Sex, BDSM and Tumblr

So a few weeks ago / a few months ago (who’s counting? ugh) I started a tumblr for this here blog. The idea behind it being that I can share a selection of works / thoughts from this blog while also uploading some kinky imagery behind it.

I have a thing for really artsy creative photography so I share a lot of that.

My initial thoughts are that it’s an interesting platform to share what you find enticing. And as it is a site revolving around imagery, there’s not as much space devoted to feelings about BDSM but rather the act of it itself. Which could be a number of things, they don’t care to share, they don’t know how to share, it’s just about sex. Or it just comes down to the fact that what I see in this image is not what they think and feel.

And that’s the beauty of anything, really – we are all different. We’re all an epic saga waiting to be read.

There is, however, something I really like about the platform and that’s the amateur profiles. It’s really adorable seeing boyfriend and girlfriend profiles sharing their adventure. I get to experience someone else’s joy and that’s just beautiful, man.
As a now-casual Fetlife lurker, I feel alienated from the community. There have been a few friends that have completely disconnected their profile and disappeared and I’ve never perfected the art of making friends over on Fetlife. Groups are, for me, hard to integrate into. Woo, anxiety.

But with Tumblr, somehow I have gathered 40 followers and I have no idea how. And some of them are not all screenshots from the most simplistic porn shoot with¬†links telling me to go to this website, etc. Some are people finding their way with their partner. Love, man. That’s beautiful.

So, I’m enjoying it thus far. It’s definitely interesting.

If you’re curious about my tumblr, let me do the shameless plug thing:¬†

If you’re curious about my Fetlife, I’m not always around but feel free to message me in private and I’ll gladly send it along some like kind of secret society.