Me, Nudity & Mental Health

The other day I saw a scene in a tv show in which a child, maybe 13 at most, sitting in the bathroom talking animatedly to his mother while she bathed and it got me thinking.

I never had that open relationship with nudity in my family. Even being shirtless in the present makes my family seem to cringe – and it’s weird to me.

Did this lead to an unhealthy view point on nudity? I don’t recall any old world biblical lessons on keeping my clothes on, but I don’t remember a whole lot of discussion about freedom on the subject either.

I felt being nude was wrong, even in the privacy of my bedroom. I felt swimming naked was wrong, running in the woods naked was wrong – but I did it anyway, was drawn to it – not because of the wrongness I feel but because I merely wanted to.

I feel a bit blah about my body now, but that’s age catching up to me. That’s my lifestyle. I still wander my home naked and I encourage my lady to as well.

What would my life or mindset be like if I was exposed to nudity, or a more liberated lifestyle by my parents?

I’d like to think that if I had children – and don’t sentences like these go down well with actual parents! – I’d be less restrictive with my children to a certain extent and age.

A recurring aspect in this community I have found is a link between low self esteem and discomfort being nude at all. Is this a case of upbringing or the things I experience as I’ve gotten older – age catching up to us?

As a Mentor, I’ve helped some grow a bit more confident in their naked bodies and for that I am glad. Focusing on the positive is a wonderful thing and can bring up about a delightful lightness.

I’ll never know the answers to any of the questions I’ve asked in this ramble. I suppose that’s another one of life’s unsolved mysteries. And that’s okay, each day I’m naked as a way to live freely and lightly and I’ll forever remind anyone struggling with their own worth to do the same.

12 thoughts on “Me, Nudity & Mental Health

  1. I think we are taught about shame early in life and it doesn’t even have to be spoken for us to pick it up. I remember reading something before my children were born and it talked about not hiding your body like if they walked into the bathroom and you are naked don’t dive for a towel. In the article (which I don’t remember where I read it) they said to not jump to cover yourself because it teaches your kids that being naked is wrong and something to be embarrassed about. There are times when they still walk into the room and I’m completely naked, but I remind myself that if I show them I’m ashamed of my body then they will be ashamed of theirs. Keep in mind my children are the same sex as me. I’m sure it would be a little different if I had a teenager boy walking in the room, but if I had a boy I would hope his father would take the same approach as I do with my daughters.


    1. Thank you very much for commenting with a thoughtful response. I’m glad I’m not alone in this mindset.

      Did your children have questions for you in these moments about your state of undress or has it become a part of normality with them?


      1. No problem. It was an interesting post.

        My girls know if they walk into the bathroom and the shower is going that chances are I won’t have clothes on. They have never been shocked by it and they are built with the same parts so it’s not weird to them at all. They don’t care at all and if they come into the room it’s usually, “Mom, do you know where such and such is?” Or they just walk in and grab what they need then leave the room.

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  2. I honestly think that this really depends on the structure of the family itself. There are only girls in our house, and for the most part none of us feel weird being naked around each other. If I had boys, perhaps it would be a lot different?


      1. I think it does depend on the parents. I remember seeing my mother naked all the time, but never my step-dad. That would’ve been too weird I think. My parents were hardcore Christians, but my mother was open about certain things with me. For instance, when I was at a young age, she spoke with me about contraceptives. She didn’t fill me in much about the details of sex, but made sure I knew how to prevent pregnancy. Lol


      2. Yeah I was never taught any of that. When I’ve asked as an adult, my mum says it was up to my dad and my dad shrugs awkwardly haha.

        That’s alright I guess, I’m up to speed now and feel at ease with my nudity and sexuality. I just wonder what my tangent life would be.

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      3. Probably not. I mean, she’s certainly become ‘looser’ as all us kids have grown and she’s had to adapt to that, but before that, things were still very strict and on the dot.

        She did catch me naked once though, moving from my bedroom to the toilet and didn’t give me a scolding, just sort of hastily told me to get dressed.

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      4. Hmmm… perhaps she is insecure about her own sexuality, or unconfident about her own body. So many people are and they don’t know how to respond to nudity because of it. Glad you’ve been able to discover who you are, and how you want to be, despite how you grew up.

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  3. I grew up in a mixed gender household and the age gap between my and my siblings is rather large. My sister and I shared a room and she didn’t have a problem being naked and getting dressed after a shower, and mum never had problems doing so either if i happened to be in the room. But because there was a brother and father present (in a smallish apartment) too it was always “shut the door” if any of the ladies were going to be changing.


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