Displaced In Time: Musing On The 1950s Household in D/s

I’ve always had a fascination with the concepts of the 1950s household and how it relates to BDSM and the D/s relationship.

I’ve always had a fascination with the 1950s itself – the music, the fashion, the cars, the movies (give me a B movie or an old fashioned suspense thriller anytime) and the relationships between men and women behind closed doors. What facades did they present to society? What did they hide behind closed doors?

I’ve copped criticism from some people within the community for my interest in the 1950s household / power exchange D/s relationship – mostly because of what came with the 1950s – sexism, bigotry, abuse – so I’ve strayed from talking about it. But you see, I’ve started to realise two things – 1, never let someone criticise you unfairly and 2, if two people in a D/s relationship agree to a TPE in the context of a 1950s household, they shouldn’t be shamed for it. Agree to disagree, all that jazz.

The idea of a 1950s household can be separated into two different aspects – the look of the age – clothing, old sitcoms, vintage furniture – to the feel of the age – dinners at the table, a man holding the door open for a lady, etiquette and discipline and structure.

I don’t think the aim of it is to take it back to the reality of the 1950s but more capture that longing in your bones for what it represented – like innocence, love and simplicity.

And I think, for me, that’s what appeals to my soul personally – a sense of joy and wonder and a love that runs deep for the aesthetic and mood. I often feel like I’ve been displaced in time so this is a warm concept to me.

As a dominant, it’s enticing to think of a submissive woman in this period and the different sides of her life. The different sides of her mind. It’s a beautiful, thrilling thing to earn the trust of someone and see a side that few see. It’s sexy, even, to think on ALL that that includes. From mannerisms to personality to desires.

I would love to write a multi-arc story about a couple exploring the dynamic, as a period piece. It would be fascinating for me to write and research.

3 thoughts on “Displaced In Time: Musing On The 1950s Household in D/s

  1. I completely understand your fascination by the 1950s lifestyle. While many of the negative things you listed did exist, people who shame the D/s lifestyle based on that are assuming it existed in every household. What other reason could their objections stem from? There were far more houses that didn’t exhibit abuse and bigotry than did, or we’d still be living it IMHO. But I digress. I grew up in a household that was very traditional, minus the Dd aspect I’m sure. My mother was no shrinking violet, but she did defer to my Dad when it was something of importance ( she ran that house ). Anyway, she talks lovingly about getting ready for my Dad when he came home from work. She never laughs and comments about how silly it was to be ‘dressed’ for your husband after his hard day at work. She didn’t do that by the time I came along, but there is no resentment concerning the way they used to live. And for his part, my Dad was every bit the gentleman. No abuse. Just traditional rolls between two people who obviously loved each other very much. I personally love living our traditional lifestyle…with kinky twists. LOL


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  2. Daddy and i live in a 1950’s D/s relationship. Nothing could be better!!! 😉 We’ve taken the best parts of that era and brought them into our relationship leaving the yucky parts where they belong… in the past.

    I’ve gotten a bit of flack for describing my marriage as a 1950’s household based on the negative assumptions of the era. I brush those opinions off as ignorant and go along my happy little way.

    Explore away!!! 🙂 It’s a fun lifestyle!!!

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