A Toast: To 400 followers (THANKYOU)

You better believe I am doing it every 100 or so because fuck, guys – I am just some dorky dark guy from Australia, who admittedly didn’t think much of himself. I never expected to touch so many lives.

And yet, here I am. Here we are.

Group hug?

But seriously, thank you.For what it’s worth, thank you. For support, kind words, and for coming out of your shell to talk to me.

And should there be anyone lurking my pages and wanting to talk but can’t find the words? Please email me, even if it’s what you perceive to be a mess of words. Because you don’t get it, if I can just help you, even if its a slither of help, then it’s made my day. Because it’s why I leave this blog open. YOU’RE the reason. So never feel out of place.

I’ve been busy as all hell lately but my semester is finishing soon and that means, a lot more time to lurk your pages and write more for whoever’s reading. So be prepared. It might possibly be dark.



Dark Roleplaying: Safely Exploring our darkest fantasies

It’s the forbidden stuff that drives us. It’s the forbidden stuff that has been linked with Eve taking the bite out of that apple. Oh, luscious Eve – you sensual creature you. Taking that bite was forbidden and yet, that curiosity – that desire to know what that sweet apple tastes like, that drive that compelled her to sink her teeth deep into the apple – it’s what makes us human.

So why do we recoil when we discover we’ve been fantasising about something taboo? A rape fantasy…an incestuous relationship? Forbidden and yet..desired. Why? Because we are human and because, like it or not folks, what makes us human is that darkness within us all that desires these things.

I find it interesting when someone says they don’t have darker sensual thoughts. Fair enough, plunging into an incestuous relationship isn’t for everyone. Maybe you like the idea of being watched by your neighbour as you are pleasuring yourself? Maybe,,just maybe..you find yourself fantasising about a person when out and about?

I touched on why we are aroused by darkness and danger with Sex and Death but now Roleplaying is on my mind — just like forcing my then-pet to squirt onto her parent’s bed was on my younger and more clumsier Dominant’s mind. Why? Because of the thrill of roleplaying, because that forbidden feeling, that intoxicating surge of electricity, is what drives us.

And still the question remains: Why do we recoil? Why do we fight it?

Emotion plays a key role. I think whatever is working within our brains has a part to play with each different taboo we want to cross off the list. Why do we enjoy a rape fantasy? What is it that draws me to the fantasy of holding down a sister and tasting her sweet self and why is it, there is a pang of guilt when I admit to enjoying it? We have to let go of these boundaries. Maybe they hold the key to some sort of enlightenment. But the last thing you want to do, I think, is deny that.

I’m telling you now: Don’t. Establish a safe boundary and explore it. Sit with it, get to know it. You might walk out of the experience a changed person or perhaps a wiser person. Or maybe it’s just like anything else and it just arouses you. Simple as that. Or is it really?

I Am Watching

I am standing outside your window


Watching you peel up your favourite pair of panties. They fit snugly around your delicious ass.

I am watching you stand before your full length mirror, gazing at your breasts as they heave with every breath. Why do you hesitate?
You bend down and open a drawer, your tight panties reveal the curves of your ass. My mouth waters. You pull out a bra – lacy and black – and start to pull it on. Then follows a loose light blue top. Then you leave the bedroom.

I wait till dark. You come back to the bedroom, slink off your clothing, your nude body is divine against the backdrop of this sunset. You turn out the light.
Minutes later, you softly snore. It is time.
I sneak to the backdoor, left ajar. Creep up the stairs, like a shadow in the moonlight.
Your bedroom door swings open thanks to a gentle breeze.

I glide into your bedroom

over you..

You stir. And that’s when you see me. You start to squeal. But I hold you down by the throat and roughly force you up on your hands and knees. You squirm. Oh my, how you squirm. But I hold you tight. You still wiggle – you try to throw a punch but i have you tight and when you know it’s too late, you give up. Suddenly, you’re more still. Your knees prop up, your ass is raised.
Your cunt glistens in the moonlight. You are aroused, my my!
I grip your hips, tug the fuck out of your hair and slide myself in..

you gasp in the darkness..a small, strained and guttural moan.

I watch you love it.