Some F.A.Q’s!

Note: I’ll continue to update these should I find any recurring questions! 🙂


Where are you from?

 I hail from Melbourne, Australia! The Land of Always Winter!

Who do you mean when you say ‘Kitten’?

 ‘Kitten’ is the pet name I use for my girlfriend, with whom I am in a D/s relationship with.

How long have you been in the lifestyle?

 I’ve been searching myself and my desires since I was 18 so I guess since 2005, but that story is a long one.

Is your email still active?

 Absolutely. As long as this blog remains, so shall the email. They co-exist, are symbiotic. All that jazz.

Do you mind if I write to you?

 Not at all. I check my emails regularly and certainly don’t discriminate or judge against stuff like age, sex or situation. Feel free to spam or dribble or ramble (or whatever word you want to use) as much as you want. I read every word and get back to emails as soon as I can.

Do you have Kik?

I do! Though I insist on getting to know people before handing it out, being healthily paranoid and all!

What about Fetlife?

 Yeah, but I occasionally visit that nowadays.

Are you linked with any other social media?

Yup. I have a Tumblr and Instagram I try to manage. I believe they’re linked in the About Me page.





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