There are times

There are times.
Where I want you.
But not just want you.
I want you as a slave.
I want you as a slave in every way.
In every way and in every sense.

I want to own.
To own you.
To own all that you are.
To know all that you are.
To immerse myself in your soul.

I want to come home,
to a clean home.
To a clean home and a slave
dressed as I’d like.
Eyes big like saucers.
Collar fitted around a beautiful neck.
Underwear hugging the body I own.

I want to drown in my sadistic nature.
To greet you at work,
whisper in your ear my command,
just to watch you fulfil it
and humiliate yourself.

I want you to film yourself
So when we are apart,
I can watch you
and taste your cream wherever I go.

I don’t just want these things.
I want you.
And you alone.
In every way
and every sense.

Just me trying to write in poetic form, how I feel when my Master side emerges. I don’t know how well I did capturing it but hopefully you can enjoy.


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