The Animal In Me: Looking At What It Means To Be ‘Primal’


When I first discovered the extent of my Dominance, the first thing that was evident to me was that I was a primal being. I wanted to rip off my clothes, howl at the moon and go running through the woods. In fact, I did just that. I howled with pets at the moon, I ran through the forest at night.

It took me ages to get to this point but now I recognise it as a part of who I am. That primal part of me, the animal side, the side that writes to you now nude from the bedroom (partially due to heat, partially due to the sensual breeze skimming across my skin) is in my mind. Whether I developed it on my own or whether it was always there, I will leave to the philosophers.

But what is a primal? Why do I refer to my lady as a kitten?

To me, ‘primal’ means to shed your skin and be who you are without second guessing your desires or yourself. To liberate yourself and act on your desires, within reason. I mean, we have morals and we have rules but to me, they are on a separate tier to what might be eating away at yourself. Let me explain.

It’s when we act how we truly feel so much so that we feel liberated, sexually or no, that means we are being true to our primal selves. Those impulses you feel, that you might shrug off because of years of upbringing from parents or society – you need to pay attention to your inner most thoughts and don’t push them away.

If you approach them, You would be closer to your animalistic self.

One night just recently I had the strangest urge to be primal. It was going on one in the morning and I was watching — whatever on Netflix – but I felt the urge to strip off, wander outside and sit with my dogs. It was very freeing, and unique. I can’t really describe what it feels like or why I feel so passionately about it.

But it goes beyond all that, it seeps into my private and sexual life. It has helped me be forthright and has helped my confidence. And to help my kitten’s confidence. She use exceptional with her training and tasks. And sex feels all the more fulfilling and satisfying when I let out a low growl and not feel judged or strange, like I have felt in the past.

It has helped with my growth. And I am glad to have been able to take that plunge despite the fear.

So do me a favour, listen to your hearts and minds and do the daring thing that you have been fearful to do, whatever that is, no matter how scary that is. I promise you’ll be safe.

Shedding your skin in your BDSM lifestyle

Shedding your skin in your journey in life is quite important, I believe.
Getting comfortable with who you are and what you enjoy can be a long process for some and can stretch on for years, if you don’t combat that.
I’m talking things like building confidence within yourself: within your sexuality and who you are and what you love doing – either sexually or otherwise. But in this instance, let’s address sexual matters.

Nudity is a big thing we are afraid of. For whatever reason, the naked body is alarming and displeasing. If I had my way, I’d have everyone that was worried about it write in and talk to me about. Because this can go three ways: I can talk it over with you, from my alien outsider perspective, I can get you to practice being naked throughout your day, consider it an exercise – OR you can work on it step by step. Whittle away your insecurity.

I think it’s something that is spoken about in hushed tones and I think once you approach that with open eyes, you might learn something about yourself. There’s a beauty to nudity that’s not clear to a lot of folk.

I mean, just walking through the house naked can be a whole different experience altogether. The sensations, the breeze on your skin – the freedom.

If you’re on my site, I think you’re half way there but I think fear is a big obstacle that is in the way of some of you. So, in my highly caffeinated state that has probably rendered me unable to write a coherent post, what I’m saying is that I want you all to be comfortable, in your sexuality, in your sexual tastes, in your nudity. To climb out of bed naked of a morning and getting set to make breakfast in the nude, it can be something enlightening.

So do me a favour: try being nude one day during a week. For ten minutes, during your favourite tv show or a move. Or during your chores. Whatever it may be, try for me.