In 2018, You Will Be Alright


The D/s dynamic.

Master. Slave. Submissive. Dominant. Switch. Primal. New. Old. Divorced. Separated. Isolated.

No matter what you’re feeling, no matter where you are in life, 2018 will be okay for you.

It’s easy though feel fear approaching the new year. What have you achieved? Where are you going? How will you get there? What plan do you have?

The thing is, through hard work and determination, through taking one step at a time – no matter if they’re baby steps – you’ll be perfectly fine. It’s an old saying but it’s something that I found when I was at the lowest in my life – things have a way of working themselves out. What that means for you, time will tell – but things tend to fall into place.

But you can’t expect things to come to you. These things take work. Time. You have to want what you’re seeking. And some days you need to challenge yourself, cauterise the negative thinking and get out of bed.

The same goes for people new to the dynamic, new to exploring where they fit into all of this – whether you’re single and looking for the right partner, whether you’re in a marriage and trying to find the right balance –

All you need is patience, love and the drive to explore and educate. You may not feel up to it every day, some days it will be tough and overwhelming and you will feel like you are about to crash, but keep pushing, keep moving. Keep thinking this is just one day, tomorrow is a new start. A fresh start.

You can achieve anything. If I can, you definitely can.


Like A Peach



Like a peach,

Soft and tender.

Awaiting my touch.


Like a peach

plucked off the shackles of the tree

forbidden fruit

Like a peach

delicious and sweet

the juices bring out the insatiable desire

Like a peach

I like to take a big bite out

and see what’s underneath

Like a peach

I hold in my hand all of you

I see you.

Author’s Note:

Yeaaaah, not my best. But I’m happy with the metaphors and I take them seriously enough that they mean something beautiful without sounding overly pretentious. I tried to be sweet, I tried to be sexy. I don’t know if I succeeded but hey. I hope you enjoy – and for the Dominant’s reading, think about your ladies when you have a piece of fruit in your hands! 😉