It’s Not Too Late To Sign Up To The ‘Darker Side Of Spice’ Event!

It’s a particularly chilly morning this Thursday…and I’m laying in bed snuggled under the doonas just listening to the stories of people in the lifestyle – authors, submissive’s, professional dominatrix – and I’ve got a big ol’ goofy grin on my face.

For someone like me, who is shy and more or less keeps to himself, hearing the stories from others, especially when they’re so different, is a beautiful and fascinating thing. I mean these interviews go for 40 odd minutes, the standard run time of an episode of television, but I almost feel like I could pick the interviewee’s brain for hours, as I’m sure the lovely host P. Nelson could too!

So if you never got around to signing up earlier and you’re a little awkward like me but love the psychology of D/s no matter how far it strays from your tastes, there’s still time to sign up! We’re in day four now but old interviews stay up for 72 hours and all of the interviews are absolutely free and arrive to your email of choice when they’re up! So if you’re keen, hit the link HERE and whether you’re snuggled on the couch, driving to and from work or relaxing in your favourite spot, have a cheeky listen and enjoy the rest of the event! It’s bound to make you smile! Amongst other things!

And be on the look out for me in a first time for the blog, my voice and my awkward self!

10 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Late To Sign Up To The ‘Darker Side Of Spice’ Event!

    1. Hey there! You’re so kind to me, thank you!

      It’s pre-recorded so it’s been and done but there’s still the nervous anticipation of having anyone listen in! It’s exciting and nerve wracking.

      ‘Basically performs for a living.’ Well consider me intrigued by that, but I won’t assume or pry!

      Thank you, though. It’s nice to know you’ll be tuning in!

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      1. Your fine. I’m an actor/dancer/singer by trade. More of a side thing but I enjoy it. I’ve always got something like that going on whether it’s a show I’m helping with or a dance group I’m helping with choreography. It helps my sanity haha


      2. Oh that’s amazing! I love the Theater! I’d live there if I could. How wonderful. I’d imagine the control you would have at your fingertips there, not to mention the repetition of the trade, would bring comfort as much as meditation could.

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      3. True but of course it also has some surprises. I recently did the Little Mermaid and was surprised to find out we were using a trapdoor and flying people across the stage. By far on of the coolest (And craziest) shows I’ve ever choreographed dances for and was AD


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