12 Days of Kinkmas – Afterword

When I settle in with a book, I always look forward to an afterword, to gain some insight on the making of the story I would have just read. I hope you’ll stay here a while to indulge me with my own. For those out there that have kept with me these 12 Days.

I had a lot of fun writing this batch of stories, to the point where I had to trim down several. Cult of Helen had a three page character set up, just a quaint calm before the storm before I decided to start again and jump right in the middle to trim it down, where as The Gift was sketched out to go on much longer than it did.

Part of the trim was because I didn’t want to bore the reader. It’s always hard to tell what’s a good length because some devour an 8 page story while others struggle. All of us have busy lives too, which is another reason why I trimmed down parts.

There were stories that didn’t make the cut either, for a few reasons. I wanted each story to have a different theme or vibe and so when I realised I had several stories that were similar to others that made the list, I decided to cut the others out.

In the end, I learnt something about this process too – there’s an appetite for dark and violent stories laced with sexuality. Nightmare Inn, an actual nightmare I experienced right down to being trapped and forced to Fuck, got a response I wasn’t really expecting.

It showed me that while some may not find their voice to speak up about their interest in dark impulses, they will delight in any that comes their way.

Lastly, thanks to all that dropped by for a read. I appreciate it more than I could put into words. It warms my heart to know you enjoyed it and have had it longer in your thoughts.

If you have any questions regarding meaning, any constructive criticism, any questions about theme or inspiration or maybe there was a story element that spoke to your interests in ways that startled you, please feel free to let me know. I welcome all lines of dialogue – the good, the bad and the ugly!

5 thoughts on “12 Days of Kinkmas – Afterword

  1. I was a first time commenter to one of your stories, but a long time reader. I love afterwords for the same reason. Life is chaotic, so I sometimes don’t check as often, sometimes months, but it is a comfort to still see you posting. So thank you for being you. I hope you and yours are well, and I hope this holiday season is good to you all.


    1. We’re very well, thank you very much! Christmas is bound to be a lovely time spent with family – I hope yours will be the same!

      Thanks for checking in with me. By all means, if you have time feel free to read up what you can!


  2. I guess i’m not the only one up at this hour, lol. Will do on the reading. You’re a very fascinating mind, and I enjoy seeing glimpses into it. You’ve given me plenty of food for thought over time.


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