The Word ‘Girl’ (Musing Why I React To It So)

I don’t know what it is about the word ‘girl’ that ignites my senses.

I don’t mean it quite literally, for clarification, I mean it in terms of D/s or how I or my lady refers to her as.

This thought came to me last night. I had headed to bed – I’m a night owl because I can afford to be, she’s an early bird – and she happened to be awake so like any midnight times, we had a chat together. It’s how we roll. And we started talking about cards – as in, playing cards – and she said ‘oh I’m just a blackjack and roulette girl’

Now, see, that was just slang. Like if I were to say, ‘I’m a metal guy’ if someone enquired about my musical tastes. But the word ‘girl’ – right then and there – sparked something in my mind. Not arousal, something bigger than that. Something that put my Dominant senses on high alert. And I don’t really know why.

So why is it a trigger word? Maybe it’s because it’s used so often by us – when she talks as taught by me, when I address her myself. Maybe it’s because I identify as a Daddy.

MAYBE it’s something that triggers my Daddy side because, for whatever reason, due to my lack of children, there’s some paternal instinct out there, the very thing that drives me to put it out there that I’m happy to mentor someone if or when they trust me enough. I’m not sure, I’m no psychologist or scientist, I’m just guessing maybe my biological instincts comes into play somehow.

The word ‘girl’ is interesting in a D/s context in the way it has a life of its own, how it suddenly has subtext and can imply something particular to the individual. For me, I think of a teenager. Dyed hair, pink wooden Pyjamas, black band hoodie – all very specific right? But specific to me, to my lady.

‘Girl’ makes me think of a teenager unsure – about her future, about her own desires, about her own strength. This probably says more about my teenage years and the company I kept, for I have no doubt there were strong minds at my own highschool, just as I have no doubt my lady was as fierce, sharp, intelligent and determined then as she is now. And this I know too, as – keep in mind, we met all those years ago, years before life would bring us back together this way.

The word ‘girl’ doesn’t make me think of an individual needing help or nurture or security but at the same time, something compels me to be a Daddy all the same. Why, and for what purpose? I don’t know.

5 thoughts on “The Word ‘Girl’ (Musing Why I React To It So)

  1. This is all understandable. Being called “girl” tiggers me too. It’s a term of endearment but can have different effects when partnered with other words, like “my pretty girl”, “my little girl”, “dirty girl”, etc.


  2. Daddy refers to all females as girls and males as boys. His reason behind this is that when we are children its the last time in our lives aren’t blended into a mish mash of just being two sides of the same. Boys and girls are treated differently because they are different. Even little boys who play with dolls and little girls who’d rather play foot ball that with a doll are still separate people. Now, women go to work and struggle to break that glass ceiling, wearing a suit and carrying a brief case, stressed out and in a hurry. Men come home after long days of trying to conquer the world to do housework and help with dinner. In many people’s opinion this is progress. In Daddy and my opinion its a step backwards. We no longer celebrate the differences in the sexes. Personally, I’m proud that I can keep a home, raise a family, and bake the best blueberry pie you’ve ever had and how much my salary is doesn’t even occur to me. My payment comes in the happiness and satisfaction of those around me. In that way, I make more than anyone I know. Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate feminism as well. If anyone is willing to put time and effort into something to become the best they can be at it they shouldn’t be penalized their reward because of their gender. But in the meantime, we should still be rejoicing that we aren’t all the same.

    But I still love it when Daddy tells me I’m His good girl and I get excited when He says “You’ve been a naughty girl…” Cant help it. Maybe because being a girl is just what I still am.

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