her mouth.

The kiss was soft and quick and Elsa moaned, rising her hips.

Her hands found Anna’s hair and gripped it tightly as a wave of pleasure came rippling through her body.

Seized with determination, Elsa rolled Anna over and now on top, looked down at her nervous sister. 

Freckles were over her breasts, one resting to the left of her nipples, another just below that.

Elsa met Anna’s lips once more, then travelled down her neck leaving a trail of wet kisses. 

She came to Anna’s nipples and slid it into her mouth using her tongue.

Anna shrieked, something high pitched and girly. She did it again as Elsa rolled her tongue around her nipple, savouring the taste of her skin.

The glow of Anna’s hands lit Elsa’s face up as Anna ran her hands through her hair, ruffling it, squeezing it.

Her nipple popped out of her mouth, the bounce sending a ticklish jolt of pleasure down to her. It was unlike anything she had experienced. 

Elsa moved down Anna’s body, leaving a trail of kisses, until she came to her cunt.

The scent was foreign to Elsa but delightful. She inhaled, feeling herself becoming giddy off the scent.

Above her, Anna was making guttural noises, as if gasping for air.

Her hips swayed closer to Elsa, begging silently for her mouth. Elsa didn’t hesitate.

Truth be told, Elsa was terrified. This was her baby sister, her arousal was all around her and not only that, this was another woman. What did she do? 

Elsa ran her tongue along her pink slit slowly, leaving a fine coat of saliva. 

Spit hung from her mouth in strings as she pulled away, just in time to hear Anna’s girlish moans.

Elsa ignored the lingering feeling of guilt as she lowered her mouth onto Anna’s clit, suckling the nub into her tongue, using her teeth to grind it gently. This cause Anna to jerk.

The movement brought about a pleasure in Elsa so she did it again. Again, Anna had a spasm and giggled.

“No” she whispered. “Stop that”

Elsa could barely suppress a giggle. She could barely contain herself – there was a love and admiration so deep for Anna in that moment that she kissed Anna’s cunt full on the lips with an open mouth.

Anna’s body rocked – then rocked again. She was lifting her body up so that it hit Elsa’s mouth.

Elsa grinned then planted her entire mouth covering her slit.

Elsa are hungrily, the taste was indescribable and something within her could not get enough of it. This was her sister. Her baby sister. Her sweet juicy cunt.

She lapped it up, being inspired by Anna’s moans above. 

Her sister was the sweetest thing ever. The perfect woman.

More guttural groans pierced the air and Anna froze, jerked suddenly, then fell limp.

Elsa rose from the blanket and looked at the dazed Anna, her eyes glassy.

Her chest was riding and falling, rising and falling.

“Did you just…?”

Anna went scarlet. “I’ve never that quickly. I’m embarrassed”

Love for her sister coursed through her veins.

She leapt into Anna’s arms and kissed her, hoping her scent was strong enough for her to taste.

Anna’s tongue met hers and the two kissed wildly, passionately. Desperately.

Anna broke the kiss and Elsa felt her hands run down her body.

She groped clumsily for Elsa’s nipples but Elsa didn’t mind, she watched her expression as Anna pulled on Elsa’s nipple. The pain was gratifying.

Anna’s hands reached down to Elsa and found her clit.

She giggled. “I’ve never known you could get so…”

She looked at Elsa and went red again. “You know…”

When Elsa sat up on her elbows, Anna looked away.


Elsa giggled and stroked her hair as Anna leant in to kiss her. 

The two laid side by side now, with Anna’s hands exploring Elsa’s cunt, her hands stroking up and down her slit.

Elsa found herself clenching, rising up to meet Anna’s hands. 

It was then she realised, she needed this. She needed a release, or her sister. She needed her sister. 

Anna broke the kiss, disappeared under the blanket. 

A moment later, Elsa could feel kisses all over her thighs, tracing up to her cunt.

An Involuntary moan escaped Elsa’s lips, caught her by surprise. 

Her chest felt cool in the night, somewhere a breeze was blowing softly, dancing across her stomach. She could still feel the chill of her powers. 

Another moan struck her by surprise and Anna giggled under the covers. 

Elsa was afraid though, afraid to be heard. But she couldn’t help it, she was on fire, every part of her body was tingling, vibrating. 

Anna had begun her assault on her cunt, moving her tongue around, exploring her lips and clit.

Her cute giggles as she did so was the worst of it. She wanted to taste her again, the cute fucking thing. 

She tried to roll away from Anna but was frozen by a seemingly supernatural power.

Something uneasy was rising in her, and with it a certain pleasure. It rose from her stomach and travelled down to her cunt.

Suddenly her legs began to tremble with every wave of pleasure and she felt the rising need to scream.

It pulsated within her in waves. Her body tensed as the waves rippled through her, coming to an end at her cunt.

Elsa found herself gripping Anna’s hair from above the blanket and cooing.

The waves began to happen more frequently as Anna slid two fingers inside Elsa, causing her to wiggle her ass into the fingers, greedily swallowing them whole. 

She felt flustered, felt guilty at using her sister. 

Anna shrieked as fluid spurted from Elsa’s mouth in sporadic bursts. 

Elsa herself could no longer control her mound or her body, her hands clenched into fists as she groaned something primal and alien. 

She could feel her cunt contracting, was scared and thrilled at the same time.

Anna had shrieked but had not moved, instead her tongue began circling around Elsa’s cunt, tracing where the juices fell.

Where did this come from, thought Elsa.

Her body collapsed to the bed and held her in place as juices trickled out of her.

Anna rose from below, breathless, her eyes wide. Primal.

She rose to kiss Elsa.

Elsa kissed back and in turn could taste herself. The notion made her want to kiss Anna again but she felt defeated by an invisible force.

The two laid there, sweaty, panting, worn out.

“I love you” Anna said.

Elsa wrapped her arm around her and kissed her on the lips 

“I love you back”

The two were intertwined and asleep soundly come the morning, bedsheets tangled in a sweaty mess. 

They did not wake till the afternoon. 

Ice and Fire, Part II

FOR A MOMENT everything was blinding white light.
In that moment, Elsa started to panic that she had gone blind.
She fell to the floor, thumbing her way along the ground.
There was nothing but white light and the sound of ringing in her ears.
Her body was throbbing with pain all over.
Her mouth ached where his cock had violently fucked her mouth and there was a burning sensation where her head hit the wall repeatedly.
A fragment of vision came to her then…then another.
Piece by piece, her vision returned to her. The world around her returned.
Elsa limped along the ground, feeling the cool air ride up her bare ass. The sensation was dizzying, in a way that she couldn’t tell was arousal or anger.
She crawled into something rock solid before her and shrieked.
Upon closer inspection, it was the guard, his hands up as if shielding himself.
Elsa looked into the still eyes of the man that had forced himself upon her and felt the anger rise up through her, burning in her chest.
She lashed out with a shriek unlike anything she’s ever heard come from herself and the guard fell backwards into the ground.
There was a deafening crack and what was once the guard splintered into tiny fragments, scattering along the great hall in tiny jagged pieces.
The sight knocked the air right out of Elsa and held her in place.
She had just murdered a man. Just like that.
Everything around her seemed false. Like a dream.
Like she was viewing things through frosted glass.
I killed a man, Elsa thought. The words came to her again and again.
I killed a man. Murderer. MURDERER. You did it, you killed him. You’re going to bring down the entire kingdom.
She fell to her knees.
And screamed.

She stumbled through Anna’s door, her dress torn right down the middle, tears streaming down her face, with her blonde hair covering her eyes and cheeks.
Her left breast was exposed and bruised where the guard had struck her. It shone a bright purple in the light.
Anna was sitting in a chair that sat against the wall, a book lay opened in her lap.
Her eyes were wide and terrified.
With Anna’s eyes now on her, she could now feel the come resting on her face and the summer breeze racing across her ass.
For a moment, the two women stood eyeing each other and with every passing second, Elsa felt guilty for even coming to her.
“But I didn’t know where to go to” said Elsa, finishing the sentence out loud.
She had taken the back way to get to Anna’s to avoid the town’s eyes. She did it all for Anna. Something amongst the churning stomach tickled at her insides.
Anna took off her own coat, revealing her pale freckled shoulders, and closed the door behind Elsa.
“There was a man..a guard…he..”
Anna took her sister and held her tight against her.
Elsa let out a sob, muffled by Anna’s chest. She relayed the events of the past half hour to Anna. All the while Anna sat listening to her and didn’t say a word.
When Elsa was finally finished,  she looked up at her baby sister.
“I don’t know who I am anymore, Anna”
Anna pulled away from the hug to look at her sister.
“You’re Elsa” Anna said, smiling. “My kind and beautiful sister”
“I’m a monster”
“The only monster is that guard. Which we will take care of once we get you cleaned up.”
Anna put her arm around Elsa and moved her along gently.
Elsa didn’t have the heart to tell her sister that she had taken care of that guard.
She didn’t even know his name.

Elsa sat staring up at the ceiling, her face devoid of any emotion for she was frozen in fear at what had transpired.
Anna had left her alone in the bathtub for some initial privacy and there she had cried so hard her chest began to ache.
A few minutes had passed since then and after making sure she was composed, she asked for her baby sister.
Anna had entered the room in trepidation, as you’d suppose a sister might if her sibling was bathing.
Elsa hid her nakedness underneath the bubbles, with only a bare leg propped up being visible to Anna.
When Elsa asked if Anna could wash the come out of her hair, Anna didn’t hesitate to pull up a stool and begin washing.
It was hard to describe her feelings then, Elsa found. The shock of the murder seemed to give way to the soothing heat of the bathtub.
Anything that remained of the guard had since been scoured from her body and she was born again.

Born again. The words caught on her mind, circling around and around. Born again.
Elsa couldn’t shake the thought as Anna cleaned her hair. Every cleansing sensation that came about by Anna purifying her golden locks brought the notion back to the forefront of her mind.

To keep her mind off of things, Elsa asked her about how things were going.
Is she happy? How are things with Kristoff? Is he treating her alright?
The answer to all things, of course, was yes.
But when Anna spoke, she spoke with, at least it seemed that way to Elsa, with uncertainty.
At what and why? Elsa was too tired to ponder on.
The image of the guard shattering into a thousand minuscule pieces came back to her and she shuddered.
“That bath looks so warm and cozy”
Anna’s voice snapped Elsa out of the thought. She tilted her head back, craning it almost, to look up at Anna.
Anna’s eyes were glazed over and distracted.
“You’re welcome to share it”

The words came dancing off her tongue before Elsa realized. Her heart leapt in her throat.
“I mean, you know…if you’d like”
Elsa wanted to bury her head in the water and freeze over the bath her embarrassment was that large.
She turned her gaze away from Anna and practices her breathing.
Conceal, don’t feel, her fathers voice spoke to her throughout the ages.
“Kristoff and I..I mean..we can’t fit..we tried once..”
Elsa looked to Anna just in time to see her go bright Scarlett. It made her whole face glow.
She didn’t know what to say to that so she let the conversation give way to silence.
“But…” Anna spoke in a whisper, and swallowed. The click in her throat was quite audible.
“We could try…”

Anna stood up from her stool and walked to the front of the bathtub.
She locked eyes with Elsa and took a sharp breath in.
Elsa saw this and forced a gentle shrug.
“You don’t have to, Anna”
The corner of Anna’s lips curved into a smile as she reached behind her back.

Her hands moved, back and forth, as Anna’s face twisted in concentration.
Her hands then moved quickly to the front as her dress fell forward, revealing her nude body.
Neither of them spoke a moment as Anna stood there.
Elsa regarded her and felt heartbeat spike.
Anna was extraordinarily beautiful.
Extraordinarily beautiful in the way that words can’t describe, only the feeling in your stomach soaring as a bird high in the sky can.
She was pale, with freckles sprinkled across her arms and thighs.
Her breasts were small and perky, with soft pink nipples. They heaved up and down as Anna stood breathing nervously.
Elsa found her eyes traveling over her sister’s body, feeling guilt but also an intrigue that forced her to keep looking with curiosity.

Anna’s mound was lightly trimmed and as red as her hair.
A new sub thought was added to Elsa’s ever-chugging train: her mound was pleasing to her eyes.
Anna reached up and untied her hair, which promptly fell across her shoulders, covering her nipples.
Elsa has to remind herself to swallow.

It was at that point, while remembering to breathe, that Elsa remembered to make room for her baby sister.
She grabbed hold of the bathtub and sat upright, revealing her chest.
Anna’s eyes travelled to her sister’s breasts and there was a hint of her eyes widening.
She looked away.
“Anna, it’s okay. Come get in before you catch a chill”
Elsa had larger breasts then Anna and a shape that Elsa had grown to love over the years.
Out of the two sisters, it seemed, Elsa had inherited this trait from her mother.

Anna, quite slowly, stepped one foot before the other and lowered herself down gently into the bath.
A few moments of an uneasy silence passed between the two as they got comfortable but before long, it was as if they were anywhere having a conversation at any time.
Elsa forgot her mantra and Anna let go of being shy.
The two spoke about their parents, about Olaf being a hit with the children and how they spent their summers in the forests beyond the castle.
There was no mention of Hans, the incident with the eternal winter or the guard.
For the first time in forever, Elsa felt something she had never felt before: a sense of belonging. She felt that here, in this bubble, in this very moment, was where she belonged.

O, the guilt was there indeed!
It had not left Elsa despite the joy their conversation had brought her.
It lingered in the air; it hovered above her with every light touch that their bodies made.
Elsa couldn’t properly conceive her love for her sister, not yet at this point in time. That would come later.
Now, she could feel the guilt behind her chest, pumping it’s way through her system via the cortisol in her veins.
Anna had been feeling a similar sensation; only chest had pained her in her anxious mind.
There was something enchanting about her older sister, something electric, something supernatural that seemed to possess her.
What was this, she had wondered, looking at the way Elsa’s nipple sat above water.
Was this simple admiration or something deeper?
The thought of finding another woman attractive was alien to her, let alone the idea of being intimate with one.
Anna pushed it out of her mind and the two continued their conversation.
The two of them laughed and splashed each other as they talked.
And each of them separately thought it was the most beautiful experience they’ve shared together.

To Be Continued…



Ice And Fire, Part I



Note: This is the first instalment in my Dark Disney entry into the Frozen world and — it’s more than a little dark. So hopefully you find a little nook to climb into and disappear into this piece.


For the first time in years, Elsa didn’t feel completely and utterly alone.
Where she had spent the days huddled in the corner of her bedroom fearing what the townsfolk of Arendelle might do to her if they found out the truth about her, now she walked with the crowd, doing fantastical magic tricks for children and adults alike.
The people adored her and accepted her – and still, something deep down within her rumbled through her chest, coursing itself through her veins.
It was her familiar friend fear that coiled itself around her heart, feeling her mind with dark thoughts and imagery.
In those moments, she panicked as a thought prickled its way up her spine: What if I lash out again? What if this takes over me and I not only bring Arendelle to ruins but the whole world?

Sometimes she had dreams. In those dreams, she walked through the ruins of Arendelle frozen still, its people locked still in the moment of when the icy blast hit them.
Elsa walked through the snowy landscape, moving pass the still faces twisted in grimaces of horror.
Each dream of a frozen Arendelle took the same path: Elsa walked through the town towards the Great Lake, now just solid ice.
Each dream, she didn’t want to look, she didn’t want to see – but she could not tear herself out of the moment. She couldn’t get away.
She couldn’t stop looking at the frozen figure of her younger sister Anna, her eyes wide and lifeless. A victim of Elsa’s emotional outburst.
Everything hit her in the moment she saw Anna’s face – the heartbreak, the loss of life, of everyone, especially her sister, who she loved more than anything.

On those days, after she awoke from her nightmare, she would rush into Anna’s room, just to see her beautiful face once more.
Elsa thought all about this and more and as she watched Kristoff, Sven, Anna and Olaf sit in the Town Square together enjoying their lunch.
A thought came to her mind then – a thought so out of the ordinary that it seemed to strike her with electricity: She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.
O, it’s not uncommon to think such a thing about your family or your friends, that’s true indeed, but Elsa found that the thought came with such a surge that it took her by surprise.

Is it merely love for my sister after years of loneliness or am I missing something? Elsa wondered.
In truth, she had been desperately lonely all those years she had spent in her room living with nothing but her fear and anxieties, longing for a companion that wasn’t made out of ice. Longing for warmth. But nothing came and she was utterly alone.
Now that that time had passed and the town had accepted Elsa, Elsa and Anna were reunited at last.

Thinking of Anna now, Elsa realized that suddenly thinking of her as ‘beautiful’ took on a whole dimension and form.
She noticed the way her green eyes became lighter in the sun or how her freckles sit across her face.
Elsa was aware now, of things she hasn’t seen in her sister before and it frightened her.
Before Anna could notice and invite her over, Elsa turned and headed back up the palace steps, to withdraw into the throne room.

She lit a fire and warmed her hands. The thought of inspecting Anna closely made her feel like a freak.
Her body, typically, began to freeze the floor around her.
“No” she spat, exasperated. “Please, not again!”
The ice crackled as it spread over the carpet, freezing it still.
A chill shot up her thighs and teased the slit of her cunt.
Elsa focused on the fire. The warmth.

Baking, sunburn.



Ice shot out of her in a shockwave, covering the floor beneath her in a sheet of white.
The doors to the throne room opened and an Arendelle guard stepped forward.
“Is everything alright, my queen?”
Before Elsa could move he was beside her, moving her by the wrist out of the ice.
“Please, I’m alright”
Elsa grabbed a towel off a nearby table and bent down to place it over the dampened spot.
As she did so, she noticed the guard looking down her dress, which had lifted forward, exposing her breasts that were snug against the fabric.

It all happened so fast.
The guard reached out to her and pulled her up.
Elsa cried out in surprise and immediately went to conjure her powers, but it was too late, the guard had her pinned facing the wall.
“I’ve always wanted a taste of the ice queen. We’ve all heard the rumors you don’t take men into your quarters. I’ll be the first”
Elsa struggled to move, struggled to fight back but it was no use. He had her pinned and he was strong.

Rough hands tore at her Ice blue dress.
Elsa felt the cool summer breeze skim across her legs and tickle her ass.
Something pulsated within her.
In a matter of seconds, the guard was tearing down her panties.
The light blue with white polka dots color scheme got tangled around her knees. The tightly wound material cut into her skin.

That’s when she felt his hot breath on her left ear.
“I’ve waited a long time to see what secrets lay beneath.”
“You just wait till my sister -”
“It’s a lovely day, my queen. Don’t ruin it with threats”
Elsa went to struggle again but the guard kept her firmly in place.
“Now let’s see how icy your cunt is”

The man kept a fistful of her golden hair while he lowered himself down along her bare ass.
Elsa whimpered – a haggard pathetic sound – and hugged the wall to inch herself away from him.
It made no difference, she was helpless, captured to be still by this man.
He drew close to her and she could feel his hands thumb at her ass, splitting it open slowly.

When the wetness of his tongue slid into her, she shrieked and tried to thrash but his hand held her still.
The guard slid his tongue from the opening of her anus down to her slit.
She heard him chuckle.
“Smooth? I didn’t take you for smooth, my queen. I thought your pubes would be ice blue”
With that, he lowered his tongue upon her.
Elsa was horrified to find that her body betrayed her. The impulse that shook through her that moment told her it felt nice, soothing – but still she struggled back against.

With one leg, she kicked him back.
He was surprised, taken back even, but he was ready for her.
“You little conniving whore” He hissed as he held her to the ground.
“Daddy was just trying to take care of you, best he knows how”
Elsa struggled against him. The two grunted in unison for two very different reasons.
Elsa felt the man go still a moment – then she felt something hard against her back. It slid between her ass and pressed against her.

At once it started to burn and then — she fell into a daze.
She couldn’t tell what happened at that point. Her vision became a blur and she had the strangest sense of feeling full.
She fought against the sensation but arms felt tied to a claim.
Stinging pain shot through her body. It erupted in pulsating waves, one after the other.

The guard, she saw, was smacking her.
“Do you know what happens to naughty girls that misbehave? They get reigned in.”
The guard spoke lowly, almost to himself. His voice was manic.
How did this happen, think Elsa, as the guard was massaging his cock between her ass cheeks.
Suddenly the guard had her up against the wall facing him.
He lowered her down.

“Change of plans” He mumbled with a laugh.
Elsa has to do a double take to his words and just as she deciphered it, his cock slid into her mouth and down her throat.
It was warm and salty, with the faintest taste of sweat as it thrust in and out of her wet mouth.
The very action made Elsa gag.
Elsa was against the wall as his thick uncut cock slid in and out of her mouth again and again.
She struggled to breath against the constant sensation of her throat being filled.
Somewhere above he groaned as his hips thrust into her.
Elsa tried swatting him away but he held her in place, his thrusting quickening.
“No” she cried, pushing against him.
“Breath a little ice on it, honey” He purred as his cock slid smoothly down her throat.
She could taste herself on his cock.
The sensation caused her to jerk and forward and swipe at him.
Her left hand hit him in the stomach and he recoiled.
He yanked on her hair and whispered. “Little frustrating bitch, I was close”
He spat on her – a thick glob of saliva struck her face.
It stung her cheeks and slid down to the corners of her mouth.

The lightheadedness that was with Elsa earlier in the day was returning and she realised she was struggling to breathe.
She grappled frantically at the man to try and get some air, her chest heaving for that relief.
She got it when the man slid his cock roughly out of her mouth and shot his load all over her face.
It hit her in pulsating waves, rolling down her cheeks and necks and pooling around her nipples.
The man laughed to himself as he stood back and watched her.
Elsa looked around at her surroundings, panting, taking in huge gulps of air.
The guard just laughed.
“NO” cried Elsa in defiance – and that’s when a dazzling blinding light shot out of her hands and enveloped everything she saw in a furious white light.


To be continued…




Amidst The Darkness Within

I have a good relationship with the darkness within me. I feed it, it manages to leave me be. But sometimes it will shock me with its ability to conjure forth an idea and arouse me. Something that appeals to my darkness, something that it craves, sometimes relentlessly, is to find an image, say something from Disney’s animations and exploit that sort of timelessness and innocence. Something that revels in destroying the images from our childhood.

Let’s take a look at Alice in Wonderland: the poor lovely blondie is trapped in a nightmarish mystery land with no clear path to exit. What if The Mad Hatter lifts up that dress of hers, revealing a pair of lacy black panties, and takes her by force from behind before erupting on her face. Talk about a tea party.

What if instead of the order of “Off with her head”, The Queen orders her guards to Gang bang Alice while she watches from her chair, pleasuring herself.

Or let’s look at the attractive sisters Anna and Elsa from Frozen. I feel like I need to write a story where a man seduces them both, leading to a wild threesome that results in an incestuous relationship that would be another way to wrap up Anna and Elsa’s relationship.

Taking Beauty and the Beast is just too easy. The man’s obviously already halfway there – he’s got he anger issues, he’s dark and brooding and hey, he’s literally a beast. He could take her out on the balcony to look at the moon and take her by surprise – a fist full of hair in one hand, his hand gripping her tit in the other.

I don’t know what it is in me that find these images so alluring. I think it’s for two reasons – one, because it’s alluring and two, because the darkness inside of me gets a cruel glee at taking these innocent images and twisting them into something sexual and warped. I love it. That darkness is bewildering and intoxicating all at once.

I wanted to share this example of my darkness within me with the blog world. Hopefully it challenges you and surprises you to think of things that you watched as a child in such an adult way.