October AMA + Let’s Play Twenty Questions!

Something that I did either last year or the year before and had a lot of fun with was a game of TWENTY QUESTIONS. I gave the option to anyone, follower, reader or lurker, to ask me anything they were curious about me – it could be anything BDSM related, it could be hobby related, anything that sparks their imagination and I’d do the same to them.

Some folks participated, often dropping five questions at a time before putting the next five into words, and it was a lot of fun. So for October’s little AMA, I thought I’d put it out there for regulars or newcomers to ask anything they’d like on top of the regular Q/A. Everything is on the table! Nothing is too sacred! Please don’t be shy! If a submissive or dominant in training has any questions, please do feel at home here.

On the occasion that no one wants to try their hand at it, consider this just a breezy read all the same.

1. How do you handle misbehavior in public? Do you consider discreet but immediate chastisement or do you punish later in private?

I consider discreet first and foremost, mainly because I find that a stern look without any words can be quite effective and has a way of locking my kitten into place from where she stands.

So if kitten misbehaves, I’ll shoot her a look and speak gently in a volume only we seem to hear. And if she wants to try her hand at continuing, maybe she’s feeling extra feisty, I’ll give her another warning and after that, the promise of when she gets home, she’s going to have one sore bottom – that is for certain.

2. How is the punishment responded to? What are your favorite forms of discipline to correct bad behavior?

How is the punishment responded to? Usually a sulk and, if she’s feeling a little bratty, a slight defiance – which I don’t usually react to, given I give her a warning and can’t help but love her fiery behaviour at times.

As for favourite forms of discipline? I like a good old fashioned time out – a la ‘go to your room for x amount of minutes and think on how you’ve been’. Smacking is effective because it usually accompanies my voice which is strict by the time I’m ordering her to lean across my knee.

I also like the idea of writing out a set limit of lines. Spending time in quietness, reflecting on any error, is intriguing to me as a dominant for its effect that It has on the mind. That, and I love kitten’s hand writing.

3. How do you feel about having your submissive not look you in the eye? Do you prefer the lowered gaze in submission? When would it be appropriate for the submissive to look upon you?

When I feel it’s appropriate, say if she has been naughty or overly defiant and attempts to break out of her routine, I will have her stand to attention – back straight, arms clasped, head down – but this is only in times where that situation applies.

I don’t mind eye contact, to be honest. I love looking into people’s eyes, which probably sounds weird but hey. Anyway – there will be plenty of times where I ask her to look at me, whether it’s during when we are playing together or when she knows she’s being naughty and my shift in voice and face has her frozen as our inner dominant and submissive respond to each other in that delightful natural way,

4. How do you feel when a submissive comes to you and says they have no limits? Do you test them right away? Do you try to show them the error of their ways?

Naturally I’m intrigued because there will be this sliiiight part of me, this sadistic part, that will think ‘oh really? Let us see about this…’ – but that is on a pure psychological level because right now in my life I’m starting to understand that testing endurance in different ways is intriguing to that Master in Me, you know?

So when I hear someone say this, my immediate reaction will be to take a walk through their mind and get their input on all the different things there is to talk about. Maybe there is something there to find, a delicious breaking point, and if not, then there’s definitely something to discuss.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’d show them the errors of their ways – because maybe in doing so I may have made a fool of myself in finding out they really have no limit. But I’ve definitely found pain thresholds in people who enjoy hefty amounts of pain. I’m trying to be vague here haha.

That’s it for my little Question prompts for the Halloween season. Again – please don’t let any shyness get the better of you. Come say hey! Ask me anything – it can be quite literally anything – would I rather have ten horse sized ducks or ten duck sized horses? (Ten horse sized ducks definitely!)

7 thoughts on “October AMA + Let’s Play Twenty Questions!

  1. Alright I’ll play but I prefer to ask one question at a time. If you could snap your fingers and magically fix one thing that is wrong with the world what would it be?


    1. Hi Seoulmate! Thanks for playing – and feel free.

      That’s a tough question – there’s so much I’d like to fix. World hunger perhaps? Or to create an earnest and actually just political system? To save endangered animals and put them in an enclosure I’d personally maintain and run?

      My question to you is actually the same thing, as I’m curious to hear your own response – but also:

      2. What is your favourite meal, either to cook or to order? Anything that’s right up there in terms of AMAZING for you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The world is a hot mess isn’t it? I would say if I could fix only one thing then I would fix people. If every person cared and simply stopped hurting others, stop killing and started sharing then that in itself would make a huge impact.

    The food question is actually harder to answer than how to fix the world. My taste buds have changed and I barely liked anything before but like even less now. Personally I like a hot meals, something hardy but honestly I don’t have a favorite meal now.

    Alright I have another question. Let’s say you are to be reincarnated as a tree. What type of tree would you be and where on the planet would you like to be rooted?


    1. Seoul, you have wonderful questions I must say, I might compile them into another 50 facts about me post –

      As for what tree? Hm. Probably something Australian like my identity – an Eucalyptus tree. Where on the planet? Hm…I’m not sure. Either somewhere where my younger family is so I can watch them grow or in the countryside where I grew up.

      3. What are some of your hobbies?


      1. I don’t have any hobbies. I usually take care of my kids and rest.

        I don’t know how long you want to play but I wrote down at least a half dozen questions last night. So here is the next one. If you could live forever what would you do with your time?


      2. I’m happy to keep going as long as you are and when that time comes simply stop replying.

        As for your answer, I don’t know if I would want to live forever. To do so would to bear witness to everyone you’ve never known and love die.

        But if I had no choice, I’d probably read all the great literature, catch up on all the tv and films I’d want to see.

        4. What would you do with such time?


      3. Ah, I have always thought those movies where people wanted to live forever was nuts. I’ve already gone through people dying and I know all too well about loneliness, but beyond that I always thought well being alive forever doesn’t mean you are rich and I have no desire to spend eternity still trying to get by. If I was cursed to live forever I’d spend my time trying to make it end.

        Would you rather be the least popular guy in the world’s most liked band or be the most adored member in a so so group?

        I think that comes down to do you want to be admired more for what you do or who you are? You can answer this all together or separately.


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