Male Masturbation Technique #1

I found a fun way to play with myself.

It came when I was nodding off one afternoon, my hand resting in the heat of my pants, gripping my cock.

Next time you grip your hard cock, use the muscles in your crotch to squeeze. The pressure against your hand holding it down creates that delicious friction.
It creates this pull and stretch effect. Two forces against each other. This grind that you can easily get into a rocking sensation. 
From there, you can build a nice orgasm or stretch your shaft with your fingers to create a lingering sensation. 
It all builds, you see. That’s the best part. Building to the moment you explode. 
So for the guys out there, do try. Do take the time. And do let me know, either by comment or email, how you found it. 

2 thoughts on “Male Masturbation Technique #1

  1. Some of the great artists and inventors purposely fell asleep holding objects as part of their creative process. Einstein would sleep holding a spoon (or so the legends attest) so that upon falling asleep he would hear the drop of the spoon and wake up. I think this was to formulate ideas… So you likewise may have come by. . . no, come on . . , I mean . . discovered a new way of holding . . . an object while napping to unleash your creative powers. . . or whatever needs release. . .

    It sounds like a good workout too? It just seems like fine-tuning those muscles could only lead to more pleasure for you or your partner? If it works, you might be able to market a new sex workout and make a fortune!

    I am guessing you won’t mind if I link to your post? It is strangely relevant to a post I will have up soon. Weird . . .


    1. That’s an interesting point, miss Katy. How insightful, really. I think there’s a really beautiful connection between the unconscious mind and the waking one. How much potential do we keep locked up without wondering? It’s where most of my stories come from!


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