Two Questions!

The first:

Remember back when I rambled about the different view points in our sexuality – and went off on a tangent about a woman named Jenny? For those who don’t, catch up here.

Well, ladies and gents, Jenny has not left my mind. She follows me wherever I go. She’s sitting at the edge of the bed as I write waiting to be fully rendered, to live and to breathe.

The question is: Do you guys want to read about her? I have spent, perhaps a week, researching the American Frontier, customs, social gatherings, women’s role in society, civil war, the nature of Dominance and I’ve scribbled down ten chapters of the story…

But now I’m second guessing two things – one, does anybody besides me care? And two, while it’s BDSM / D/s themed, it’s also full of the less-sexier and far messier creature we all like to call the life that gets between us and our sexual activity. That is to say, there are gunna be long, possibly slow passages in which nothing erotic happens.

Would you like to read this here, on this blog, or should I create a blog purely for writing, of any style, also erotica. Because Jenny’s story is primarily Western / Coming-of-age with erotic overtones.



Remember Valhalla, that weird ass fantasy story I wanted to keep ongoing monthly but stopped because, well — life. I have about twenty chapters scribbled of that and once again, my mind keeps circling back to it. Which means I need to finish writing it.

If you’re new and out of the loop, here are the links to the chapters: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR

Now: Do you guys want to keep reading Valhalla or is there zero interest in this?


4 thoughts on “Two Questions!

  1. Personally, Sir, I have just devoured both Jenny and Valhalla……..I must say I am intrigued. By both…….though I’m not sure which one more so, honestly. Maybe Jenny, just to see what life you breathe into her, but Valhalla has me entranced just as much so, if not more. Might I suggest both? I don’t know if you would do separate writings from here, as in another blog, or just keep it here. I suppose that would be up to you! Whatever you decide, keep me posted as I find them enticing 🙂


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