Primal Creatures: Looking At The Primal Dynamic



One thing that comes up often in a conversation with a reader who is new to the world (and to my blog) is What does it mean to be primal?

It’s a good question because the explanation is so much more than offering up a definition of the word.


What IS a Primal?

 Have you ever had a sudden urge to act on impulse, whether that be to run out in the rain, to howl at the moon, masturbate in a risky place, undress in places deemed inappropriate?

Having these raw, unprocessed, unfiltered thoughts and feelings, no matter what they are, can be classified as being primal.

It’s more than unfiltered thought though, it’s a mindset: to take on urges and impulses directly without the fear or shame or masks we wear in society.

To that end, to become primal is to strip yourself of all the barriers you might have built up over the years in place of dealing with society, and to just simply be. As you are. As nature intended you to be. An animal.

In an effort to help describe the sensation, I am going to write now from a purely personal place and keep in mind, everything I experience in subjective.

I have been primal for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of such an encounter is when I was a teenager, probably 14 or so, and I was running around the bush here (As I grew up in the country side outside of town) completely naked. Why? I have no idea. But in this cases, I would just run, fuelled by this gut feeling, by feeling sensual and alive and animalistic.

I think later in my teen years, after a lengthy storm ravaged the countryside, I ran far beyond the reaches of my home, far from the view of my family, stripped completely naked and laid down in the mud and rubbed my cock and body against the ground to breaking point. I came over the earth, muddy and breathless.

I also masturbated in the toilets at a KFC one time because I was carried away and felt that the situation was incredibly hot. Maybe that carries into the concept of Exhibitionism but that I did it in the first place reminds me of the concept of being primal.

In a relationship, primal takes on a different turn. I recognise the scent of my kitten. Whether it is her arousal or just the scent of her perfume or her body, it relaxes me. It eases my anxiety, it soothes it. As animals, smell is a huge thing to us – it is, after all, what draws us together.



 Have you ever felt something so powerful, so rich, that it kickstarts your heart and ramps up the andrenaline within you? It’s a feeling I can best describe as: energetic, intoxicating, you can’t sit still and you certainly can’t fight it. Maybe you’re out of control.

What you are feeling is a massive turn on and is thrilling and yet, you are afraid of it, because you can feel the immense power. You are happy to drown in it because everything around you, your body, your mind, feels on fire. This is what it means to feel animalistic, to feel primal.

If you are feeling this, if you have experienced something similar to my experiences above, you might be more in tune with your primal being than you realise.



 Pet play, which is a form of roleplay in which the submissive acts as a pet or creature, goes hand in hand with the primal dynamic.

Pet play can see the submissive own the animal within her, while she perform such duties in the role like eating out of her special bowl, adhere to the restrictions of the leash and even vocalise as her creature, which can be sexy.

In other scenes, the dynamic can see the Dominant take on the form of the Predator while the submissive takes on the form of prey. In this scene, whatever the elements agreed upon, it is not unusual to feel possessed, to feel the hunt and for the submissive, it is not uncommon to feel fear for being the prey. Sometimes these situations can go over the boundaries of what is safe and consensual, sometimes that is enjoyed – just be cautious of one’s wellbeing at all times.



Though the power is all consuming, intoxicating and electrifying, there is nothing to fear. You are experiencing something not everyone can, or will admit to.

These feelings, however dark or animal they may seem, are natural and to feel them in the first place, to identify and own them, is a testament to the strength of the individual! Because we fear what we don’t understand and we fear what is purely, unapologetically animalistic.



Think of a moment in your lifetime where you might have felt primal. Write it down, come to terms with it. What were the circumstances? Where were you? How did it make you feel? And on a side note, feel free to share it via comments or through email. One or the other.