He Holds Her Under

He holds her under by a fistful of hair.

She’s throwing her arms backwards, trying to claw at any part of him.

He found there in the bath, positioned under the running tap, writhing in ecstasy until her eyes fluttered open and she saw him.

Something dark and warm rushed over him, within him, as he covered the space between them in a single step, possessed to grab her by the hair and dunk her under.

He could feel that something different within his body, pumping through his system. It took a sadistic sort of glee at the way her tits jiggled as he took command of her body, at the way she shrieked and pleaded for him to listen to reason. He would not.

With his free hand, he found her exposed cunt, shaven and pink, and traced his index finger along her slit.

A beat —- then he found what he was searching for, her opening, and slipped his index and ring finger inside her. The same sort of sadistic glee he took at the way her tits jiggled came back as he felt her body convulse under his direction. He heard her gurgle beneath the surface as he violated her tight cunt, feeling the pressure contract upon him as he slid his fingers in and out of her in a viscous assault.

She was gurgling beneath the water and he was saying something wild and frantic, something he couldn’t understand over everything that was occurring. He was mad, had gone mad the moment he saw what she was doing. And now she was on her knees in their bathtub, her ass just barely breaking the water.

He slid out his fingers and found her clit, pressing inward hard. She gurgled somewhere between distress and a moan – or did he imagine that.

He curved a finger and slid it within her, his thumb continuing to draw patterns on her clit.

When her orgasm hit, her entire body twitched, her legs clamping down on his hands – to no avail. He didn’t budge.

With her body still in the midst of her spasm, he pulled her above water. She gasped, sucking in air greedily, shaking off the feeling of a deep sleep approaching.

He leans down to her ear as she caught her breath, as her body began to bring itself back to speed.

‘Not without my command.’ He simply said – before rising to his feet, and exiting the bathroom.

Her mind racing, she knelt there in that bathtub for the next ten minutes, analysing what she just happened as the water around her began to chill her to the bone.

9 thoughts on “He Holds Her Under

  1. hiyah .. not sure how i got here 🙂 but just wanted to leave a little something :

    as i started reading this, i started crying. not cos i found it ‘touching’ lol but cos it reeks of an assault i experienced as a child. now going back 5 or 6 years ago, i would’ve just blocked your site & blocked the internal conversation this starts for me … but shits be changing these days 😉

    so, i went to your About Page 🙂 & there i found a person experiencing, living, loving & figuring out lifes nuances … just like me, but in a different form.

    i have no idea of your lifestyle … its too raw for Me atm … but i can appreciate your authenticity, realness … & rawness … those are things that i can relate too & i admire xx L&L to yah & your journey ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Im terribly sorry it brought back some insidious memories. I know ‘sorry’ isn’t good enough, especially from a stranger whose story caused the tears, but I wanted to apologise all the same. Still, I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve been through.

      It’s true I am experiencing life and what that means for me. But also I am a writer exploring how a dark scenario can become erotically charged. And I should’ve put up a warning before hand and that’s on me.

      Thank you for your kind words and courage in mentioning this to me, even when some aspects of it is too raw.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hey, thankyou so much for that, i genuinely do appreciate it! however, no apology is necessary xx and i dont trigger warnings on my posts & dont expect others too either. but i do appreciate what you’re saying xx

        i should’ve said as well … the tears are a good thing x while i’ve experienced some hideous shit in my life, i’m learning, slowly lol, that not everyone sees what i call ‘dark’, as being dark, if that makes sense. & thats some hard learning, but learning none the less, which is good.

        you write beautifully btw, even if the content seems ‘uncomfortable’ for me.
        i follow another writer, whose exploring her own sexuality & while hers isn’t based in BDSM, its erotic in nature … & that too, makes me feel extremely vulnerable & uncomfortable … which, for me, @ this stage of life, is something i need to look at. she too, writes absolutely beautifully x

        thankyou again … when i have bit more courage, i just may follow your journey ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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