A Note For The Male Readers

It’s still mind blowing to me on multiple levels that I’ve had people want to write to me, for whatever reason.
I’m not sure I’ll ever come to terms with why but I’ll sure as hell keep responding so long as people want to write. Partially because I want to help if I can with whatever I can, but also because you get one life. And I want to know and absorb as much as I can for the journey beyond. I want to meet folk from all walks of life.

And it’s becoming clear to me that I don’t hear from men as much as I have from women. I mean, my inbox isn’t flooding from people any day but I don’t hear from a male perspective much. I have, on occasion, spoken to a few. But not as many as I’d like. 
As a guy, I kind of get it. I was always scared of my emotion. I saw emotion as a weakness. I saw vulnerability as a weakness. And I was uncomfortable talking to guys on an emotional level because I didn’t want them to think I was gay or something. That was my early onset clue that I was developing an anxiety disorder. 
But for the guys out there, I want to tell you something my younger self would’ve wanted to hear. Emotions, vulnerability, they don’t make you weak. If you have a question to ask, a sensitive side to express, that doesn’t mean anything negative. And anyone who wants to judge you for it is a plain fool. 
And if you’re worried about your sexuality, scared of resetting your life, there’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Those who matter will not mind, and those who do mind will not matter. Love is love, it should be fluid to fit whoever whenever. 
Know that you can talk to me, all you have to do is start at the beginning in an email. No judgement, whatsoever.
And that applies to everyone, regardless of age, but I want to stress this for men more so, because I know we like to bury our emotions and not let anyone in. Some of us anyway. I don’t generalise. 
Lastly, I want to say this. There is nothing wrong with who you are. Nothing. Unless, y’know, you’re killing animals and jacking off into their corpses – then I’d seek psychiatric help ASAP. But seriously, learning to accept that who we are is okay is a hard task but step by step, it can be done one day at a time. Just try to remember I’m here to chat whether you are gay, straight, Dominant, submissive or male or female. 
And on that note, let me just say I use to worry about being different and about being seen as gay or weird or whatever. But now I’m going to wear a purple suit and I’m going to rock that shit. Joker style. 


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