Hi there and welcome to my blog!

I’m a thirty-something Dominant man that hails from Australia. I’ve been in the lifestyle since my teens but it was only through my twenties that I started to explore and define who I am and where I belong.

In this blog you’ll find a collection of my rambling journals, my erotica and my musings on the psychology of BDSM and D/s interactions.

I started this blog for a few reasons. I struggled a lot with finding my way initially. I was shy and didn’t know where to begin at all. So I wanted to offer a blog that was friendly and informative while still retaining that personal voice from me to some newcomers that come along my blog.

Beyond that, it’s a way for me to combat my shyness by sharing my erotic non fiction or fictional stories, my thoughts and the feelings I come across in my day to day life and in my own relationship with my kitten. I’m fascinated with the psychology behind BDSM and D/s relationships and you’ll often find me posting late at night about the mind.

If you want to ask a question, feel like saying hello or if you need a friendly chat, you are more than welcome to write to me at


Please don’t hesitate. Everyone is welcome, regardless of sex, race, age or background. I certainly don’t judge, nor would you be bugging me.

I don’t claim to be a masterful expert. I’m still learning each day and growing and adapting to new strategies and activities.

Lastly, thank you if you’ve followed, thank you if you’re here from a search engine – I appreciate your time and I look forward to chatting with you.

26 thoughts on “ABOUT AND CONTACT

  1. Sir, one of the odd things i have found, especially on wordpress and in connection with this odd little world of kink, are the manners. people write kindly and gently in comments, manners and words are carefully written and feelings and hearts are taken into consideration. such a shame the other world cannot see quite how beautiful things are this side of the world.

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  2. You seem like a old soul to me, so inspiring you are. I love all your stories. I stumbled upon you at a perfect time. I am new to being a submissive, so your input and how you treat your kitten is eye opening.And the importance of being a gentleman as a DOM is very sexy. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you very much, Victoria. I’m glad I have been able to help you. I hope you stick around and join me on my journeys! And please, if you have anything to discuss behind closed doors, do let me know straight away!


  3. Wow amazing Sir as i have has some bad experiences in the D/s realm and now am almost scared to return to it. Love what You have wrote


    1. Hey there!

      While I thank you for your interest, I have since had a crisis of faith regarding patreon. Namely that I don’t think my writing should be something that people pay for. I forgot this was on my about me and I’ll take it down now.


  4. Love your tumblr by the way. My app is a little haunted & it won’t authorize for me to post there right now however I really enjoyed looking at your content. Your taste is impeccable.


  5. Good morning. Firstly I wanted to say thanks again for the nomination for the Mystery Blogger Award, I feel special to be thought of. This morning however I am in the midst of contacting all my nominations. Unfortunately it was brought to my attention that the creator of this award is a young 19 year old girl. My blog contains adult content and I’m not comfortable with submitting my entry no longer. I will be withdrawing today. I of course will leave that decision up to you. Have a great day. 😊 and thanks once again. Ps. 😁 I enjoy reading your blog and will be going back through your posts to check out your earlier stuff some more. 😊


  6. I’m new to your blog but am happy to have landed here.

    will add you to my roll. it’s always refreshing to see a blog written from a Dominant perspective as too often I find that most of the blogs are written from the POV of the submissive / little.

    It took us a short while but after some time in D/s we came to identify as DD/lg.I enjoyed reading your post on identifying as a Daddy Dom.


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