The Cold Brings Out The Experimental Sadist

It’s the middle of Winter in the land of Oz. The other day it was a cool 3 degrees Celsius. 


But from time to time, my mind thinks of the cool and goes off on a tangent. 

I think of a task. A sadistic one. A strange one. A task that could fail, but one won’t know until they try. 

I have a strange relationship with pain. Giving and receiving. 

I’ve meditated on the healing powers of it and pondered experimental usage of it. I’ve even flirted with it in the past. 

And so I close my eyes. And think of a cool night such as this. I think of my submissive on her knees, her eyes close, her nipples harder than ever. How could one push the limits. Not only of myself, but of my sub’s limits – how she deals with cold, how she might control cold – the mind is a powerful tool. Would it be sensual? Or a failure?
Would it be an exercise in control? A meditation in a chilly temperature? I am uncertain.

And yet, I’m experimental. I push. I’m intrigued. I feel like Dr. Jekyll – trying to be good with bad impulses. But he keeps going on. And eventually he succumbs. I don’t know. 

What I do know is that I like to push the limits. I like the idea of harnessing control, of meditation. Of pleasure through psychological torture. 

8 thoughts on “The Cold Brings Out The Experimental Sadist

  1. This is such a thought provoking post. It really got me pondering. Of all the pains I find pleasurable…. cold is the least appealing.

    Hear me out on this. Cold has an initial, fleeting sting but will inevitably create a disconnect in the flesh; a numbness to sensation, a slowing of the blood flow.

    For me personally, desensitization is the opposite of a what I seek to obtain in those moments. I’d rather burn alive and feel every sinew igniting then to slowly freeze in some anesthetic oblivion. Give me the intoxicating delirium of a sweltering summer afternoon or raging fever over the shivering and sensory deprivation of winter.

    That being said, I do find the psychological aspect of this exercise quite sexy. The meditation to prevent panic. Reigning control over instinct.

    Great think piece. Bravo.


  2. I feel cold could be interestingly intense. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m an Aries or not in being a fire sign n all but fire does flow through my veins. I live in the states, in Indiana & we have hot summers, usually hot falls & I cannot wait for the temperatures to drop because I’m roasting already. I don’t put away my summer attire until after November & won’t get my winter coat out until February when it’s at 10 degree F. It would really turn me on to have playtime in a walk in freezer like you’d find in a restaurant or it would be even hotter to be camping in the snow in the woods next to a river.

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  3. Like Nikki, I am in Kentucky, not to mention I love being cold. Rarely will you catch me in a jacket or coat, I tend to hang out in shorts and tank top when I’m home and will go outside barefoot even with snow on the ground. The summers are sweltering hot as Hades, with the, humidity raging out of control, so cold doesn’t really bother me. I sleep year round with a fan on full blast, even in the coldest of temps, but this sounds very interesting. I do love the sensation of being warmed after I’ve reached a certain point of coldness. Be it by warmed sheets and quilt or my lover. Preferably, both.


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