The Contract, Part II


Note: This is the lengthy second part. So take your time, relax in bed or where you like to read. Hopefully it will wash over you, like the sensations Ariel is about to feel.

Ariel squirmed on the spot – but it was no use, the sea witch’s tentacles held both her arms and legs in a dangerously tight grip.
One tentacle slithered across Ariel’s forehead, brushing her red hair out of her eyes.
Even tied up and at the mercy of the sea witch, Ariel found the sentiment curious. It almost seemed like the witch was interested in more than just taking her, as the sea witch put it.
That was when Ariel noticed she was being lifted upward. Her instant reaction was to use her fin but when her legs kicked away, she had to remind herself she was now human.
With that thought, fear seemed to wash over her – a warm and tingly sensation.
“What are you doing?” She stammered.
“I told you to hold still” The sea witch barked.
A tentacle lashed out across Ariel’s left breast, striking the nipple.
Ariel shrieked at the burning sensation. Both being struck and being lifted in the air made her uneasy. Suddenly, she wished she were on dry land, being comforted by her sweet prince. Maybe this was nothing but a terrible dream?
The sea witch started moving ahead, dragging Ariel away through the cave as if she were a rag doll.
“Please…just let me go. Let me go to him. I don’t like this – let me go to him.”
The sea witch spun back to face her, her eyes fierce. Ariel shrunk back at the sight.
“What is it about this man? How can you possibly have such undying love for a human you’ve never met?”
Ariel felt the tentacles lift her and turn her overhead. Suddenly, she was facing the bottom of the cave. She heard the sea witch chuckle to herself from behind her and felt a cool wind gently kiss her pale behind.
“Such a sweet little pussy. I cannot believe the incantation even provided you with that nice tuft of fur, sweetie. The human will love that…after I am done with you”

It was these words that brought Ariel to tears instantly. They just came in a second, like a light bulb switching on. She could feel the tears roll down her cheeks and across her lips.
“Please. I don’t know if I can do this..”
Ariel thrashed around, tried to kick her legs free of the tentacles but it was no use, the grip was secure.
The sea witch growled at this. The noise sent shivers down Ariel’s body – that same fear mixed with…she’s never felt anything like it before. Excitement? Was it excitement?
“We had…an agreement”
The witch ran her tentacle up alongside Ariel’s ass, stroking the curves.
“And you shall honour that agreement”
At this, the sea witch slid her tentacle into Ariel’s ass forcefully.
Ariel was knocked forward, the air leaving her new set of lungs. Yet, the tentacles held her in place…and somewhere, a vague and faint thought: Excitement.
Ariel felt dizzy as the tentacle opened her ass up, sliding in and out, working forcefully.
There was pain. Throbbing around her ass and coursing through her body…and yet, that excitement remained. A dull ache between her legs that spread down to her ass.
Ariel withdrew into her mind, trying to think of the dry land, of her sweet prince, as she stared at the ground.
She closed her eyes as her body quivered and shook at the mercy of the sea witch.
Withdrawing into her mind eased the pain of her ass but that frightening arousal remained, like the distant rumble of thunder in the storms above the sea.
With her eyes closed she could see him – the prince, in his dashing white suit. Then everything changed. She could see the sea witch, her hips thrusting into her ass. Ariel could hear her moaning loudly in that deep and husky voice of hers.The sight was almost enjoyable –


Ariel thrust her eyes open and away from the thought. It was then she realised that she was the one moaning, not the sea witch. A mix of horror and excitement washed over. It was warm and frightening and…delicious.
No, Ariel thought. I must try to fight this. I love my prince.
She tried to wriggle free, but that was hopeless. Each thrust of the tentacle in her ass made her legs weak and her mind was only growing fuzzier by the second.
“I hope you are wiggling in arousal, sweet thing” The sea witch cooed lowly.
“Please…my prince”
A tentacle lashed at her ass, sending Ariel forward into the muddy grounds of the cave.
Her breasts scraped against the cool rock, her hard nipples dragging along the bottom of the cave. The sensation stung but with it came a tinge of pleasure.
Her breasts were now covered in the cool mud from the bottom of the cave. Such sensation only served to make Ariel’s nipples ache out.
The tentacle lashed out at her ass again…and again. Each strike harder and harder, all the while the other tentacle worked at her ass, sliding in and out. In and out. In and out.
The sea witch was uttering a language Ariel hadn’t heard before.
“Fucking little bitch” The sea witch muttered.
Ariel could feel the skin tearing away at her breast, yet the sensation only seemed to bring more of that excitement to her. The feeling of having her nipple being dragged across the cold rocks below heightened this.
The pain she felt in her ass and across her cheeks heightened this further as well.

Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted in the air again. Her vision swirled around to face the cave wall this time. Her mind was hazy, her thoughts not even making sense. She tried to escape within her mind to her prince but she could only be present in the moment now, a slave to the witch. A slave to this…desire.
Her vision blurred again as she was moved around so that she was face to face with the sea witch.
“You will look at me when I am talking to you” The sea witch barked. “I want to see your face as I claim you”
“Take it out of me…please”
Ariel squirmed on the spot. “It’s doing things to me.”
“If you cared about me –“

The air was taken out of Ariel so hard she squealed out loud. She would’ve almost certainly fell forward if it weren’t for the tentacles holding her in place.
That was when she looked down and noticed it – the writhing, throbbing tentacle filling up the warm spot between her legs.
Ariel could no longer think straight or concentrate on withdrawing into her mind. All she could focus on was her body being used as an instrument as she was suspended in mid air, tentacles sliding in and out of both her pussy and her ass.
She watched sea witch throw back her head and moan loudly. Ariel found the sight beautiful in a way.
It was oddly hypnotic seeing the witch sway her hips into Ariel. The feeling itself, the tentacle filling up her pussy and tearing out again, was unlike anything Ariel had ever felt. She found a noise escaping her lips – a drawn out grunt – and she couldn’t help but throw her head back and concentrate on the tentacles invading her body.
Horror gave way to pleasure. Ariel found herself welcoming the tentacles, rocking her hips into them.
There was pain, yes, but there was a different sort of pressure building. It sent goose bumps traveling down across her nipples, making them throb.
The sea witch moved Ariel towards her upon seeing this, and brought her mouth to Ariel’s left breast.

Ariel was surprised at the cry that escaped her lips as the witch brought the nipple into her warm mouth.
At this, a tentacle lashed towards the sea witch herself, and the witch’s black top went floating away into the darkness of the cave, revealing her pale and large breasts.
Ariel glanced at them and became captivated at the view of the witch’s small nipple, which was growing hard in that moment.
The sea witch lifted her mouth from Ariel’s nipple and at once, Ariel was propelled forward.
She came to rest between the sea witch’s breasts.
“In this moment, you are mine. So please me”
Ariel opened her mouth without thinking and the witch’s nipple slipped into her mouth. The taste was salty, alien to Ariel. But it stirred a hunger within her. She didn’t want to stop. She had to keep going.
As the tentacles played with Ariel, Ariel sucked and the sea witch spoke in that alien tongue.
“Ooooh, you fucking whore. Yes. Yesss” She hissed.
The two of them writhed around together, connected. They moaned together, first one at a time, each at a different rhythm – then in unison.
Ariel was in a daze, surprised to find she was dutifully working her mouth on the nipple as she was swaying her hips into the witch’s tentacles.

She no longer felt pain, not in her ass, not in her pussy. There was no dull ache of pain, only pleasure. Only the pleasure rose, stirring across her ass and up her back in waves of shivers. It rose and it rose and Ariel felt her whole body quake with something…something of which she had never felt before. She found her breathing became tight and tried to take a breath but her chest was tighter.
Her cries were automatic, coming out from some primal instinct she had never felt before. They became more frequent, higher and higher and louder and louder. Ariel felt urgency, she felt her legs trembling. She felt ––

It hit her. A sharp jolt of pleasure, the pain of the tentacles keeping her arms and legs tightly in place. Ariel’s orgasm washed over, leaving her trembling and whimpering. She collapsed across the chest of the sea witch, trying to catch her breath.

The sea witch smirked down at her. “Oh, you precious thing. My plaything. Your first orgasm…mmm.”
Ariel tried to speak but nothing could come out. Her whole body ached. The pain was coming back. But this time, it brought with it something else. A certain sadistic glee.
“I am not done with you, you understand.”
Ariel nodded. She understood now. The fantasy of the dry land was far away, a dream she once had. Nothing more. She belonged to the sea witch. She was the instrument, Her instrument now. What that led to, she didn’t know. But it was for the witch to decide.
“Good girl” the witch said softly, sliding a tentacle across Ariel’s cheeks.
At that, the witch stretched down, kissing down her stomach. The touch was cool and soft and tender to Ariel.
That was when the sea witch lowered her mouth upon Ariel and began to feast.

Note: Thank you for your positive thoughts. It means the world to me, each and every one of them. Now that you’ve read it – and hopefully haven’t skimmed – I want you to write below how you felt while reading it and what state it left you in. I love hearing reactions so please, humour me.

Close to Home

As this is my 50th post on WordPress, I wanted to do an erotic piece that’s a little lengthy. I consider this part of my ‘Dark Disney’ trilogy, the first story being One Of These Days. I hope this ignites that fire within you all

– TD&D


The first fireworks shoot up into the sky, exploding in dazzling colours of green and purple and lighting up the faces of the crowd of Disneyworld. Within an instant, that firework dies down, plunging the crowd of Main Street into darkness.

Another one fires up into the sky – blinding shades of blue – and that’s when my eyes found her again: the Disney worker dressed up Elsa, resting against one of the houses of Main Street, clutching her phone and peering into it as she tapped away, obviously off duty. She was playing with a strand of her blonde hair, obviously not a wig. My eyes fell to her breasts, tightly covered by her icy dress.

What would they look like if she were to slip out of that dress? I had wondered earlier today as I tracked her as she made her rounds, eyeing off her leg that appeared through the slit of that wonderful dress.

I had tracked her the past hour, my mind ignited by her presence, stirring my cock from within my pants.

I had waited till the fireworks started, till the crowd was wild and filled into Main Street to watch the fireworks.

A set of fireworks shot up into the sky, one after the other – The time was now. The time was right. I quickened my pace, squeezing past the zombies in the crowd.

The girl was resting on the corner of a wall, sitting that sweet ass between the exterior of a fake house and the corner of an alleyway that stretched into the locker rooms of the park.

She looked up at me approaching and must’ve seen something in my eyes because those eyes of hers froze and with that, she dropped the phone. No body seemed to notice.

I surprised myself – I lashed out at her throat, gripping tightly. She choked for help but between the fireworks show and the cheering crowd, no body heard. No body saw me drag her into the darkness.


I pulled her into the corner of the empty locker room. She squealed for help but she was still trying to catch her breath. Good.

I grabbed at the material holding back her tits. She flinched as I tried to tear it off and that, I could feel my cock grow harder – but the dress wasn’t tearing free.

“Turn around” I barked.

She just sobbed.

“Turn the fuck around!”

I grabbed her wist and spun her so that her ass – her sweet ass – was up against my hard cock. She must’ve felt it too because she sobbed more loudly, her body quivering against me.

But I found the zipper…and tore it down, revealing a lovely white bra strap. Oh, pure innocence!

With one hand, I gripped her hips and tore the dress down from her body, revealing white satin panties. They must’ve been small because they tightly hugged her ass. Delicious.


She begged me, mumbling something doing something. Something about money. But I wanted her. I wanted to breathe her in. And as I pulled down at the corners of her panties, she let out a shrill noise. It took me by surprise because it sounded almost like a moan, as if tearing off those panties forcefully must’ve been a relief on her bare skin after what could’ve possibly been a long shift for her.

And her ass – oh sweet Jesus, that pale blinding ass – White as snow, perfectly formed and perfectly sized. Picture perfect. I’d snap it if I had a third hand.

With my free hand, though, I tore her bra off and across the room. It made a sharp ding of a noise as it hit the ground and nothing more.

Her tits tumbled free, large and yet their shape was odd. Triangular almost.

Yet I thought she was an angel. Her imperfect tits were striking to me simply because they were different and thus, unique. My hands wandered up over her nipples. Fucking hell – they were soft.

“I don’t want them soft. I Don’t want them soft”

She mumbled something; her blonde hair was over her face.

I rubbed my thumb over her nipples, tugging on them..hard…then harder..until her sweet body betrayed her. Her nipple grew under my touch.


With that, I held her down while I unzipped my cock free. She heard the zipper and started to squirm but I reeled her in by tugging on her hair viciously. She jolted – then froze.

I wrapped my arm around her chest and leant in, feeling the tip of my cock brush against her ass cheeks.

The plan, as I had fantasised an hour earlier, was to just take her doggy style, but the more that I was looking at her ass, the more I wanted it.

With my free hand, I opened my palm and spat on it and with that, I rubbed it into her ass. Again, something erupted from her that felt like a moan. She even rocked back into me – or maybe that was a squirm. I don’t know.

When I had lubed up her ass enough, I pressed my cock against her, knelt in so far my lips kissed her neck, and it slid into her.

She screamed..well, she might’ve intended to scream but it came out strained.

Fuck, her ass was tight.

She resisted, trying to slip out of my arms and away into the night but the more I worked my cock in and out of that tight ass, the more she started to stop resisting..the more she laid slumped against the wall, letting out something akin to a moan and a grunt.

Had I pounded her into submission? I wasn’t done with her yet so I hoped not.

I slipped out of her ass and down into her cu….I paused. She was soaking. The little bitch liked it. Either that or her body betrayed her.


I knelt on my knees, ready to taste Queen Elsa, the little submissive bitch.

“You are mine” I said to her as I kissed her ass.

“Fuck y-you”

I slapped her ass as hard as I could, my palms stinging. “You. Are. Mine. I am claiming what I want”

“Go to H-hell”

I rose up to meet her and wrapped my hands around her throat. “Listen you little bitch, I want what is mine. Your little cunt belongs to me now”

She lifted up a hand.

“I am engaged, you piece of shit, you’ll never have me”

A ring? She had on a ring all this time? No matter – I grabbed her finger, tore the ring off her and threw it aside.

She sobbed at this, uncontrollably jerking into the wall.

“The thing about desire is…it betrays us all in the end. While we might love our partners and love our place in the world, something could come and turn us. Your soaking cunt proves this. You are exhilarated”



“NO, You fucker”

I slid my hard cock into her and her sweet voice struggled to maintain its fierceness. “Ohhh..fuckkkkk”

Her words were drawn out in a delicious hiss.

“Who do you belong to?”

“I-it f-f-feels so…fff”

Who do you belong to?”

I run my hands over her tits and found that she was moving back into me, meeting my now slick cock. Slick with her juices.

“Oh God help m-m-mmmmm…”


I slapped her ass hard and she squealed. Somewhere in the distance, the fireworks went off.

“You. You! Please, oh God. God help me….just..”

“Just what?”

I could feel her warmth around my cock.

“Just let me come”

I grinned. I had broken in my princess.




Note: This one is pretty dark. I surprised even myself while free form writing it. It’s vicious and sexy and just utterly brutal. What I mean is this: Be in a low lit area. Be ready for the journey. Be ready for something edgy.






Stupid fucking bitch — was the thought running through my head. How dare she mock me, degrade me in front of her friends and family. How dare just wipe her hands clean of me, as if I were nothing. As if this relationship was nothing to her.
I’ll fucking show her.
I see her return back home from wherever the fuck the whore was. She slinks out of the car like some alley cat slut, wearing her short dark blue dress — a thought hits my mind. She’s worn that dress before at her family BBQ. She bent over to pick up a book that had fallen off the nearby shelf and you got a clear view of her purple panties riding up her pale ass. Fucking slut, I bet she did it on purpose.
She makes her way up the porch and turns on the verandah light. Her figure is illuminated – she is curvy and plump. Long mousy brown hair runs mid way to her back. The sight of her cleavage in that tin dress makes me hard.
I’ve anticipated her return, you see. I know her nightly ritual because I’ve lived with her for years.
She’ll get undressed, pour herself a glass of wine, down that in a few greedy gulps and then she’ll head to bed where she’ll read a few chapters of whatever fucking book she was reading.
So I wait. I wait with my hard cock tenting in my jeans. I’m excited by the idea of tormenting the fuck out of this bitch. Fucks me over, does she? Oh, she’ll learn.
Minutes pass and her bedroom light goes out. Here I come, cumslut.
The plan? To brutalise the absolute fuck out of her cunt. Make her feel all the burning humiliation I felt as she disrespected me. NO ONE FUCKING DISRESPECTS ME.
Lucky for me, unlucky for her, I know where she keeps the spare key to the house, under the lounge on he verandah.
I sneak in. The dogs know me so they sleepily raise their heads and look at me but then their curiosity fades.
As I move through the living room and in the hallway, I hear her turn the pages of her book.
Moonlight lights my way easy enough that I can avoid obstacles in my path.
I turn a corner and then I see the light seeping through from the cracks in the closed door. Our old bedroom. How long has it been since we shared a bed? 3 months?
How many times has a man used that vibrator on your cunt, bitch? I find myself thinking. My cock aches.
I push the door forward with two fingers — it swings open slowly and then she notices me, dropping my book.
Her mouth hangs open and my eyes fall on her heaving tits – fuck, it is good to see them again.
She goes to speak, probably to say my name, but something in me propels me forward.
I grab her firmly by the neck and throw her down beneath me. She struggles, making some awfully gasping sound. It’s music to my ears.
Her legs are flopping about, like a fish out of water. Somehow she manages to throw her book at me, the corner of it whacks me in the right eye – I’m momentarily blinded — and she goes to get up but I hold her down.
You FUCKING bitch I find myself roaring. My hands are back at her throat, squeezing the life out of her, the other hand slips over her mouth, muffling her sobs.
Shut up, shut the fuck up.
My hand lifts from her mouth and grips her by the hair, grabbing a fistful randomly. She gets out a scream — then with all my might, I throw her against the bed. Her pale naked ass presenting itself to me. She falls limp.
I unbutton my belt — and that’s when she goes to squirm again but I grip her by the neck.
Wiggling worm, stay the fuck down
“Fuck you” she hisses.
I slip my belt free from my jeans, fold it.
*I am so FUCKING sick of your Cheek”
I whip her. She lets out a sob, gasping hungrily for air. Her body quivers on the spot. I whip her a second time. a third.
Her ass is red now and I am hard.
I hesitate, listening to her sobs. Finding myself enjoying the moment – then she makes a break for it again.
I lose it, I go into a daze, whipping and whipping and whipping…things blur over..or maybe it’s where her book smacked me in the eye…when I came too, her ass has cuts in it, massive welts. She’s limp.
This angers me again. I whip her again, it feels good. I think of all the time we’ve argued and I hit her harder and faster. It feels good.
She’s heaving now, gasping. Like a wounded animal. The sound is odd.
I sit back on her knees and let out a sigh. She makes no attempt to run. Her face is buried beneath a pillow, she is sobbing.
I slap her ass with my bare hand. Get up
No movement. -WHIP-
Get on your knees

She slowly stumbles up on her knees. I kick off my jeans, toss them on the floor. Her ass is facing me when I turn back to face her and I grin.
You humiliated me. Now it’s my turn to return the favour
She moves her head around to face me, her face is red and wet with tears.
“Fuck Y-”
I spit on her face and she flinches, letting out a sob.
I will fuck you, no problem
I guide my hard cock to her ass, lubricating it with the spit on my fingertips. It takes a bit to ease myself into it – and she’s crying, but she doesn’t scream, she seems frenzied, dazed.
Make a sound though – and I’ll beat you again
She whimpers in acknowledgement.
Then I take her ass. How long? I am not sure. I take it as fast and hard as her virgin ass allows. She’s grunting, crying, as if these are little sharp moans. They only make me fuck her harder.
“S-s-stop” She says but then she falls quiet.
I grip her hips and continue thrusting, starting to pant myself.
You remember my cock when you sit down tomorrow
She sobs at this.
Then it catches my eye and I stop, my cock easing out of her ass, her slumping forward…
I laugh. Her cunt is glistening in the light. The fucking bitch is enjoying this.
I reach out and slide my finger along her slit. She reacts to it, vocalising somewhere between a sob and a moan.
She is definitely soaking, her cunt hungrily tries to take my finger inside but I pull back. She grunts in frustration so I whip her ass again and she falls silent.
Stupid fucking bitch, what will I do to you?