I’m Just A Geeky Dominant

When I’m talking to people from the lifestyle and something comes up, like music or tv or an upcoming Disney film, they seem surprised that I’m that excited about, say, the upcoming Frozen II – which I’m FREAKING excited for. But anyway.

I guess there’s still a bit of a myth about dominants out there, that they’re all serious and adult and dark and mysterious. Although I’ve been called all of those things at one point or another in my life, I’m also a huge geek.

So I wanted to just – basically – pull back the curtain – for those curious – and geek out with you all, on this fine sunny Melbourne day, about my interests.

So, if you were to walk into my house, the first thing you’d notice was my collection of pop vinyls. Yes, I’m one of those people. I have them on my bookshelves and across my entertainment unit. I collect Disney villains, other such Disney characters from my favourite films and a long line of horror villains guarding my horror DVDs.

Why do I collect them? They’re little (and affordable!) reminders of the stories that inspire me and drive me forward. They’re reminders to not lose sight of that side of myself in the daily grind that is adult life.

It helps that, on top of one shelf, I have Ripley in the Power Loader facing off against the Queen Alien – both from NECA, how I love thee.

Beyond those, I’m an avid gamer. I own a PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and when I’m not working on a new project or writing, you can find me gaming. RPGs, Horror games – I love them all. I love storytelling across all mediums and I love looking at aspects like voice acting or motion capture or the presentation of the game itself.

Some of it has a way of getting under your skin and getting you to confront your beliefs in a way that’s really creative and exciting to me. How I find time to do these things, well, I have no idea. For someone that thinks they suck at time management, I seem to be doing okay.

Beyond gaming, I’m a huge movie buff. I love my horror, psychological dramas, science fiction and yes, Disney movies. Some of my favourite films are Eyes Wide Shut, Rear Window, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Once Upon A Time In The West.

I’m a ferocious reader as well, reading anything from pulpy horror to epic fantasy. I’m also one of those readers who buys new books while in the middle of reading one! I’m terrible. I have a pile – no joke, a literal pile – in my study of books just waiting for me. Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, Stephen King’s latest and the list goes on.

I’m a bit of DC comics fan as well. I once bought my kitten panties with seperate prints for The Riddler, Poison Ivy and The Joker. We’re both DC fans here so she didn’t seem to mind!

I could go on and on, such is my rambling nature, but I’ll stop there for the time being. I have to go buy Frozen II tickets and – since l will have no one that wants to go with me – contemplate whether I should go on my own.

21 thoughts on “I’m Just A Geeky Dominant

      1. I loved it – the first and the second one! I just think it’s amazing how detailed and lovingly they designed that whole world and all those little fairy tale creatures that inhabit it. And how they gave one of my favourite “villains” to much more of a story than she had until now.
        Buuuuut I don’t wanna spoil anything for you so I’ll refrain from an actualy detailed review 🙂

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      2. I didn’t know it was out yet! I can’t wait to see it. Big screen is the way to go on a movie like that. HUGE difference between tv and theater. Thank you for saying how good it is. I’ll drag my Daddy on His days off. 😀

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      3. …at least it is in Europe, I don’t know how that might differ from other regions?
        But I absolutely agree – stuff like that should be watched on big screens 🙂
        I wish the two of you a good time watching it! Hope you’ll like it as much as I did!

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  1. Love how you talk about buying books while you’re still reading one. I’ve always been one to have 3 or more books in progress at any one time. People seem stunned that I do that. They’re like TV shows. You don’t forget who’s who and what’s going on during the week til the next one. lol

    I have a theory that kink and geekdom kind of go hand-in-hand.

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