His Journals

Here you’ll find my thoughts and musings about my journey in this world. It’s a bit cluttered but hopefully worthwhile.

What does it mean to be Dominant?

‘B’ is For Bestiality

The Animal In Me: Looking At What It Means To Be ‘Primal’

Don’t Run From your Feelings

The Daddy Dom in Me

The Philosophy Behind Punishment

A Note To The Afraid Submissive

Anxiety and Dominance

On Sub-Drop

The Master Mentality

 The power of Orgasm Denial

The Call Of The Whip

The thrill of the Golden Shower

 The Collar and the Leash

 BDSM, Our Journey and Destiny


The Dominant’s Growl: A Q&A series

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five



BDSM and Fifty Shades of Grey

Me, You and Nudity

Spanking is Cathartic

The 1950’s Household in BDSM

Why I Love Strong Women: In And Out Of Roles In BDSM

The Submissive’s Gift 

Sex and Death


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