I’m a Dinosaur In An Ever-Changing Landscape

It’s strange for me to think how I’ve been blogging for three and a bit years now. It’s strange because when I started, I met some fellow bloggers and got – invested? Attached? Too close? – to their musings, their stories and their voice. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve but I didn’t expect to be drawn to this.

In the beginning, they would challenge my perspective, offering fresh insight. I recall someone writing to me and asking if I would talk more about the psychology behind Dominance and how it relates to me – things I never considered, or at least took for granted as they were every day material for me. I recall talking to someone about their frustrations towards their own marriage, offering what little counsel a regular Joe like me could. I recall challenging perceptions of readers as they challenged mine, all kindly of course. Most of all I recall that investment in their lives as much as how they could invest in my own.

And then their words would stop. Their journey through life and kink and BDSM would go on outside of the interwebs. That could be for any number of reason – personal, lack of interest, maybe they felt they said all that COULD be said (a fear of mine to be sure) – or maybe life, ever the meddling mistress, got in the way.

So then comes a new group of bloggers, each with their own distinct voice and perspective, each with their own attitudes and backgrounds – to challenge me, to chew a piece of my mind, to understand.

It’s strange to consider that, in terms of the Internet and WordPress, or even in BDSM, that I may be a dinosaur. An ageing lizard. I mean, three years is a long time to blog. Will there be a point where I just start to repeat myself? Will I become obsolete? AM I obsolete?

My mind is drawn to one specific encounter – a tumblr account, now deactivated – I don’t blame that, Tumblr can be weird – who said my words had inspired her to seek the D/s life she’s always wanted. I still hold that as a badge of honour – again, because I’m a regular Joe that struggles with self worth. But then, for whatever reason, this person disappears.

At this point I would put the phone in which I scribble thoughts down, turn to my best advisor, kitten, and say ‘Am I over thinking things?’. ‘Am I over-thinking things?’ – a question I’ll often ask her during a misunderstanding between family, friends, work or when I’m writing a long-winded piece such as this.

Still, the idea that I’m some sort of relic – a dinosaur, a fussy Daddy, a fuddy Duddy, an old man blogger, one of the last of the few that signed up in 2015 to blog and is still writing, who knows – it just makes me wonder what sort of relevance I can bring? Or if I’ll be disconnected from the ever-changing landscape?

Or maybe I’m just over thinking.

10 thoughts on “I’m a Dinosaur In An Ever-Changing Landscape

  1. I believe you are overthinking. You have relevant material and a great perspective that others pull from, including me! 3 years is amazing and says a lot about where you are and what a great person you are. Keep up the great work and posts!!😊xx


    1. You’re way too kind! I don’t know what to say to that….Thank you so very much is a start.

      My weekends usually get reflective and odd – especially with coffee and hyperactivity. I’m just glad I could give you something you can take and put into your life.

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      1. Like you say, it’s wonderful to get to know those in our community. To share our experiences and insights are a bonus.
        Your reflection and thinking gives you content to share and that’s good too😉
        Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend❣️

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  2. I sometimes feel the same as you about the cycle of bloggers and blogging. I have been here for two and a half years and have noticed the same even just in that time. We have also been part of online D/s communities for over 4 years and the same sort of thing happens there. I think if you have something valuable to say then people will listen but it may be that they then move on too. I always hope that people have gained what they needed and are secure in their own dynamic but I think in reality it is hard to sustain D/s as full time lifestyle and so some disappear for that reason. 😊


  3. Keep blogging. I’m enjoying what you share. It’s ‘real’ (whatever that means), honest (whatever that means) and human (whatever that means)!
    Your writing stands out from much else on WordPress.


  4. I have been yakking about my thoughts, feelings and other musing for over a decade. I do take breaks, mind you, of a few months and once a few years. Only one of the very entrancing and savvy crew I talked with is still writing. (There are two others I greatly admire but they post intermittently and we are not chat buddies.)

    It is very simply that things ebb and flow. We are also talking of intimate ad taboo things. Some have nothing more to say. Others have said enough. Some delete for security sake. It is one thing to have people learn about your baking blog versus a BDSM-related one.

    Write as you please and when you have something to share. life is busy and we do o always have the time or inclination to stick on a regular schedule of blogging.

    Nothing ever wrong with being a dino. They once ruled the world and if the Jurassic Park movies are right, they will again. (insert a dino roar sound here.) *smile*


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