BDSM, Our Journey and Destiny: Musing about the mechanics of life

When I was intwined in a cocoon with my pet, her being leashed and drifting away to a peaceful slumber after a lengthy and quite intense session, you know what I felt? That this spot right here – was where I was supposed to be.

So I guess I want to ramble about Destiny. Humour me and call it a journal entry. My little cosy cabin away from my blogs about self-help, if I may be bold in calling it such – My cabin where you all are invited. So please: take off your shoes, get comfortable. Sit by the fire and allow me to indulge in something that’s increasingly clear to me: Everything in my life has lead me to this point in time, right here, in my pet’s arms after that breathtaking session. Stop me if I’m repeating myself.

But has it been that way for you? If you look back at your life, do you feel you’ve walked this path that led you to that epiphany, which just happened to lead you to my cabin? Even you and I – we’re connected now. Can you feel that? I’m world’s away, an ocean apart – and here I am, in your mind as you read my words? Whatever lead you to your epiphany about the lifestyle has lead you to my blog and perhaps many other Dominant’s blogs. If I’ve helped you discover something about yourself or you are trying something new with that special someone because of me, then fate has intertwined us together. I’m a connecting thread to you now, insignificant and faceless I may be, but a spoke in the wheel all the same, if I am using that terminology rightly.

For me, I look at my life and I look at my pet’s life and we have danced together for years, like criss-crossing threads, just weaving in and out of each other’s lives like cameos until this very point in time, where the threads meet. Become one, even. Here we are – all the plot points in my stories and all the plot points in her stories led us to this one point. Think about it: two different people, two different lives and yet the jigsaw puzzle pieces she needed to connect to were mine.

Isn’t that magic? Doesn’t that just make you look back on your own life and ponder: Did I need to do this to get to this epiphany? How much of us have lost time being scared of giving ourselves completely to the lifestyle? Did we all need that lost time to come to terms with it? Would we have drone it differently? Perhaps, but in my case, anyway, I needed things to play out exactly as they did, in order for me to be lying here in her arms, with her being leashed.

If you’ve made it through my ramblings without skipping, if your eyes are wide and your mind pondering back on your life, I owe you a hug. Thank you for allowing me to indulge.

I don’t know if it’s a case of coincidence or just magic working two people’s lives but it fills me with warmth regardless. Or maybe that’s just the fire from my proverbial cabin. Stay as long as you need to, folks. There’s tea, coffee and biscuits in the kitchen and room for all.

After all, we all might be connected by that thread.



Ascension and Rebirth in the world of BDSM

Master love

How many of us wander through life and ignore what our heart truly desires? How many of us settle for something because we are afraid to take that step into the unknown – the unknown that we have been afraid of since our childhood up until this point?

For those of us that seize the moment, we are liberated. We are set free. But you know what just occurred just this second? The people who were set free are longer their old selves. When we take that step, when we acknowledge the world of BDSM and the D/s relationship our hearts desire – we are no longer who we used to be. We. Are. REBORN.

We have our memories, we have our traits but our names, our old names – well, they should be thrown away with shouldn’t they? I almost feel like I should go by a different name when in the privacy of my own home. The name my parents gave me doesn’t seem to matter because the man I am now is someone different. I never thought my old self could choke someone and fucking enjoy it, I never thought I would relish in dressing a submissive or talking absolutely filthy during the heat of the moment. I feel like I’ve transcended.

I almost feel like the others left behind are all capable of such thought – hell, maybe they were meant for such thought, but maybe they are not ready to take that step yet.

My submissive – she asks to clean my shoes. She doesn’t know why, she’s just compelled to do it. She’s drawn to the subservient idea. Years and years and years of her life all building to this one point. What is that right there? If all that has lead to this point, were we not bound for this idea? Or is it something inbuilt in all of our brains, just waiting to be unlocked for everyone and some of us are just too scared?

This is the beauty of a D/s relationship. This is what I feel when I am sitting with my submissive and buying her toys for when I feel she has done good in keeping to her tasks. I look at her and I think how we are thinking and feeling what the odd couple in a relationship cannot. This is not to say that we are better than them, this is to say we are thinking in deeper and more intimate ways than those people. Those people may be afraid to admit what they feel. They may feel scared in submitting. One day they might even unlock the door and ascend.

I felt relief when I embraced my darkness. I have orgasms that are so intense and beautiful because I am who I needed to be. I am aware that this all might sound pretentious but this is how I truly feel, I feel this has been the next logical step in my life and because of it, I am reborn into the wonderful world of the shadows.

Spanking my submissive, taking her ass and making it raw – I feel complete. I feel each step in my life, each cameo of my Dominant One in my past relationship, has led to this point – to me fully embracing this part of me and just enveloping it 24/7. Since I have embraced this part of my life, everything I do feels enhanced and right.