12 Days of Kinkmas Collection

In honour of the fourth annual 12 Days of Kinkmas (Formally 12 Days of BDSM Christmas but hoo boy, what a mouthful), I thought I would compile a list of the previous three years for anyone interested to catch up or newcomers or just people that enjoy my writing – it’s all there to binge. Or not! The choice is yours!

For anyone out of the loop, my12 Days of… series is back-to-back Christmas themed short erotica. Call it a gift from me to you!

12 Days of BDSM Christmas – 2015.

  1. Ignition’
  2. Mud’
  3. ‘Ornaments’
  4. ‘My Gift to You’
  5. ‘Worship’
  6. ‘Final Exam’
  7. ‘Monument’
  8. Obedient Little Girl’
  9. ‘Driving Home’
  10. ‘Reflections’
  11. ‘Q/A’
  12. ‘Giving Thanks’


12 Days of BDSM Christmas – 2016

  1. Elizabeth’
  2. ‘Snow Angel’
  3. ‘The Voice in the Darkness’
  4. ‘The Myth of Writing’
  5. ‘I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry’
  6. [An animal tore out this page]
  7. ‘The Dominant’s Growl’
  8. Christmas Fetish
  9. Christmas Guests
  10. Christmas Lights
  11. Terrible Mother!


12 Days of BDSM Christmas – 2017

  1. ‘The Little Drummer Boy’
  2. ‘Silent Night’
  3. ‘Interlude I – Elizabeth II’
  4. ‘Jingle Bells’
  5. ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’
  6. ‘Interlude II – The Cabin’
  7. O Holy Night’
  8. ‘Joy to the World’
  9. ‘Interlude III: Rite of Passage’
  10. Do You Hear What I hear?’
  11. ‘Candlelight Carol’
  12. ‘After’




12 Days of BDSM Christmas – Day #3: Ornaments


Listen here you little whore,
your pink little nipples better not let me down.
They better stay all hard and behaving for these
ornaments I’m about to slip over them.

You know I have guests arriving.
You know I expect the very best.
That means standing there, in your
fucking naughty corner, on display
because you’ve fucked up.

If those nipples become soft,
if those ornaments fall,
I’ll bend you over my knee
and make you wish you were far
from my hand.

See, this is what happens to
naughty girls when they lash out at their
owners. They pay the price.

What’s that? You don’t think
it’s possible to stay hard while my guests
and I have dinner?
You better try your damnedest then,
because I am not going to let them
see an insubordinate girl like you go


IF you can get those nipples to stay hard.
If your head is bowed.
If you stand up straight and stay silent,
Christmas will come early for you.

Not only will I take you in front of my guests,
like you’ve always fantasised —
They will each take their time with you.

She’s been a plus one. You didn’t know that, did you?
She’s going to be there as well, indeed!
I know you want to impress her.
I can see it now in your eyes.
Hm? Oh I don’t know if she’ll be permitted to join in.
I guess for your sake, you better hope so my dear.

Because unless you stand up straight

unless your head is bowed

unless your nipples stay hard

unless you’re silent

Well, you know what happens to naughty girls don’t you?

Oh! That’s the doorbell. Remember your training, little girl…