Lend Me Your Feedback – 2018 Edition

My last Lend Me Your Feedback post was back in November of 2017, if you can believe that, and since we’re going full steam ahead into August of 2018 (Where has the year gone??) and there have been new people find my blog, I thought I’d start up another thread.

I’ll always keep at my mix of self-help, late night rambles and weird erotica but I would love to hear different takes from different minds. If you – yes, YOU – have a topic you would love to hear my thoughts on, feel free to either comment in the comment section below or shoot me an email at darkanddominant[at]hotmail.com

 Is there a topic you’d like my take on? Something you want to see more of? Anything you’ve been curious to know / ask but there hasn’t been a platform to ask it?

Ask and you shall receive!