Late Night Contemplation

So a reader asked me if I offered the opportunity for any reader to write in to me out of a sense of obligation and I wanted to just talk a little bit about that right now.

The answer is that I don’t just offer it to be nice. To me that’s not genuine and not something that I feel in my bones. I do it because I genuinely want to open the door for conversation. I want to provide a platform for people, who were like me in the beginning, to talk as much as they’d like. I know people can find that hard or don’t want to do that or struggle with shyness and being open is intimidating but I still like to leave that door open. I just hate the idea of someone suffering, even though I understand people have to forge their own path. I learnt that the slowest, hardest way.

I am scatterbrained and lately a gig I’ve had as a writer is kicking my ass and all my creativity is going into that. I’ll be forgetful to respond – sometimes I even THINK I respond when I haven’t. I can be very, what’s the word..? Absent minded? Head in clouds with my thoughts? I wrote about this on Twitter – when I write, I can hear the scene to the point where a sound bleeds through and I wonder if that’s life or in my imagination. Loud thoughts I guess. Or I’m insane.

The point is – while I’m scatterbrained, please don’t think that’s disinterest in charting or in a lack of patience. You’re not a bother, it’s just my mind. You should talk to me in person! Hop boy, am I one of those people that change gears mid sentence because – brain!

Anyway. I don’t know if this was an individual worry or if more than one person thought of it but I thought I’d throw it out there while it’s early morning and I’m contemplative!

Have a lovely day and take care of yourself!

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