30 Days of Kink – Day #1: Me, Myself & I

It has been three years since I last did this 30 Days of Kink questionnaire. I’ve been thinking about doing it again for some time, mainly because I sense I’ve grown so much – I sense it in myself. But I’ve put it off for a few reasons – one, because I felt cheap to do a retread, and two – because I honestly don’t know how much interest it would garner for the current list of readers.

I’m putting myself out there, hoping it is warmly received. That being said, in the interest of being honest, I will state that I haven’t read my previous answers to these thirty questions that I wrote down back in 2015 when I was 27, so I’m going in with a completely fresh mind.

I hope you join me.

Dominant, submissive or switch? List the parts of BDSM that get your juices flowing, what interests you the most? Basically define your kinky nature.

I’m a Dominant man that hails from the land of Oz! But within the dominant frame of mind, I’ve found that I identify with other aspects, such as a Master, a Daddy and a primal.

I think the thing that gets my juices flowing the most is that psychological component of the interaction, sexually but especially non-sexually. By psychological component, I mean the little details that bring out expressions in people. For me, these expressions include a change in posture, a change in demeanour. Little shifts in voice and outward appearances that are not noticeable to me but are to my kitten.

To me, it’s like I’m witnessing this transformation of someone, this very special part that they choose to show to me. And it can manifest in the eyes, the voice and in the mind.

I find these details within us, these sides of our personality, to be incredibly delicious – and also incredibly delightful to meet. I could talk with a submissive mind all night, I’m that invested in hearing differences of opinion. The more different to mine, the better.

Beyond that, I’ve found that there needs to be a level of control in my life – and this goes beyond mere sexual gratification, although there is that wonderful part – but there’s something about ownership and leadership and protocol and structure in a D/s dynamic that brings absolute joy to my life. It brings peace. It’s a very spiritual and important thing to me.

That being said, I’ve noticed different sides of my personality since I began my journey that have ignited passion and imagination in my mind. I’ve found I have a side of me with Master tendencies, that either comes out in stories or fantasies. I’m drawn to that Master / Slave mindset, finding peace within the dynamic of law and order and protocol and training and obedience.

On the other side of the coin, I’m a Daddy. I have this insatiable desire to help those in need, either friends of friends or friends in general and my kitten. I have this strangest sensation like I’m some sort of Dad to my kitten at times, or that I feel like one – it’s the weirdest sensation to put down into words.

It’s partially why I offer Mentoring, because sometimes I face such an ache in my heart when I hear the frustration of someone who writes in, and I can’t bear that pain in others.

I’m a big kid at heart, I love reading to people – Lewis Carrol, Dr. Suess – and I love animation, so Disney marathons are a must in my household. You’ll even catch me singing them too.

Lastly, I’m a primal. That was my gateway to kink even when I didn’t know it. Exhibitionism, nudity, speaking freely – I had been shy and repressed for so long that it became a practice to not reject any thoughts that came to mind. It also helps alleviate my anxiety, if that makes sense.

If you’ve made it this far, and I certainly hope you have, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and if you have any questions regarding any of the above, by all means, pick my mind. I welcome the discussion.

And if you’re new to this 30 Days of… – try it yourself. I’d love to hear from you!

13 thoughts on “30 Days of Kink – Day #1: Me, Myself & I

  1. Hmmm…I have thought about doing this 30 days of before. I would like to start it at the beginning of the month I think.
    Love your answer. There are so many different aspects for each of us in our dynamic.
    Thank you for sharing yours! xx


      1. I was just thinking it would help me focus on the numbered question if I kept it on the same date as the number. How my mind works🙄Ha!
        I look forward to the 29 following!


  2. You may not have enough time to read this, so at your leisure..
    I’ve been reading “tall dark and Dominant”ever since my firstDom introduced me to the Dom/sub life, when he told me to research the life style.. In 2016. I’ve grown so much from him & by reading your blogs..I’ve even discovered this primal feeling I have deep inside that I’ve even tapped into and no longer ignore…I luv being submissive, a lady, kitten or baby girl… Being treated that way, and the desire to be pushed to grow from uncomfortability.. Has helped me to be a Dom at times.. That inner Grrrr do you know what I’m talking about? It Has come out and I no longer feel like a prisoner of self..
    I’m thinking you out of anyone would understand.. i love so deeply and true.. I’ve been with my life partner for 26yrs… We are polyamorous.. And I happened to fall in love with a man who introduced me into this lifestyle, he’s been out of my life for a year now, we both still love each other…I knew I needed to find another Dom.. I have had to be patient and I feel as though I have found a Dom..I will say it hurts to move on because of the love I have still for my previous Dom.. But I know deep down this life style gives me balance…


    1. Hello Victoria and thanks for writing this in. I always make time to read every comment.

      I’m so glad that you’ve found a way to grow within yourself and your dynamic. That’s lovely to see. And I’m glad that I have been able to help in some way, little or big!

      I understand that grr all too well. Believe me. If you need to run anything by a fellow Dominant, by all means – I’d be happy to help


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