Some Questions For You Dear Readers…

Good morning, Evening and Afternoon, you lovely people!

I come to you from the darkened corners of my bedroom, ‘neath the dazzling pink sky of sunset, with some questions.

The first of which is – what, if anything, would you be interested to see me write about, either fictional or non fictional?

The second is a bit longer. 

You see, I’ve got this patreon on the side. And should anyone offer $5 a month or more for my writing, I wanted to give them something worthwhile. Something unique to my writing. Something only I can give.

So for those that enjoy my writing muchly, what is something that you’d like for, say, $5 a month? You being the reader and I being the writer, what door do you want opened? What dangerous psychological scenario do you want to get lost in? Early drafts? A personal Q/A? An audio recording of a story? 

I want to be able to offer something special for anyone that wanted to spend their money on me, but being a writer that is often anxious of his own work, I can’t look past and think straight. 

Is there something about the process you’d like to hear? Something about the making / inspiration? Why the poor tortured girl wore camo panties? Why I decided to write about vampires in a BDSM story? 

I guess what I’m asking is if this was you contemplating pledging (and this isn’t me being shifty and asking, I’m genuinely curious) – what would you like from the mind of a writer?

Your friend in the shadows, 



3 thoughts on “Some Questions For You Dear Readers…

  1. I would like to hear more insight from the male Dom perspective, what you’re thinking & why you’re thinking it. For understanding is one of the essential keys used when unlocking & progressing the participation & partnership. Thank you kindly.


  2. & definitely love the vampire bdsm combo, very nice & I will look for that in your journal area. I love being light & love & I also love the space that breathes between where the light & darkness touch & that electricity that resides in that space. It’s very hot & I would gladly pay monthly to read about that.


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