Fluctuating Interests in a D/s Relationship

The tastes you have may fluctuate. They may not fade, then again they might. But they tend to fluctuate between strong and red hot to lukewarm.

My lady and I – as our relationship has gone on, I’ve noticed instances in which I don’t feel like leashing or spanking or sometimes even dressing her, because I feel gentler. Softer towards her.

This used to eat me up – sometimes it still does, when I think and wonder if – somehow – we get on the wrong side of things and it tears us apart and then back into oblivion I fall – but I’m lucky and I count my stars that we are on the same wavelength – and that, where we were both interested in all these new things and BDSM was huge and interesting and there was this concept and that concept – it’s all fused and melted into this very enriching psychological interaction in our daily lives.

She still address me. There’s still this power between us, but where we were exploring, we’ve fused our personas into our ‘vanilla lives’.

And I mean, from my perspective as a Dominant, though I have edgy ideas that I do explore with her, a lot of the time, I guess I’m a big softie that wants the romance instead of the 24/7 life – and sometimes that will change, sometimes I’ll get her to wear hair pins on her nipples as we duck out to the shopping Centre.

Do you know what I mean? There’s a balance – and as I’ve grown and as this relationship has grown, I have found that sometimes I just want to be myself. Ordinary and simple and sweet.

3 thoughts on “Fluctuating Interests in a D/s Relationship

  1. I absolutely feel you here.

    I’ve often felt where sometimes the “things” I’m into aren’t 100% of the time. Even going in and out and weaving around. It’s still a part of me but it’s not front and center all day every day.

    But when it does flare up it burns like the sun. 🙂

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