Just A Quick Note

As we wind down from New Years and head into the frightful unknown that is 2019, I wanted to say something that most of you probably know but is something we all forget.

I don’t know the details of your life – you could be a seasoned kinkster or a newcomer, married or single, in a relationship or dating – or even looking not knowing who to trust or what to do.

What I wanted to say is this — those that want to be in your life…will be in your life. They will make the effort.

Now, it’s more complicated than that, I know. Sometimes it may even require you meeting them halfway and owning any mistakes that you may or may not be responsible.

What I’m saying is that the people that find you shine to them will be there for you, heated debate or not, because it will be worth it to them. So don’t take these moments with granted, don’t misuse the gift of friendship.

More importantly, don’t forget that there is always someone that has your best interests and happiness and crazy sexy time oh wow – at heart.

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