12 Days of Kinkmas Collection

In honour of the fourth annual 12 Days of Kinkmas (Formally 12 Days of BDSM Christmas but hoo boy, what a mouthful), I thought I would compile a list of the previous three years for anyone interested to catch up or newcomers or just people that enjoy my writing – it’s all there to binge. Or not! The choice is yours!

For anyone out of the loop, my12 Days of… series is back-to-back Christmas themed short erotica. Call it a gift from me to you!

12 Days of BDSM Christmas – 2015.

  1. Ignition’
  2. Mud’
  3. ‘Ornaments’
  4. ‘My Gift to You’
  5. ‘Worship’
  6. ‘Final Exam’
  7. ‘Monument’
  8. Obedient Little Girl’
  9. ‘Driving Home’
  10. ‘Reflections’
  11. ‘Q/A’
  12. ‘Giving Thanks’


12 Days of BDSM Christmas – 2016

  1. Elizabeth’
  2. ‘Snow Angel’
  3. ‘The Voice in the Darkness’
  4. ‘The Myth of Writing’
  5. ‘I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry’
  6. [An animal tore out this page]
  7. ‘The Dominant’s Growl’
  8. Christmas Fetish
  9. Christmas Guests
  10. Christmas Lights
  11. Terrible Mother!


12 Days of BDSM Christmas – 2017

  1. ‘The Little Drummer Boy’
  2. ‘Silent Night’
  3. ‘Interlude I – Elizabeth II’
  4. ‘Jingle Bells’
  5. ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’
  6. ‘Interlude II – The Cabin’
  7. O Holy Night’
  8. ‘Joy to the World’
  9. ‘Interlude III: Rite of Passage’
  10. Do You Hear What I hear?’
  11. ‘Candlelight Carol’
  12. ‘After’




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